Plus Sized Gear

by Christine
(Wilmington, NC)

I know it was brought up in the past, but I'm wondering if there have been any new ideas or products out there that I can't find. I'm a big girl and I'm having the hardest time finding a jacket that fits. I wear a 22-24 in real life, but cannot find anything made for a woman that fits me. The "diva" and "plus large" sizes are not true to size and everything cut for a woman is too small. I've tried men's jackets, but they're too big up top. The elbow armor hits my forearms, always passing my elbows. Is there anyone out that makes a plus-size textile jacket that actually fits?

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Track Leather Pants NEW
by: Nessa

Ladies, I appreciate all of the comments, but none of them help. I'm a sport motorcycle rider, and I'm into track days to become a better safer street rider. I am all thick thighs and hips, pear shape, 18/20 stretchy jeans, and a small waist, 13" difference between waistline and hips. Mens pant's don't work, once they pass the hip, the waist is too big. Women's apparel don't account for my disproportioned sizes. So, I ask, have you ever taken men track leather pants and gotten them tailored? Did it ruin their integrity?

Thank you!!!!

Plus Size Jackets NEW
by: SusieR

Go to www.LeatherUp.com and check out their Xelement brand of clothing. Many of their items come in larger sizes. I just purchased an Xelement tri-tex women's jacket with removable armor in a size 4-X (20). It arrived quickly, is true to size, if not a tad large. The price was great and the construction appears to be very sturdy. The website's customer reviews are usually 4 or 5 stars. I'm very pleased with my jacket, and my hubby is so impressed that he's looking for an Xelement jacket as well.

Harley Gear Sizing
by: Anonymous

I have come to realize that Harley Davidson clothing for women runs 1-2 sizes small. So even though I am a size 18 (2x) I wound up looking for 3 and above depending on the cut. Wish they would change that.

plus size & alterations
by: ree

I work retail for years the breakdown of #size to the X size was:
18 1X
22 2X
24 3X
28 4X
30 5X
However thanks to Asian manufacturers and WM specifically the sizes are changing .. According to WM 18/20 is now 2X.

Needless to say you have got to try everything on as it depends on the designers pattern makers. Lots of plus size seems to be enlarge the pattern including the arms length and inseam thus coats etc sometimes with fit body and not the arms.

If you can find a cobbler they can do some of the alterations

Boat shops that can make covers and canopies have the set ups for grommets this can help shape the sides and back. Think corset - two vertical strips of leather with grommets added into the sidez and/or back of jacket.

Most sites are the same gear.
by: Mushy

I am a size 22/24, a 44DD size 22W jean and I stand 5'4". I have tried and tried to find a vest that's adjustable for my hips. Although I don't have a problem with women who chose to look like a man while riding,(My armored jacket is a mans 3xl and fugly) I really want to look feminine! However, like most of you it's just been impossible! I have visited about thirty websites and most of the gear offered is the same stuff from the same manufactures. I have decided to try Sonsy Apparel and paid $110 and had to get a 5x (talk about being hard on my ego)but that was the closest to my size outside of Harley Davidson, which wanted $210 for the same style vest. I haven't received the vest yet but, the first thing I want to rave about is the process of ordering. It was pretty simple(Paypal is used)and the measurements are clearly given. The price is half of what HD asking for the same style and that included the shipping to Hawaii which has horrible shipping rates for every damn thing. I promise I will come back and update my post to let you all know how the fit goes when The Vest arrives. Aloha

GoGoGear worked for me
by: Angel

I'm a size 22-24, and was having an awful time finding a jacket. I finally decided on GoGoGear, but when I went to make the purchase they were sold out of every possible size I could wear. I e-mailed them and never got a reply. Eventually, I found a GoGoGear jacket on Amazon. I got the red mesh café jacket in a size 22 (UK 24, EU 52)and I love it. It fits perfectly in all the right places. Did I mention I have big hips? Yeah, they're 59" and the bottom of the jacket is not snug at all. I wish the zipper felt sturdier, but other than that, I love the jacket.

