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Be Safe On That Motorcycle

Look Good, But Be Safe On That Motorcycle

Once you have got your jacket and pants picked out, you've got the basics of your riding wardrobe. It's a great feeling to know that you've got some good looking gear that's both safe and comfortable! There are still a couple of things you'll need to complete your riding outfit.

If you're riding a motorcycle, you should be wearing gloves. That means always, in any weather. I know I'm tempted to go out riding on a warm, sunny day without my gloves, but all I have to do is remind myself what will happen if I take a fall...and then I put my gloves on!

You'll want to find a good pair of leather or Kevlar gloves for warm weather use. These gloves should be motorcycle gloves, with carbon fiber knuckle protection. While they won't be insulated, the gloves will provide protection if you take a fall. Finding a pair of warm weather gloves that are waterproof can be ideal, especially if you're the type who will ride through any weather. Winter gloves should be similar to warm weather gloves in terms of protection, but should have some insulation to protect you from the cold.

When you're looking at gloves, as you did when choosing a jacket, take a look at the stitching on the glove to determine the quality of the manufacturing. If you ride a lot, you'll put a lot of stress on your gloves. Look carefully at the stress point in between the fingers to see how strong the seams are. Look to see if there are reinforcement stitches.

Quality motorcycle gloves will have long gauntlet cuffs that come up over your jacket sleeves. There is nothing I hate more than riding and having the cold wind go up my sleeve! I have a different pair of gloves for warm weather riding. In the summer, I like to have a little breeze moving to keep me cool.

Be very careful about fit when deciding on a pair of motorcycle gloves. This is one thing I hope you don't have to learn the hard way, like I did! Be sure that the glove fits snugly over your palm. Too much material on your palm interferes with your ability to feel the handlebars and the controls on the bike. Be sure that the fingers of the glove are long enough to suit your hand. That will ensure you will be able to move your fingers freely. Try the gloves on and hold on to the handlebars of your bike. Make sure that there are no seams between your hands and the handlebars. If there are, you might want to find a different pair of gloves. Having a seam rubbing between your hand and the handlebars can make for a long, blistery ride!

You can add reflective materials to your gloves or find gloves with reflective materials already integrated. You might feel a little geeky at first, but after the first few times you wear your gloves, you just won't think about it anymore. Being safe really should be everyone's first priority.

Boots are a crucial piece of riding gear and one you should invest in carefully. A good boot can make a ride more comfortable and a great boot can be comfortable, look good, and protect your foot. You should be looking for a great boot to ride in. And good news, ladies! Here's where you can throw in your personal sense of style!

Your boot should have a short heel so that you can fit your boot over the motorcycle peg but still provides ankle support. Ankle protection is as important as support, so you'll want you boot to be at least six inches high. Boots can be calf-high to offer protection from the wind and the cold, if that's a consideration for you.

You'll want a boot with a fairly thick sole to absorb some of the vibration of the bike. You don't want too thick a sole, as you don't want to lose the feel of the bike on your foot. Try on a couple of different boots and sit on your bike with them. Find one that provides a balance that works for you. Leather boots are a great choice. You can find ones that look great and still provide the protection you need.

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