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The Bike of My Dreams

The Bike of My Dreams

When you were a child, you would take the catalogs that came in the mail and make your mark on all of the things that you wanted. Had anyone looked back through ours, they would have thought my mom had three children instead of two and that one of them was a boy. I have always loved the girly things, but I have also always loved the traditionally "boy" things too. Until I got breasts, I could whip a ball at you at 80 mph and had a split fingered knuckle ball that would have had the best batters ready to cry to their moms. I can diagram a hockey play better than some of the players on the ice and I know more than my fair share about football. I also can tell you how to whip up a body scrub that will not only make your skin feel like silk but smell delicious for hours too. I am a well rounded kind of gal to say the least, which got me thinking about what the bike of my dreams would be. Let other women worry about finding the man of their dreams - I have bigger fish to fry.

Honda 1800 VTXs Cruiser

And so, with all of my complicated tastes and attitudes in mind, I started thinking about what the perfect bike for me would entail. First, it would have to be short, but not dainty. I am not very tall, I accept that. I do not need my bike screaming "scooter" to the world. I still want power. I still want the bone jarring speed and the throaty growl of a finely tuned beast of a motor. I do not want a small bike, I want a bike that is a little smaller. There is a difference. While I want it to be bad ass and all that, I still want the bike of my dreams to be pretty, after all, I am as rough as I want to be but I am not ugly- so, my bike should be alright to look at too. Emerald green is my color choice- preferably with a little metallic flake for sizzle but not flash.

My bike would have soft leather saddle bags filled with the things that I think are important. I would have a few bottles of water, because I am prone to dehydration. I would have hand lotion because soft, sweetly scented hands are important. I would have my little tool set because you never know. But there would be more than just that, stuff that no other person in their right mind would have thought of before but might consider now. For instance, I would have a hammock in there, the old rope kind that you tie between two trees. The bike of my dreams would always know when I need a nap and where to take me to get one.

Finally, the bike of my dreams would be the one that always let me be me without question, whether I was strolling out in a dress and heels or in jeans and tee shirt. My bike will always be there for me and I for it. There is no such thing as a man who can do all of that.

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