Angry Rider
by: Cleo0243

I can relate. Im a plus size 28. I found a 5xl mens textile jacket at Cyclegear that fits. My problem has been pants. I found a company called JTS Biker Clothing{235-237 Ashby Road}They are a International company and they have women sizes up to size 30...I was just notified that they do not ship to USA..I will continue to search.

Big girl
by: Heather

I have looked through your tips, however is there anywhere out there that does the same for the uk.

Im a 24 uk and i cant find gear although im a big girl i still want to be sexy and safe.

BBW and Sexy Clothes
by: SwirlWoman

Ok, I've decided I need to go into the clothing business for us plus-sized ladies that ride. I always buy mens t-shirts and hate it. We were at the 110th and found a shop that carried a 3X, but it was still really tight, so I didn't buy it and it was adorable. I wear a size 20/22 at Lane Bryant yet can't find anything cute for our rides. It is so frustrating. So ladies, let's all go in on a very wise business decision...find a company to make us CUTE and SEXY clothes! Any seamstresses and investors around here?

good place for plus size leather
by: BBWB

I am a Big Beautiful Woman Biker. I wear a size 20 and I have thick legs so finding chaps to fit had been impossible for me. I am also 5'9". I did find a place that does sell customized american leather and I have been really happy with that. They get your measurements and get you the right fit. AND its got a lifetime guarantee so to me its worth the extra cost to have fit right. I go to www.leatherdiscountgoods.com...great customer service there. I am just glad I finally found a place that works with me get me what I really want.

Fox Creek Leather
by: Anonymous

Check out Fox Creek Leather. I am a plus sized woman and they have tailored their clothes to fit me.

I feel your pain.
by: PaulaAnonymous

I am 5foot 10, and a size 24, I have a 7xl men's vest, and textile jacket, the sleves are to long and still tight around the guts. Can't get any thing nice, forget the bottom end.

Some improvement (24 March 2013)
by: Ravenlore

Background disclaimer: I'm a size 28 and am frustrated and growing bitter and maybe even angry about the search for proper protective gear for riding my Vespa GTS250

Custom leather jackets...that's pretty commom, though i've never checked to see if any custom leather sites mention proper protective armor.

Plus-sized textiles, now that's a rare thing. Most "Plus sized" styles go "all the way up to" size 20. *eyeroll*

There is a company called GoGo Gear selling proper armored, abrasion-resistant jackets for warm and cold season riding. (And armored, kevlar backed hoodies)I am not a shill for them, but I have bought merchandise from them and they still strike me as good folks.

If your bust measurement is up to 56, you're in luck. Unfortunately, if you're in the size 28ish category, not so much.

Vanson Leathers has a mesh offering now. Custom is going to be more pricey than stock, and they want 19 different measurements. However, POSSIBLE-though pricey and complicated is still worlds better to me than nonexistent. I may have to go that route, though i'd prefer not to.

Pants? Still completely non-existent.

You know, I get that plus sized folks globally are a very niche market. But you'd think a motorsports apparel company would realize they could CORNER that niche market with just a few key products.

by: Anonymous

None of the sites provided here fit 51" hips for track leather pants!

Plus size jackets
by: Anonymous

I am 5"4 and wear a size 18/20 and 40H bra so finding a jacket that fit me was a huge challenge. I found that Joe Rocket makes great armored textile jackets in plus sizes and they also have straps in the back to adjust the fit. I love them so much I now have two-a mesh one for the hot Texas summers and another for the month or two it gets colder here.

Short, Plus size & Busty
by: Anonymous

I have searched evrywhere for a jacket that will fit me without spending a pretty penny on a custom fitted or a hacked up revamped mens jacket. I am 5'3", have a 54" (137 cm) bust and tubular in build (no waste), short body with fat arms. Now that I have given you all a great visual of me can anyone help?. I just bought a huge mens textile jacket (3XL) just to have a jacket but the arms are huge. I would like to be abit more femine with my jacket and a sporty style as I plan on getting a Sport bike not a crusier. I have searched all the site everyone suggested with no luck. Any help much appreciated.

