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Because Jaala Finally Got Her V-Rod

Because Jaala Finally Got her V-Rod

We all have one. The one friend, that one best buddy that has a dream that she just gripes our butts about. The dream about finding the perfect man or having the best job in the world or finally shaving off those last three inches from her thighs, whatever. For Jaa, it was the V-rod and there were times when I could have bopped her right in the chops. Seriously. I mean, I love her, but there is only so much that you can take even when it is the leather and motorcycle scented dreams of your very best friend.

2009 Harley V-Rod

You want to know how obsessed she was? At one point her screen names and passwords all contained the word "V-rod" in them. She got a pet and I cringed waiting to see what variation on V-rod this poor puppy got saddled with. Thankfully, the little thing already had a name - no V-rod moniker for her. About the same time that her V-rod mania had kicked into full blown obsession, Miss Jaa's marriage hit the skids. Granted, this was not the most amazing of relationships to begin with, she was truly sick of being overlooked and treated like an oilspot on the driveway. Any fool could see what was going on, at least any fool who cared, but not him. Her old man was as oblivious to her growing unhappiness as well, as we was to everything else about her.

Listen everyone - men, women, boys and girls: if you are with someone you owe it to them to treat them at least as well as you do the strangers and others that you talk to if not better. If you cannot learn that simple fact of life, then perhaps you really do deserve to be alone. Poor Jaa would sit there at parties, watching Mr. Husband flirt and flit about, refilling drinks and bringing nibbles and such to everybody else while she herself could burst into flame and he would never know. She tried flirting with other fellows to get a rise out of him - nothing. Dejected, all of the light was going out of my poor friend's eyes. Then I started to notice something. Her eyes would light up once again and she would actually look excited whenever we heard the rumble of a motor - not just any motor mind you, but the thundering thump of a V-rod. She literally purred. The mania kicked into high gear.

The worse the marriage, the more she wanted that bike. He lost his job, she went back to work full time to keep the family afloat. The more she worked out in public, the less she felt like a second class citizen, at least while she was not talking to him. One day after work, she did not go straight home. She made two stops one fine Friday. First, she stopped and sold the clunker-mobile that she had to drive back and forth to her job while Mr. Unemployed got to have the nice "family" vehicle for absolutely nothing at all. Then she drove to the bike shop and picked out her V-rod. She signed the paperwork for the loan. She signed the title. She told the man where to deliver it. She did not ask permission. She did not get anyone's opinion. Jaala got her V-rod. Her next step will be to learn how to ride the damn thing.

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