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Where Can I Find the Best Gear?

Finding motorcycle riding gear online isn't difficult - the hard part is knowing what you really need - versus - something that is really a waste of money.

Motorcycle Helmets

You find a variety of helmets online - probably every type ever made - ranging from vintage helmets to the latest, most technologically advanced. The only problem you might encounter would be making sure that you get the right size. Fortunately, most manufacturers have size charts posted prominently on their websites, allowing you to measure at home. Then you can look for the best deal, and order online.

One word of caution: Make sure the helmet is shipped safely (think about being dropped) and is returnable.

Here is an article about Motorcycle Helmets that we first wrote about in 2007, there is also a link to a page called "Best Motorcycle Helmet" ( because we are always asked this question! ) were you can give a helmet review or simply tell us which helmet you use and why.

Many Motorcycle Helmets

Recommended Helmet Vendors Online

I like to deal with online vendors where I clearly can determine how things are shipped, the cost of shipping, and the ease of returning items. Obviously, price is another issue, but you can usually find really good deals on helmets online.

One of my favorites is MotoSport.com. You can usually find pretty good prices, get free 2-day shipping AND, you can talk to a real person if you have a question. During the holiday season, you can even "buy now, pay later" - does it get any better than that?

Another vendor that I can safely recommend is Motorcycle Superstore. You can find any type of helmet here - again know your size. You can almost always get some type of free shipping, and I've returned things without any problem. One thing that is great about the Motorcycle Superstore is the Closeout page, especially at the end of a riding season. You can get some fantastic sale prices.

MY Bmw parked

Motorcycle Leathers

You can also find many sites that sell leather jackets and gloves and we've written about both leather jackets and gloves - but, the company that I recommend over and over and over is Fox Creek Leather.Fox Creek Leather is a small family run company that takes pride in offering high quality American-made motorcycle leathers at reasonable prices. All of there jackets, vests, and chaps are covered by a lifetime guarantee. The also offer a wide selection of leather accessories, motorcycle luggage, and biker gear. From belts to wallets and purses to hair bows, They have something for everyone. Free shipping is offered with orders over $50. Click Here

We have also heard of Theresa Lovelace Designs and have featured her on her-motorcycle.com for 2012. Although we don't have a jacket made by her, we have heard some good feedback about the quality of her work. Please click on the link below to learn more about Theresa Lovelace Designs.

Theresa wearing The Roxanne a handcrafted leather motorcycle jacket.

Motorcycle Pants

Another essential item of motorcycle gear, often found online with relative ease, are motorcycle pants. Here is the article we've written about motorcycle pants. In my opinion, your motorcycling experience can be greatly enhanced if you have pants that allow you some degree of comfort along with wind and water protection, for some long hours on the motorcycle.

Motorcycle Boots

What is the perfect motorcycle boot for women? We have articles on the collection from LL Bean and the Harley Davidson collection.

Milwaukee Ladies Classic Harness
and Double H Boots are both sold by Foxcreek Leather. We haven't tried either style but hopefully one of our visitors will come back here and give us her review on these boots.

Motorcycle Jackets

We have already drawn your attention to Foxcreek Leather and Theresa Lovelace Designs just a little further up on this page. We have also written articles on Heated Motorcycle Clothes ( including grips ) and a Black Leather Jacket from Foxcreek Leather and the perfect motorcycle jacket.

Motorcycle Eye Safety

You really do need to protect your eyes and here is an article written for us that discussessome ways to do just that. A good pair of motorcycle goggles or glasses will help protect your eyes from road debris and dust

Motorcycle Riding Gloves

Vented gloves, lightweight leather gloves, heated grips what are the best motorcycle gloves?

What our visitors recommend.

Since 2007 visitors to www.her-motorcycle.com have been sharing with me and our readers their views on riding gear for women motorcycle riders.

Our visitors have sent us many submissions about this subject. And many conversations have taken place between our readers over the subjects of where to find good motorcycle riding gear for women.

Please enjoy the articles sent in by our visitors and if you would like to join the conversation please share your submissions with us.