Plus Size is AVAILABLE
by: Anonymous

Go to Jamin Leather. http://www.jaminleather.com/Search.aspx?k=plus

They can help!!!

Plus Size is Available!
by: Sonsyapparel.com

I have a brick and mortar store and a web store that specializes in Plus Size Riding apparel for Women and Men. The companies I am dealing with offer true to size AMERICAN sizing. A 5X in my store is a size 26-28/28-30 depending on the style. I also carry chaps that fit up to a size 33 thigh. We also carry TALL sizes in chaps, jackets and vests!
The web site is www.Sonsyapparel.com. Prices are reasonable and the quality is outstanding!

I opened the stores because I am a plus size lady who rides, and I understand the frustration of getting riding apparel to fit properly!

Its 4 years later.... and still no plus size stuff.
by: R Grace

Title says it all. I'm size 22 as well and guess what? Can't wear stuff for the guys because elbow pads hit my forearms and wrists. And there are no women's sizes that fit in the tits and hips.

If You Want Leather for Us BBW's
by: Anonymous

If you are looking for leather for us big beautiful women, look into Fox Creek Leather, they can match your measurements and make it work to fit you. They are awesome and I have the greatest leather jacket with a fabulous venting system. I love my jacket and I love Fox Creek Leather! Nothing but quality from those folks.

Textile Jacket
by: Christine

Well, I really enjoyed my Cortech LRX air jacket, but it's now way too big for me, as I've lost 136 pounds. I'm trying to sell it locally, but there's not a huge market for big girl gear, as we know! They're still selling it on a couple of websites, but, at least in my area, no one wants a plus large mesh jacket!

I wore it through last summer, but now the armor is in all the wrong places and when I ride pillion, the jacket bulges out so far it pokes my husband in the back. Time for a new one!

If it's any consolation at all, even when you're shopping for a "regular" size jacket, not one single brand is true to clothing size and there's zero consistency between brands. I've tried on size smalls that fit perfect and size larges that I can't even zip up they're so tight.

Plus Size Leather Jackets
by: Amanda H

I'm having a real hard time finding a motorcycle jacket that fits. I have a 47 bust and a 25 arm and the 3 XL fit in the bust but was way to long in the arm. I thought maybe I need to try a juniors size, so does anyone know of a place I could go. I have already tried Leather Up twice.

Plus Jacket Sizing
by: Hilary

I wear a 2X-3X size jacket in "normal" clothing. I got a really nice heavy duty leather bike jacket (with vents, but no armor) from a leather dealer in Montreal. It fits perfectly, but is a size 7X!!! I was horrified, but it fits.

I have trouble too.
by: Anonymous

I once found a Hi-viz jacket at BobsBMW.com. It was the biggest I could find in women's sizes and it just fit me. I ordered another hi-viz tex jacket and it was stated that it fit women's size 22-24 and when I got it, it would not have fit even a size 16. It has got to be foreign companies that make these jackets and have no idea what an American sized plus woman really looks like.

Jacket? Heck, ANYTHING Plus!
by: bahrmaid

I can relate. I'm 5'5" but pretty busty. Definitely a meaty girl. Like a size 22 on the top and an 18 on the bottom. I'm having a hard time just finding biker T-shirts that aren't made for men (which are too long). Anyway, I haven't found anything yet, but wanted to share in all of your frustrations!

Nelson Rides Jackets NOW FOR SALE!
by: Jessica

Nelson Rides (women's plus size motorcycle jackets) are now for sale. You can order one by contacting me directly. Check out nelsonrides.com or email info@nelsonrides.com

Tight Arms
by: Anonymous


I have the same jacket and the arms were very tight from the elbow to the wrist with the liner in it...

