Best Looking Helmet for Women

I'm sure all of you might have a different opinion but I would love pictures of ladies in there helmets because I'm curious what kind look best on us ladies....the full face, half, skull, etc. This will be my first helmet purchase and I'm wondering what kind looks best....thank you!

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by: Anonymous

Helmets don't look good on anyone. LOL!!! For me, its all about keeping the flesh on my face, and the bugs and rocks and road crap off. I seen too many accidents involving 3/4, 1/2 and them useless 'skull caps'. When the face hits the pavement at any speed, most of it ends up a semi permanent part of the asphalt. Well, until it rains........

I have a FF Shoei, a Nolan modular and a Caberg modular. I am really bummed that Schuberth no longer imports their helmets as the C3 is awesome. Oh well, maybe sometime in the future they will.

One of Each is Nice
by: Bad Kitty


I do like to wear my skull helmet when I'm going to ride locally - down town and back in the summertime. Sometimes a full face is too hot in the summertime though. I agree with the girls that a full face is a lot safer choice. I have 2 full face and 2 skull type helmets. The full face leaves the skull helmets in the dust in the colder fall/winter riding months. The full faces helps me avoid chapped lips and windburn on my face. When my face is warm, my whole body seems warmer! Also, In the bright sunshine I often wear my full face with the very dark tinted shield. This prevents my face from getting too brown, and I don't get those raccoon eyes from wearing sunglasses with an open face helmet.

But I think it is a personal preference. What ever helmet you choose, please be sure it is DOT approved. SAFETY IS NO ACCIDENT! Happy riding, girl, and be safe!

by: Anonymous

Helmets aren't about looks, there about safety.

NO, skull helmets. I have 2 helmets, one is a modular full face helmet for when my husband are on the Gold Wing. My second is a Shoei one piece full face for when I ride my sport bike. It will give the most protection should I ever need it. But ALWAYS a full face. Don't even want to thank about hitting the pavement or the back of my husbands helmet with any part of my face.

And actually no one really SEES you in your helmet, your on the bike by yourself, you stop and get off the bike the first things that comes off is your helmet. A good helmet should have a DOT rating and fit snug and when you have it on you should look like a chipmunk. SORRY, like I said it's about safety not looks

No Go
by: Anonymous

Don't go with skull helmet.

Love My Pink Modular Helmet
by: Rene L.


I think, like most things, it is a matter of personal taste. I prefer modular helmets and was lucky enough to find my pink and gray one on sale with a very good discount. I love it. It is stylish (I get lots of people asking if I had it custom painted), keeps the bugs out of my face and flips up easily when I don't want to totally remove the helmet. I would post a pic, but I don't see that option here. I'm wearing it in my pic with my bike, posted in the bike section.

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