Products Designed for Short Women

by Jan

I recently bought a motorcycle and really wished I had more information about how to customize my bike more to fit a 5'2" person with small hands (me). I'd like any tips or products shared by others that works well for them. Also, riding skills and safety are always helpful to know and remind us to keep sharp with riding safely.

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Couple more options as well. NEW
by: Ramses


I think I found the answer for some of you. NEW
by: Ramses

Hello ladies, I was looking for an option (besides lowering the bike & seat) for my wife, and I came across some boots that might give you guys a lift without compromising safety and style (in some cases because they look more adequate for sports bikes). "TCX Lady Classic WP Boots", and you can find them at revzilla.com.

Here's the link.


Kudos to all you lady riders. Be safe and see you on the road!

Ideal Short Bird Bike NEW
by: Kirsten

At 5’1 on a (very) good day and, since a break in riding of about 5 years, my confidence was not high. That was until I discovered and fell in love with a Triumph Bonneville Street Twin. They are low to start with but the handling is awesome. It’s like it rights itself! I got one with a lowered seat and, with just ordinary work boots, like Doc Martens, it is easily the best ride I’ve had (so to speak...).

Time to Patent an Idea! NEW
by: Anonymous

I will give you my idea, and if you are able to get it to take off hopefully they will incorporate it into men's boots also. I am 5'6" / 30" inseam and ride a Indian Roadmaster that weighs over 900 pounds without fuel. There are short people everywhere who need taller comfortable boots. I have tried the inserts to give heel lift, but it makes your feet hurt when walking and is just uncomfortable. Poeple have taken there boots to a cobbler/shoe repair store and installed thicker soles, but then could not get there left boot under the shifter. Now here is my idea...may look a little strange, but who cares....My idea is to to make the boot with a thick sole...1 1/2 inch in the front and a 3 to 4 inch heel. Now here is where you the strange part come and it must be STRONG!!! Have the front of the shoes sole lip extend 1 1/2 in front of the boot. You will not be sticking the toe of your boot under the gear shift, but instead you will be using your boot sole as your shifter.

Anyone know of boots to give more height? NEW
by: New Excited Short Biker

I'm another 5' 2" 105 lb short rider. Love my Honda CTX 700 and just started riding end of last summer. The bike is heavy, but love how it rides. I would feel more confident if I could flat foot it when stopped. I have sturdy Harley boots, but need more lift on soles. Any recommendations for stores to by solid sturdy boots with 2 to 3 inch soles/heels?

brake and clutch reduced reach levers NEW
by: Anonymous


by: Sal

Hi, I too have the same problem, but find that a lighter bike has been the answer. I ride a Kawasaki ZX9R and have lowered it with dogbones and via the front forks too. I can now touch the floor with my tip toes but being the lightest bike i could find apart from the bmw tourers which i dont really fancy. Wish someone would invent some decent ladies gear for real women!! :-)

by: Anonymous

I am riding an Harley Sportster (Iron 883) and I dropped down to 10" Burley's, got a super extended reach seat and a boot with a high sole. I am still not flat foot and I need to be. Is there ANYTHING else I can do to get down an inch or two or more lower?! I am so frustrated!

too short on everything!
by: May Day

Hello ladies! Came across this forum while searching for a perfect riding boots to give me a little bit of height to avoid tippy toeing on the bike. I have a cute Honda Grom and it is my very first bike, ever! I've already dropped it once on my first try because I had to reach for the brake lever with my short finger, which ended turning the throttle and throwing me off the bike. Not fun. Therefore, my mission is to get shorter levers. The bike itself is already very low, but still tall enough that I have to tip toe on it. I'm just a few 1/2" shy from being 5' tall. I was shopping for a riding boots with added height. Found a BILT combat boots which gave about 2 1/2" added height, but the toe part of the boot were so thick and high that I wasn't able to put it under my shift pedal. So I'm back to the drawing board. It doesn't help that my feet are very small, size 5 on riding boots and 6 of other shoes. Help!?

More short riders!
by: Leici

Just bought my first bike... 2008 GSXR750. Im only 5' and i had it lowered 2 inches...still cant rech with tiptoes! I bought DAYTONA LADY STAR boots ($449 from Helimot)... They gave me an extra 1.5 inches in height, on top of the standard 1 inch boots give you... So total 2.25 inch increase. They feel like tennis shoes.

Although i can now get on my tiptoes, I STILL cannot quite flat foot it.... So now im going to shave the seat... I wanted to lower it 3-4 inches but i dont know what it would do to the suspension???? Anyone's input would be appreciated. Thanks!

Aerostich Pants
by: Indy


I'm not sure if I'm posting in the correct forum. Forgive me if I am.

I'm cleaning out my gear closet and I found a pair of size 34 Aerostich Roadcrafter red and gray riding pants. They are really small and none of my riding friends can wear it. I've wore them twice only. I'm not trying to sell them. If any of the ladies on this forum is interested in acquiring this pair of pant, all you have to do is pay the shipping cost. If you are interested, please email me at IndiraGM@me.com.