I took it to the local seamstress and she added a vee shaped wedge of cloth into the seam and that did the trick perfectly!...cost me 40 dollars.....if you are very good at sewing you can do it yourself but there are several layers to go through and you have to be capable of resealing the seams....and picking it all out is a real pain...so for me worth every penny...

Heavy Duty Beauties Unite!
by: Janice, the motogal

I'm a heavy-duty beauty myself, and have found and really like the textile jacket I purchased from Jafrum.com. The value for the dollar is terrific, and it fits me ever so much better than the over-sized men's jackets I had chosen before. Take a look:


I've purchased both a jacket and a helmet from this company, and am thrilled with the quality and value of both.

All the best!

I Think I Found It
by: Christine

Thanks for all of your feedback. I just received a Cortech LRX jacket, size "Plus Large" that actually fits. It's a bit tight in the arms with both liners in it. It's one of the jackets you all recommended and the folks at New Enough were really helpful in my search. They've even added a "women's plus size" section on their hard to fit page. Now about the pants...

Found it!
by: Dina

I too, am short at 5'2" and wear a size 24 on top and could NOT find anything in town and searched the web endlessly the month before getting my bike...it was going to be the dealbreaker. I ended up at a great store at the local flea market and found a Joe Rocket Mesh jacket, short enough in the waist but big enough to cover the boobs, with double layers of soft armor at the shoulder, elbow, back and kidney area.

What I like best about it was adjustable forearm snaps, velcro cuffs and waist for a custom fit. It was the ONLY thing I could find and I surely didn't want to ordeR anything off the 'net without trying it on.

It is a men's jacket, but not heavy mesh and it's adjustable, so it fit the bill. Hope this helps!

Classy Rider Jacket
by: Sharon

Go to classyrider.com...I just got a new jacket...a size XL and had to exchange it for a L !!!! I am a size 18-20. Kathy has pretty jackets in several colors, with safety features and washability.....I got the Around Towner in the embossed black....really sharp and a size L !!! Cut to fit womans figure for real. Today , July 4th we rode through some little country town just minutes ahead of their parade...like we were the grand marshals and I got thumbs up and waves from a few people and I think it is because they could tell I was a lady rider and because the jacket is so darn cute! So check it out.... www.classyrider.com and see what you think. Good luck! Sharon

What About Plus/Petite Size Pants?
by: Pam

I did not have trouble finding a jacket, but I am having a heck of a time finding some textile pants that fit a 5 ft. tall women, and around a size 18 ... all I can find are women's sizes 14-16 and I understand they run small....anybody know of where to find something, other than having to buy a mans pants and then having to shorten them.. this makes it difficult for the knee armor to stay in the right place...I am getting very frustrated.

Get you plus size jacket here
by: Jessica


website will be redone and jackets available for purchase soon!

jessywoman@gmail.com - my email if youre interested

They DON'T exist...
by: Quicklimegirl

I'm in the same boat.
It doesn't matter if the size claims to be 2X or 3X, because what they call those in the MC world always turn out to be equivalent to about size 16 or 18 at best. There is nothing, period.

I've had some ideas for awhile about coming out with a line just for women like us. I had to find some Kevlar Material to sew to a pair of jeans (hard on the scissors & such to use that) for some lower-body protection; I also took some of that, lined with nylon fabric, to make a insert that zipped into a men's 3XL jacket to make it fit.

The pants got stolen out of my truck awhile back (what kind of moronic tweaker would steal some fat women's used pants they can't wear, that have a couple holes in them and need repair anyway???)

Christine, if you'd like to email me about this issue, you can do so at


Have a good day!

Plus Size Gear
by: Amanda

Another possibility????




This might be the best one for you to check out:


Plus Size Gear
by: Amanda

I don't know what 22-24 translates to in "XL" size, but here is a website that has women's jackets up to 3X in size.


Good luck!

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