Plus Size Motorcycle Jackets

by Sharon
(Amherst ,Ohio)

No one sells them! I am a size 18 in the real world but in motorcycle world this makes me huge and there is no selection of cute/pretty jackets. Had to get a mans XL and so my hubby wants to wear it as he likes it better than his! (better ventilation)

Comments for Plus Size Motorcycle Jackets

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Mens Black Leather Biker Jacket | Look Ready to Hop To Your Harley NEW
by: mens black leather biker jacket

This mens black leather biker jacket has all the features of a classic jacket with buckle straps on the sides that let you cinch the fit as you wish.

No large size for lady bikers NEW
by: Large & Lovely

I give up. In the real world I'm a 24/26 UK size, I'm a pear shape so I have the worst time finding bike clothes to fit. It's so frustrating and I have read all the other comments and looked on the recommended websites and still nothing would fit me. What annoys me is even if I do find a pair of trousers to fit me I can't move in them. I have had to adapt a pair of my own jeans, but I wanted a pair of leather pants. And before any suppliers comment please note my sizes. Hips 66", thigh37", waist 47"

Leather Jackets NEW
by: M.Imran

Dear Sir / Madam

We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Manufacturers and Exporters of the Motorbike Leather Jackets, Cordura Jackets, Textile Jackets,Leather Belts,Motorbike Gloves,

We are well established for the above mentioned products. Kindly visit our company website www.geerysports.com and let us know interested products. So, we will quote you most comprehensive prices for mutual business benefits among both of our organization. We are waiting your prompt reply.
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Thank you poster "BarbieButzer"
by: Jen

Thank your for your recommendation of Leatherup.com. Finally, an MC jacket that fits & looks great! You're awesome!

not big enough
by: zranna

well I am a big big size of size 26 54 chest and 6foot 1inch tall female and colthes are not big enought for me

Plus size protective pants?
by: SwtrGrl

I just can't bring myself to consider chaps (I ride a scooter, 500cc, mind you, but a scooter nonetheless)!

I'm a typical 20-22-24 pant gal, but can't for the life of me figure out what will fit my 5'10" frame and pants.

Thoughts, ladies???

Men's jackets being advertised as womens...
by: Anita

Although First Manufacturing Company makes jackets in larger sizes, they are still ill-fitting. Their sleeves measure upward of 33 inches off the shoulder which is way too long for most women of any size. If leather jacket manufacturers would stop to really make jackets for women, they would know that most women have a sleeve length of between 22-24 inches and should size their jacket sleeves accordingly. Otherwise, they are just passing off men's jackets as womens.

Plus size MC jackets
by: BarbieButzer

I'm a large plus size girl and I found the most fantastic 3/4 length leather jacket at Leatherup.com They offer real sizes. Beware of a lot of other companies...as I bought a 5x online and it would barely cover my boobs. I had a friend try on the very jacket (she's a size 10-12) and it was barely big on her. I did pay a price for the jacket - but very good quality, fully lined. $199 We're going on our first road trip next week - to Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina - so it will definitely get a workout. I also bought my chaps from them. Good luck!!

by: Sajid Malik

Dear Sir/Madam,

We would like to introduce ourselves as an experienced manufacturer & Exporters of all kinds of Motorbike wears.

We deal in sports goods: Motorbike jackets, Motorbike pants, Motorbike Trousers, Motorbike Suits & Motorbike gloves
We would like to request you to please have a look at our web site: www.requisiteintl.com and advise your full requirements.

We are a quality conscious company; provide best quality with in time delivery. We want to establish business relations with your esteemed company, and would like to draw your kind attention towards our company.

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Sajid malik
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web: www.requisiteintl.com
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introduction 2013 &Mutual trade offe
by: Anonymous

Dear Sir / Madam,

Buy Superior-Quality Motorcycle Clothing (Waterproof Leather Jackets, trousers and suits, Leather Jackets, Leather Suits, Leather Trouser, Cordura Jackets, Trousers, Suits, Leather Gloves etc....) direct from a manufacturer at much lower prices. It is just not a claim.

Let us have one of your own model-things and we shall come out with our counter-one. You will be convinced. We invite you to work with us and see the Difference.

We look forward to hearing from you, no matter even if it be in negative.

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Real women
by: Annette

I agree! my first jacket was a mans textile one because I couldn't find a ladies one that fitted. I've now lost over 20kg and still can't see a ladies jacket that will fit...for goodness sack we're not all stick figure.

large bust
by: Anonymous

i find so many nice jackets, but none that will fit my large bust(50). HELP

Plus size jackets
by: Anonymous

Try Bigfootbrown leather.com or motorcyclesaddlebagsrider.com for plus size women's jackets.

by: Anonymous

I'm a size 16/18 in street clothes which I didn't think was enormous. However, in motor clothes I am apparently somewhere between hippo and elephant! I just packed up a size 5x to send back to leatherup because it is to small. I can't believe that manufacturers think this sizing scale makes any sense or is good for busines. I mean who wants to buy 4 sizes bigger then what they actually wear?! My DH says "well why don't you just get a men's jacket?" Yup honey, Just what I always wanted...

