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The True Biker Girl's Credo

No Way, I Never Back Down: The True Biker Girl's Credo

When faced with challenges, some people, even women, will turn tail and run. They only want the easy, the safe, the obvious choice. Two paths stand before them, the sunny and bright, straight road or the dark and ominous curvy. How many of us always take that safe and easy straight road instead of revving our throaty motors and letting hell rain down? What is the use of having a beast between our thighs if we never let him run wild? Why bother having a beast at all if you are playing it safe each and every time? Hmpph, not me, no ma'am. No way, I never back down. Give me an inch and I will race you for miles. I laugh at the dangers that I might meet around that next curve and laugh even harder when I see those same dangers staring gape-jawed in my side mirrors. Silly, danger, didn't you hear? I am the Wind. I am the Night. I am Woman, hear my bike roar.

Biker Girl's Credo

It is time for the women of the world to change the fairy tales we tell our daughters. It is time for us to change the things we dream when we close our eyes. It is time to change the things that we say to each other. It is time to change the way we treat ourselves and the others around us. It is time to change the way that we define ourselves, our lives, our loves and our successes. No more waiting for a man on a white horse to rescue us, no way, I never back down. No, thank you Sir Knight, I got this. You are cute though. Good luck with that.

It is time for women to change the roads we take and the paths we follow. To hell with that! It is time for us to create the roads and set the paths for others to follow. I will not be silenced, Sisters, and I pray that none of you will be either. No way, I never back down, not until not a single woman is touched in anger, in hatred or in a vain attempt to break her wild spirit. I am the Voice screaming in pain. I am the Healing Rain and the Burning Rage of the Sun. I am the Howling Wind at Night, daring you to touch her again, you coward; just try to touch her one more single time. No way, I never back down, not from you, little man, not from anyone.

There are two paths in front of you, dear Daughter. Do not always take the easy one, I beg of you. Sometimes you have to whip your bike down a dark road, around a blind curve to come out okay on the other side. No way, I never back down, and I pray that neither will you.

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