Foxy 1 Ladies Motorcycle Apparel - Bringing out the Beautiful Biker Babe in You

by Heide Estep
(Dallas, Texas)

Foxy 1 Ladies Motorcycle Apparel is establishing our name as a true motorcycle fashion brand. Our styles will be unique in nature, comfortable and affordable for the consumer, and enhancing motorcycle riding experience with eye catching fashion no matter what size or shape of the rider.

We will be providing our clothing to consumers, retail stores, rally vendors, and online independent motorcycle apparel companies for distribution as well.

As lady riders ourselves, we here understand the different styles and tastes that women have and what is available to them in the motorcycle industry. We want to break out from the norm. We want to provide you with a different element of higher fashion that enhances your motorcycle riding experience at an affordable cost. Our clothing won't make you who you are.

You have already defined that the moment you turned the key to your motorcycle and heard the sound and smells of your engine or when you lifted up with hands on shoulders, to throw your leg across the Iron Horse. We are a part of that world. Now let us be apart of yours, one beautiful biker babe at a time.

Thank you for helping change the motorcycle world by being brave and bold women, confident enough to take on the open road. Without you there would be no us..

Heide Estep
President of Foxy 1

Comments for Foxy 1 Ladies Motorcycle Apparel - Bringing out the Beautiful Biker Babe in You

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by: johnson

Impressed! It’s been a long time that I got interest to read what others write to have useful information that I further discuss among my gathering and it makes our time good. We make cross questions and answer them but for all that I read articles and this site has been on top of my list for providing such information.

Judy, move along, you are way off mark!
by: K J Farren


first of all, you question the safety of Heide's fashion "gear." No where in her write up does she use the word "gear," you made that up.

Secondly, anyone with an IQ greater than their shoe size would never think a t-shirt or hoodie would provide adequate protection in a crash and no where in the write up does it suggest such. If you do wear it riding I would hope, as I am sure Heide would, that a suitable jacket would be worn over it.

But as has been stated not everyones comfort level while riding is the same. I personally feel naked without gloves, leathers, boots, and a helmet. But I have also witnessed riders sporting a tank-top, board shorts, and flip flops, so to each their own.

Judy, I am guessing you are one of those people who looks for reasons to get upset or offended and you are likely a negative and emotional draining person to be around. So take my advice and direct your misdirected anger somewhere else.

Lastly, you should try researching additional information or simply asking questions about your concerns rather than throwing a sucker punch in an open forum with nothing backing your statements other than your own misconceptions. Go be a hater somewhere else!


Wow, Judy!
by: Gypsy Spirit


Where are you coming from? I've been riding more than 45 years, came up with racers, have toured more than 30 states, been down, have had friends go down, and I really don't get your attitude.

I don't expect my t-shirts, sweatshirts, and such to provide a safety factor. Yes, I have a hoodie from Go-Go Gear that has body armour in it, leathers, good boots, gloves, and ALWAYS my helmet! That doesn't mean my basic clothing has to be kevlar!

My summer "riding jacket" is steam-punk out of the Pyramid Collection. Will it hold up if I crash? No, but it is long sleeve and helps cut down dehydration from sun and wind while I'm riding.

A fashion waist cincher, or corset, performs the same function as a kidney belt, but looks way cooler!

There are different levels of safety. We each choose the level we are comfortable with. I don't try to choose yours, don't try to choose mine! Thank You.

To Judy
by: Heide Estep

I understand your concern but let me clear up a few things for you.

Foxy 1 is a motorcycle fashion line. We provide our ladies a different style of riding apparel. When you buy a shirt or hoodie from Harley do you tell yourself, "gosh I hope this prevents me from laying my bike over", or a new biker patch and think "I wonder if this will cut wind sheer today." No.

With that being said, this is just a clothing line to add a bit of personal style to your already existing style. Something thats different from what we have been inundated with for years. It may not be for you, and thats ok, but for almost 11,000 people in four months it is.

We are no longer bound to the notion of being a stereotypical biker bar fly. We are professionals. We are mothers and sisters and doctors, mechanics, nurses, cashiers, caretakers, etc. The list in unending. And I'm fairly certain if you ride to drink Starbucks before an 8 hour trip is probably a smart thing to do. So for any woman who can appreciate the open road on two wheels regardless of whether they ride on their own or not know that we don't discriminate against you, we uplift and empower. Foxy 1 isn't trendsetting here. There are other great companies such as Ride Empowered, Go Brazen, etc who provide unique fashionable lines as well.

Will we providing the "gear" you speak of for safety purposes? Absolutely. Branded in our own manner. All good things in time.

The responsibility is yours to educate yourself on the safety of proper motorcycle riding. You don't buy saddlebags and get mad because its not teaching you how to steer your bike. If we were selling premium leather motorcycle riding sandals I would then definitely agree with your stance.

Lastly I prefer the driveway over the runway but appreciate both. I thoroughly enjoy riding my own motorcycle in addition to being a hubby/honey hugger. My future clients won't have to prove any of that to us. We already share the same passion.

So please try not to tear down other women business owners. I think we get enough of that already without having to pull out the claws and swipe blindly.

Are you SERIOUS!!???
by: Judy

Wow.....not one single word about the safety aspect (if there even is any) regarding your fashion "gear."

Leave the effing fashion show to the catwalk. It sounds like you, and the people you aspire to have them part with their money to you, don't even actually ride...at least not more than a few blocks to the nearest Starbucks or Biker Bar to sit around and admire your fashionable biker clothes and "Iron Horses."

What an utterly ridiculous crap attitude. All your high fashion friends won't look so pretty when, if they actual DO ride, they have a crash and your fashion accessories posing as gear comes apart and they end up with multiple amounts of fractures, road rash and other mostly preventable injuries that REAL gear will greatly lessen or even prevent.

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