Real size motorcycle clothing
by: Sonsy

My store Sonsy offers Plus (real size!) motorcycle clothing for women up to a real size 26-28. We have a wide variety of cute, shapely jackets in our brick and mortar store as well as our website, Sonsyapparel.com. We will shortly be offering a new line of textile jackets with the reflective stars and skulls along with some other new designs!

I have known the frustration of trying to find a good looking, well fitting jacket. So when I found them, I decided to open my store so other lady riders could buy well fitting, reasonable price clothing!

leather clothing manufatures & exporter
by: cargul leathers

Dear Sir / Madam,

Hope you are doing well.

We are manufacturers and exporters of Leather fashion pants, Leather
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Kindly inform us which products you interested so we can send you
catalouge pictures along with prices and We garauntee for lowest prices
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Awaiting your reply by return mail.


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Plus size moto jacket
by: Lyn

Try leatherup.com
Lots of styles and larger sizes

Ladies plus size jackets found
by: michelle

Joe Rocket has quite a variety of pretty jackets for us sexy gals. I am a size 18 ish andhad major issues finding one. Joe rocket has many sizes even diva sizes. 2 Diva was way to big for me...ck it out ladies......many colors
Just wish we could try them on before we buy them online.
good luck

Fiza Sports
by: Haisal

Dear Sirs,

We, Fiza Sports would like to introduce ourselves as a Motorbike Clothing Company, Attached here with please find our products catalogue with prices.

If your kind attention is interested to see our quality and services so ask us freely.

Best Regards,

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just ordered 5X from LeatherUp

In the real world I am a 22. I ordered a 5X textile jacket from LeatherUp and it is about 2-3 inches shy of closing. Augh! Back in the box it goes. I'll keep searching. :(

by: bilal

Dear Sir/Madam,
We are manufactures and exporter of Leather Motor Bike Garments,Race Replica Garments,Corduroy Garments, Leather Fashion Garments,all kind of Gloves & Accessories in since 1995.We have accomplished a significant position in the demanding world market through the quality of our goods and services. We can also produce your desired products according to your specifications and designs. We are specialist in our products. We pay our full attention towards quality and in time delivery.

Our manufacturing units are working under highly professional supervision and our workers are highly skilled. Our quality control department maintains the quality as per international standard or as per customer requirement.

We are looking forward a some trust worthy buyer.Incase of any confusion please don’t hesitate to contact us.

With Best Regards

Mohammad Bilal

Our website www.alishpa.com

Contact us: info@alishpa.com

Phone 0092-52-3574430

Malign Adress Alishpa Ind Mohallah Bograh Daska Road 51310 Sialkot Pakistan.

by: Robin Lee (Sonsy)

My website is www.sonsyapparel.com

Name of Store
by: Bobbi Doll

Hi you said you own a store for plus women riders. Wondering if I could get the website plz?

Plus Size Jackets
by: Robin Lee (Sonsy)

I own a new store that specializes in ladies plus size leather motorcycle apparel. I am a plus size rider and after being in the biking community for the last 3 years, I have found many women frustrated trying to find good quality leather, especially to be able to try on. It has taken me some trial and error, every company has different sizing, but I have finally found a manufacturer that makes jackets in real woman sizes up to a 5X. I now carry some very pretty, feminine jackets from this manufacturer. They sell to several of the big leather websites, but those sites do not always carry larger than a 2X even though the jackets are available up to a 5X (28/30 or 32)I can also order up to a 9X but those jackets are mostly unisex, but still very nice fitting! Their leather is high quality, soft, and does not need a year to be broken in. They only sell wholesale but if anyone would like to contact me I can work with your measurements and we can find a jacket to fit properly. This company also will take suggestions for style ideas, and they will work with me to make a jacket to fit an individual without it costing an arm and a leg.

Not Much Motorcycle Gear for Plus Size Women
by: motoPam

I wanted the Transition series 2 for women in a 18-20. (Tourmaster) but...THAT only comes in a sz xlg. So...I will have to order it in a mans size with longer sleeves which I don't need. Wouldn't you think for 170.99 plus shipping I could get what I wanted, and/or needed?

Great Textile Jacket (with Spandex!)
by: NewRider

I just bought a FieldSheer Ladies Corsair 2.0 - I'm an 18/20 in street clothes and very busty/short - this jacket (Medium Plus) is very flattering, super comfortable since it's got some stretch, but fully armored and safe. Good luck!

Plus Size Textile Jackets
by: Anonymous

Cortech makes two different jackets that come in several colors including pink and light blue. I wear an 18/20 also and got the LRX jacket in pink in size LPL (Large Plus) and it's actually a bit large....which is nice in the winter when I want to wear my Gerbing heated jacket and a sweater under it. The jacket has a nice quilted zip in liner, and enough vents for most hot summer days. It's nice not to have to wear black!