Foxy 1 Ladies Motorcycle Apparel - Bringing out the Beautiful Biker Babe in You 
Foxy 1 Ladies Motorcycle Apparel is establishing our name as a true motorcycle fashion brand. Our styles will be unique in nature, comfortable and affordable …

Motorcycle Boots 
I am a new rider and I just bought a Kawasaki Ninja, though I hope to upgrade to a Harley at some point in the future after I've been riding awhile. I'm …

ladies jackets plus size other than black or pink 
I am a size 20 in the real world but am having a hard time finding a ladies armored jacket that fits. I can find many of them in black and pink but I …

Tall women's motorcycle jackets 
...are impossible to find! Before someone suggests it, no, men's MC jackets won't work. It's the length of the torso that's the problem. Has anyone found …

high quality jackets.  
hey guys. i've been looking for some really nice, fitted motorcycle jackets with no avail. my bike is my only source of transportation, so i ride …

BBW - Clothes...Where do I go?!?! 
Can anybody suggest where I should look for a rainsuit for a BBW (size 26/28)? I am getting ready for my ABATE class in Indianapolis, IN, but I don't …

Motorcycle Jackets for a Busty Gal 
I have been looking for a motorcycle jacket to fit my 59 inch bustline for months with no luck. Does anyone know of a line of jackets for women that fit …

Motorcycle Wear for Big Women 
I have a hard time finding good looking motorcycle wear for my size? Does anyone have any suggestions? I am 5'8" and wear about a 22/24 top and 20 bottom. …

What color do you want your gear? 
It's simple: if you could pick any color motorcycle jacket, what would it be? I'm looking for the color that most women want, because that will be …

Customize my leather jacket? 
I have a great - and expensive! - black leather motorcycle jacket. Very comfortable. Fits great. Love it. It is not, however, reflective at all. Is …

I've been on a hunt for boots for quite some time now. I took the MSC a couple of summers ago and I bought "work" boots to wear. That's what I've worn …

Sophisticated Shirts for Serious Female Riders 
I'm a Harley rider and have grown tired of the lack of empowering shirt for female riders. Especially shirts that aren't fitting or flattering. So after …

Leather Motorcycle Boots - Ariat? 
Hi Ladies, Years back, I fractured my heal in a horse riding accident and I can only walk without a limp in good footware, usually Ariat boots. I …

I have been looking around in shoe places for a pair of over-the-ankle boots so I can take the Basic Rider Course. I don't want to spend a lot of money …

Hi All, I live in a small town and there are few places to buy motorcycle accessories. Has anyone bought gloves online? I am new to riding and have …

Women's Motorcycle Clothing Never Fits Right....Why? 
I have been riding for a while and although women's clothing has improved, there is a long way to go before someone gets it right. When I buy heavy leather …

Best Looking Helmet for Women 
I'm sure all of you might have a different opinion but I would love pictures of ladies in there helmets because I'm curious what kind look best on us ladies....the …

Street Gear 
I had a terrible accident in November. Without my helmet, I would have undoubtedly died. As it was, I broke my neck and hip. Unavoidable injuries because …

Do You Wear Gear? 
As I was surfing this site, I came across the "Her Moto Shop" and noticed some very inexpensive gear for sale. I got to wondering, how many of you wear …

Motorcycle Pants 
I'm buying motorcycle pants for the first time to enjoy a Gold Wing we recently purchased. I've had a Fieldsheer jacket I really like for a few years but …

Has anyone worn or used Cameleon Invisible Armor? 
I found this website that had lightweight armor that could be worn under any jacket or pair of pants. http://www.cameleonapparel.com/categories/protective-apparel.php …

Motorcycle Leather Jacket 
I just got a new motorcycle leather jacket from LeatherUP.com and it's a ladies' vented racer jacket. It's a wonderful jacket and it's very heavy with …

First Time; What to Wear? 
This is me on my first bike - Piaggio MP3 500 scooter. I'm old and fat; not the kind of shape that most clothing fits well. I don't want to spend a …

Saddlebage hardware support for Honda Rebel 
Hey ladies I am looking to dress up my honda rebel with some saddlebags. I found a pair of used willie & max saddlebags online but do not come with the …

Plus Sized Gear 
I know it was brought up in the past, but I'm wondering if there have been any new ideas or products out there that I can't find. I'm a big girl and I'm …

Plus Size Motorcycle Jackets 
No one sells them! I am a size 18 in the real world but in motorcycle world this makes me huge and there is no selection of cute/pretty jackets. Had to …

Products Designed for Short Women 
I recently bought a motorcycle and really wished I had more information about how to customize my bike more to fit a 5'2" person with small hands (me). …

If you would like to join the conversation please share your submissions with us.

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