See a similar one here:

Short SHORT Short
by: Anonymous

I just recently bought my first 2008 gsxr 600. I am 4'9 and weigh about 95lbs. I lowered my bike about 3 inches and I can reach the ground with my tip toes. I can ride the bike and feel comfortable on it but I think I could use a couple of more inches to be more confident when I make stops. Does anybody know what else I can do to get a lil more height? Maybe some riding boots or i heard of shaving my seat. Any advice would be great!! Thanks

I'm 4'11"
by: Anonymous

I have CBR600RR which I lowered about 2 inches using votex lowering link. I wear one size bigger shoes and stuff the toe area with insole pad. I just changed the lever to shorty levers. I am still tiptoed but I am getting used to. This is my first motorcycle and I know I will never ever have my heel touch the ground.

Before I got this bike though, I tried Gixxer which was already lowered and seat shaved. I could reach the ground so much better on it.

At first, I regretted getting CBR, but I dropped it a lot in the beginning. And if I had Gixxer, I would have burned my leg few times. CBR's muffler is under the tail. Also I was thinking I should have gotten smaller bike, but if I got smaller than 600, it will have carburetor and I would have flooded it every time I dropped my bike.

Height Added to Boots
by: Jan

I found a small shop shoemaker in our nearby town. He added 1/2"and put the Harley sole back on. They work great and I have been using them for almost 2 years now!

Maybe just keep asking around in your area?

Good Luck! Jan

Height Deprived
by: Julie

I just traded my Dyna Low for my Street Glide and love it but would love just a little more height. I have done everything done to the bike that can be done. I went to our local boot repair to see if he could add some height to any of the pairs of my riding boots and he declined and said I would probably have to buy a custume made pair. Where can a person have height put on their boots?!

A Happy Short Rider!
by: Jan

Great to read all the ideas for us shorties!
I now have an 08 Softail Deluxe Harley. Had a DynaLow Rider before. I just need to tweak the stock seat a little and it'll be just right for my short legs.

I can handle this bike soooo much easier,and it weights about 50 LB more...How it's built..low center of gravity, etc.

My suggestion to those seeking out a bike is to rent one for a day....

Happy riding, Jan

Depends on Your Bike
by: Donna

I am 5'1 and ride a Honda Shadow Aero. It's my second bike but it fit me right out of the box (to borrow a phrase from Chloe). I do wear sturdy boots that have a bit of a heel on them. There is also a company - Mean City Cycle Custom Seat Werks that will modify your seat to fit you. They can lower it or raise it. Make it so you're closer to the handlebars or further back and have several different mods at different price points to make it as soft or hard as you want. It's a lot cheaper than getting handlebar risers, lowering kits or different shocks (although all of those can be used to modify the reach). So, if you haven't already purchased a bike sit on as many as you can. You might find one you're comfortable with just as it is.

Yeah...More Short Riders!
by: Michelle

I was so glad to come across this thread!!! I am only 4'9" and am just dying to get my own bike! we looked at a few and I'm so excited! I am going out this week to buy my boots...hopefully I can get the ones with a little more sole, so I can reach better. I'm so glad you're all here!!! :)

Small Hands
by: Donna

Something very inexpensive I added was turn signal extenders. It sounds silly but for anyone coming across this site, it made it tremendously easier to hit the turn signal without having to shift my hand at all. Seems like they were under $10 and adhesive, so no permanent install.

Adjustments for Us Short Folks
by: Jan

I am 5'2" & ride a Harley Dyna Low Rider. We added Progressive shocks to lower the rear suspension. Got the Harley Reach Seat. It's very narrow in the front of the seat but it's just not enough padding for those longer rides. I then added 1" to my boot soles. Now I'm flat footed! My hands are small so I added the snap on extenders that go on the turn signals...they work great! Now the handle bars need to be closer & clutch not such a reach...I wonder if the Harley Co.is listening? Hope so!

Great to hear that other riders don't let being short hold them back!

I'm a 5'1
by: Chloe

I started riding my boyfriend's Suzuki GS 500e, so we shortened the kickstand using welding equipment to take out a length of it and put the foot back on; then we bought a "dogbone" kit to lower the rear suspension (just a steel bar like the original only with additional holes); and we lowered the forks further into their "casing". Then, I decided that even though it was low enough, it was still too top-heavy for me and I bought a Kawasaki Eliminator 125 which fit me right "out of the box" so to speak. It weighs 291 lbs. dry and has @ 27" seat height.

Short Riders
by: Laura

I too am very short, especially my legs, and I ride a 2005 V-Star 1100. My husband and I have taken my seat off and reshaped the foam and then reattached the covering, easy, easy, easy. Then he lowered the frame, time consuming, but easy, and as far as the grips and levers, there are some cables available that are really smooth and lite to pull, I highly rec those. The more you ride the easier it will all become. Also I have boots with 2" chunky heels, which really helps! Ride On Sister!!

Short Women
by: Jacee

I'm not sure what you would like to customize. I am 4'10" and the two most important customizations for my bike were: have the suspension adjusted for my weight, and adjust the height of the bike (suspension & forks cut) so I could reach the ground. I've had a cruiser and all I needed to adjust was to have the seat modified by an auto upholster company so I could reach the ground. Now I have a sport bike and I had the suspension lowered, the forks cut, the seat modified, and built-up boots.

Small hands: have someone who knows how adjust the clutch and brake levers so that you are comfortable with the reach. It shouldn't be a stretch to use the brake and clutch.

There are a lot of adjustments that can be made on most motorcycles to accommodate height, hand size, leg length, etc. Consult the service department at a dealership near you.

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