Who Sizes These Things
by: Anonymous

Do they not realize women will not buy something that says 5X in it????

Leather up 5X=Size 22
by: Lis

At LEATHER UP the size says 5X, but looking harder, the 5X was size 20-22. Yikes.

by: Anonymous

Thanks for the tips on jackets! I'm starting my search.

Now, if only I (we?) can find a WOMAN'S SIZE 12 motorcycle boot!

Plus Size Jackets
by: Rachel

I don't know if anyone is still interested, but Joe Rocket has 2 new sizes. Diva 1 and 2. Will fit up to a 48 inch bust line. Check them out at www.joerocket.com

Plus Size Jackets Found!!
by: Angie

Hello all, I just wanted to let you know that I was able to find a plus size jacket that actually fit's me for a good price. I am a size 28-30, and have not been able to find a jacket, but
Eagle Leather, now carries First Gear jackets and others up to a 5x in size...and they are cute, my jacket is white leather with pink flames up the size, and it fits me to a T!! So please check them out!! Oh and what's on their website they actually have in stock at the store.

Eagle Leather

Good Luck!

Need Some Gear for Plus Size Women !
by: gina

Nelson rides can you put a rush on the online store, some of us plus size women will be riding this summer and really need some apparel right away. And some stores say they have plus size and only have a very small selection or the plus size is really a size 12-14! Please help!!!!

Thanks, Gina

Really Large Jacket
by: Angie

I need help, I'm a size 28/30 and I need to get a jacket, I'm 5'6, and men jackets just don't work for me.. any advice? Please let me know! And I'm cheap!!

MX Gear
by: cassey

Does anyone have suggestions on were to find plus size motocross gear?

Plus size jackets.
by: LBloft

Well, I have the same problem.. Never even thought that I was that large, usually a 16 or 18 for space. New frustrated rider. I just order a jacket due in new week from leatherup.com...Sizes for some women's jackets go to 5XL, but word is still order 1 size up. Low shipping too. Good Luck!!!

Plus size jackets.
by: LBloft

Well, I have the same problem.. Never even thought that I was that large, usually a 16 or 18 for space. New frustrated rider. I just order a jacket due in new week from leatherup.com...Sizes for some women's jackets go to 5XL, but word is still order 1 size up. Low shipping too. Good Luck!!!

website correction
by: gina

I gave ncorrect website name check out www.helmettown.com I bought my jacket at this site and I can tellyou I was more than please with selection, style, price and service. I think us 2 Divas have alot in common. Let us know where you find what you like woud like to hearback :)

Classy Rider Jacket ! Check it out!
by: Sharon Glass

Hi, just checking in to let everyone know I have found a beautiful, light weight, many colors to choose from, AFFORDABLE, has all the safety features, Ladies Motorcycle jacket!!! Go to www.classyrider.com. Kathy McCurry has created a few styles that are pretty to look at and, made to fit a womans body. I actually had to trade my XL for a L! That is another wonderful woman, Mary Tester of www.dontester.com...a FORD dealer who sells scooters and carries these beautiful jackets in North Central, Ohio ( Norwalk )...she let me ride down there and exchange my jacket for the better fitting one so if you are in the area go and have Mary hook you up. Anyways, I love it. It has safety pads in the elbows and back that are removeable, reflective labels and also she includes reflective arm bands for night riding... I could go on but please check these wonderful, nice ladies out. I am so happy to not have to wear my husbands jackets! And I actually think I look nice in it...now if we could only do something about Helmet Hair! Later! Sharon

style plus size jacket found
by: gina

Hi Sister I too was having a hard time finding a jacket (18 or 2XX), that I liked but I found a great website that offers jackets in larger sizes and at great price. I got a powertrip with zebra strip for $109.00 include shipping.
Give this site a try www.helmetown.com
Like jacket offers everything you could want sytle, function and price. :) I hope this helps let me know what you think. If you like drop me an email gwizzgina@hotmail.com


Fox Creek Leather
by: Sharon

Yes, I just sent back a jacket this past week to them. My husband got a great braided jacket from them a couple years ago so I thought I would try them too.....not a good fit and for women not a large selection. I would love a pink or wine colored jacket with all the safety features but so far no luck. Will hold off to check the new website mentioned. Joe Rocket has one called Cleo...wine colored....not available in my size. I even called the maker in Canada...no luck. In Joe Rocket jackets I would be a size, 2 Diva, I like the sound of that!

Motorcycle Jacket
by: Laura

Have you visited Fox Creek Leather, this is where I purchased my jacket, it is awesome and not pleather. Very well made, in the USA. I also purchased my chaps from them. I called and they were able to customize both my jacket and pants as I am 5'1". They said 3-4 days for the jacket to be delivered,
2 days I had it. Quality is exceptional and customer service is outstanding, you get to talk to a real person, you pay a little more but its worth e every penny. They do have larger sizes, here is the web address www.foxcreekleather.com.

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