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Motorcycle Touring on Freedom Road

Motorcycle Touring on Freedom Road - Why Do I Ride?
By Brian Gore

Why go Motorcycle Touring? Because I have to. My Soul demands it. Riding a Motorcycle on Freedom Road, is the Ultimate Freedom I have hungered after... all my life.

In a world where everywhere you turn, somebody is pulling, prodding or poking at you; making demands on you, telling you what you; "Have Got to Do", telling you; "What you will do."; climbing on my Motorcycle and leaning it through the twisties... or splitting the wind down some mountain two lane, with a long, far view, ahead of me, heals a spirit wounded... bludgeoned, by the grasping world it struggles to live in.

I've read, and heard it put many ways, many times, that "Human beings need to spend some time just looking off into the distance". Yondering over the horizon, staightening the curves on some mountain byway, keeps my Spirit alive. It breathes fresh life into my Soul.

I expect I was born with a bit of gypsy genes salted in my bloodline somewhere. I spent a number of my younger years as a rodeoing, wandering, gypsy cowboy.

Now-a-days, I live for those hours and days I can roll, solitary and Free, Motorcycle Touring on the Open Road; feeling my Spirit growing stronger as each mile of Freedom Road rolls by, beneath the singing tires of my Motorcycle.

It's a thing I find great difficulty putting the right words too. They all seem so inadequate. Motorcycle Touring on Freedom Road, is a joy beyond compare.

I don't ride because it saves fuel. Saving the planet don't enter the equation. And I couldn't care less what other folks think about my Motorcycle riding.

I LIVE to RIDE. I ride... To Save my own life. I ride, to LIVE.

Now that may have become a cliched phrase... but it ain't any less true. For me, riding a Motorcycle, is about... LIVING!

Some folks, likely most folks, will never understand the passion I've found, growing unexpectedly within me, as a result of my return to, after too many years away from, riding Motorcycles... and they have my sympathy.

Helen Keller once said something like; "A life without adventure and passion... is nothing."

I reacquired a motorcycle a few years ago, when we set out to go RV Boondocking full-time. I thought, having another bike would be a nice way to daytrip out from camp on occasion. What I hadn't realized was how much I missed my Motorcycle.

Riding on Freedom Road has rekindled a fire within my Spirit; A fire I have no intention of ever again allowing to be extinguished.

If you have an aching hunger for a Spiritual Freedom... and have been searching for the key to unlock the passion you know is locked up inside... If the thought of the wind in your face, the thunder of a fine Motorcycle, the passionate, joyful, dance of a graceful Motorcycle... rolling though far vistas on the Open Road... seems to tickle something deep within you.

... you may want to investigate the world of Motorcycle Touring... you just might could be... One of US!

Brian is the "editor" of Goin' RV Boondocking, a website dedicated to the full-time, dry camping lifestyle, and also, Motorcycle Touring on Freedom Road, where the name says it all. After a couple decades of RVing he has learned a few things the hard way!


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