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By - Debralyn Swanson (Florida)

By Morgan Sansotta

Princess Biker Chick
They say there is one of them in every walk of life, in every genre and every sub-genre around the world. You know the type- the little, sashaying, everyone-look-at-me princess girls.

The Bike of My Dreams
I am a well rounded kind of gal to say the least, which got me thinking about what the bike of my dreams would be. Let other women worry about finding the man of their dreams - I have bigger fish to fry.

First Solo Ride
There is the very first solo ride ever - the first time that you get out on that bike and you just ride and ride and ride. Then there is the first solo ride after a life changing event.

In Loving Sympathy
It really would be a lot of work burying that big beast of a bike, after all. Gertrude was a mutt of a bike, a real ugly momma if you got right down to it, but boy could she serve up a mean dish of watch-me-go when she wanted to.

Cross Country Motorcycle Trip Fitness
My friend Jaa went on a cross country motorcycle trip with several other gals in our circle. She came back thrilled, exhausted, a little gritty and just a little pungent from that last few hours of riding in the sweltering summer sun.

Hair Care Tips for Women Who Ride
Helmet hair is just the beginning of your problems, ladies. If you want to ride safely, frequently and still have decent looking, healthy hair at the end of the day, there are a few hair care tips that you have to keep in mind.

The Funniest Thing Ever
If you ask a group of people what the funniest thing ever is or was, usually they will each have different answers.

Biker Girl's Credo
It is time for women to change the roads we take and the paths we follow. To hell with that! It is time for us to create the roads and set the paths for others to follow.

Be Who You Are, Always
Last night was the anniversary of her brother's death, she said. All the hurt and rage and the utter loneliness had come up on her, burning the back of her throat like a demon screaming to be released.

Girls with Loud Toys
You want to ride with Girls with Loud Toys? Everyone is welcome - there are no prejudices here!

Making New Year's Resolutions for Your Bike
Alright girls, it is almost that time of year. Let's not lie to ourselves and make resolutions that we know we will fudge on by the time the puck drops on the winter classic, or at least by Valentine's Day for those of us who are really strong willed.

The Call of the Road
Oh, don't roll your eyes at me, we all are guilty of doing it at least once-driving and chatting on our cell phones, even (gasp), dare I say it: texting.

Breaking Down the Walls
Not all women motorcyclists like to be called "biker babes", nor does riding a bike make them trashy, loose or immoral.

The Last Ride of the Year
A lot of people live in areas where they can only ride the motorcycle for part of the year. If they have a good year, they might get six or seven months. Some years, they get less.

Basic Bike Repair
While no one is suggesting that you have to become Mrs. Motorcycle Wrench, there are a few basic repairs that you should be able to handle. Not only that, but you should have a basic emergency kit along with you to protect yourself in case of just such an event.

My Mom Rides a Motorcycle
My friend has a motorcycle; she has had it for about three years now. When her kids were smaller, they would ask for rides, but she wouldn't let them on with her until they were a little older.

I Am a Shorty
My problem with not having a motorcycle is simple: I have been cursed with itty, bitty, stumpy, legs. Yes, you guessed it: I am a shorty.

Motorcycle Eye Safety
There are many ways to keep your eyes safe while you are on the bike. Finding what works best for you is important so that you can ride safely and comfortably.

Riding for a Cause
Nothing could be more rewarding than helping others in any way that you can, but doing so while getting to be on your bike is even sweeter.

Motorcycle Boots and Gloves
Finding the right motorcycle boots and gloves can take a lot of time and patience.

Jaala Finally Got Her V-Rod
She did not ask permission. She did not get anyone's opinion. Jaala got her V-rod. Her next step will be to learn how to ride the damn thing.

Women's Motorcycle Rallies
Going to womens motorcycle rallies provides me with an opportunity to meet women from all over who are doing amazing and inspiring things with their lives.

Women are Biking More Than Ever!
Today, nearly one out of every ten motorcycle owners is a woman! This fact is changing the look and feel of motorcycle riding.

Why Do Women Ride Motorcycles?
What do women get from riding that they can't get anywhere else? I have a few ideas.

Women's Motorcycle Clubs
Finding a riding club that suits you can be a somewhat tricky process. If you are new to riding or new to an area, you can start looking for a club by asking around the bike shops in the area.

Top Motorcycles for Women
You won't know which bike suits you until you start trying them out. But there are some trends you can look at to see which motorcycles are popular with women. That will give you a place to start.

Choosing the Right Motorcycle Helmet
Choosing the right motorcycle helmet is an important safety decision you must make.

Riding a Passenger
Here are some tips I've discovered for taking on a passenger while you ride.

Motorcycle Riding Safely
While riding motorcycles has a bit of romance and adventure to it, there is a serious side to riding that can get overlooked sometimes.

Biker Weddings
Having a biker wedding can seem a bit odd to some, but on the spectrum of weird weddings, it's not out there very far.

How to Pack for a Motorcycle Weekend
If you're planning on taking off for the weekend on your motorcycle, do a little planning about what to take along with you. It will save you time, space, and probably some money!

Riding With a Group
Motorcycle riding is something that feels great when you do it by yourself, but it feels better when you do it with a group.

Tips for Riding in Traffic
Mastering the open road is pretty straightforward, but for many women, riding through traffic in town can be pretty harrowing. Here are some basic tips for riding in traffic.

Buying A Bike of My Own
I have to admit that I was totally intimidated by the idea of buying a motorcycle on my own.

Be Safe On That Motorcycle
Once you have got your jacket and pants picked out, you've got the basics of your riding wardrobe. It's a great feeling to know that you've got some good looking gear that's both safe and comfortable! There are still a couple of things you'll need to complete your riding outfit.

Comfort and Safety
When I choose my motorcycle gear, I walk the delicate line between comfort and safety. I try to find the best looking, safest gear I can, but it's not an easy thing to do.

Are You Safe On Your Motorcycle?
I have this image of a motorcycle rider in my head. He's got a tight white t-shirt on and a leather jacket, with form fitting jeans and black leather boots. He's got a woman with him, wearing tight black leather pants and a low cut shirt and a leather jacket.

Knowledge is Power
One of the key reasons women sit on the back of the bike instead of the front is lack of knowledge. This is not true for all women, but it is true for many, and it was true for me.

Are You Ready to Ride?
For most women, there are lots of reasons not to buy a bike and only one reason to buy one. That one reason, trumps all the reasons not to - you ride motorcycles because you want to.

Motorcycle Safety Standards
There are motorcycle safety standards for all of your gear, letting you know that it's a safe choice for riding.

Motorcycle Touring
Why go Motorcycle Touring? Because I have to. My Soul demands it. Riding a Motorcycle on Freedom Road, is the Ultimate Freedom I have hungered after... all my life.

Invasion of the Brits
This is the story about NorthStar Moto Tours last tour of 2008 and the wonderful experiences and camaraderie gained through motor touring.

Motorcycling In Italy
A Tuscan Adventure - Two Girls, One Motorcycle & Both Sides of Italy

Pack for a Motorcycle Trip
It's always a problem knowing what to pack for a motorcycle trip.

Best Motorcycle for a Woman
The best motorcycle for a woman is dependent on your body and skill level. Women are as varied in terms of experience and stature as men.

Motorcycle Gear
Motorcycle gear tips that will keep you safe.

Motorcycle Gear Reviews

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