by Carey

I've been on a hunt for boots for quite some time now. I took the MSC a couple of summers ago and I bought "work" boots to wear. That's what I've worn as a driver/passenger since then. They are pretty comfortable, but I'm not a fan of the color...like a tanish/pinkish color. I'm looking for more of a motorcycle boot (black) that has great protection yet doesn't look like a honkin' boot! I've tried on the Tour Master Waterproof Road Boots, but I didn't feel they fit more right. My toes were cramped in the sevens. The eights were too loose on my ankle and weren't snug enough around my legs. And of course they don't have half sizes! Does anyone have any suggestions? Please feel free to send them my way! I am always in between sizes which is making my search for gear rather difficult.

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For wide feet
by: Kek

I didn't think I would ever find a boot in the stores to fit my wide duck feet (wide toe area from bunions, but normal heel) I am in love with boots by Propet. (I ordered mine from shoebuy.com. I bought the Sidney, which has only one zipper up the middle. They have a more tradiononal biker style called Sturgis, and a lace up style with inside zippers.I like the one zipper for easy on and off. When I was reading their reviews, I noticed a lady said she had gotten the Sidney boot because it had no decorative buckles. She had had an accident with buckles that tore up her ankles. I had never thought about that before. The Propets are warm and waterproof, and come in W and WW. I have plenty of room for thick socks. They also aren't heavy and they have good traction on bottom. Hope this helps some of you wide footed gals like me.

by: Anonymous

I wear Justin Ropers (black) with rubber soles. Excellent choice for comfort while riding and for walking around when you stop somewhere and walk around, like at a bike meet. I wear black lace-ups, ankle high that have mesh cloth on the sides in the summer for a bit of air since I live in Arkansas and it gets HOT! I have been riding for 44 years and these have been what works best for me. The ropers I buy over and over at a local western store. Love them!

by: Aili

I wear River Road motorcycle boots. Got them at one of our area dealerships. Only thing I had to do was add my Dr. Scholl's gel inserts (all my shoes have them). They were about $120.

I have off-road boots too, Alpine Stars, but they are ridiculously stiff for daily wear...remember in the movie Mad Max how he walked funny? Yeah, boots like that.

Now that I sometimes ride on the back of my DH's Harley Road King, I find the crash bars bruise the back of my calves. I'm looking for a reasonable pair of boots with at least a 10" shaft. Not too many real riding boots are that high.

Timberland 6"
by: Karen Tucson

I just bought a pair of Timberland 6" Titan's work boots, size 7.5 wide and they are a perfect fit and very comfortable. And because I wanted black, I had to go with the safety toe model.

by: Sassy2731

Thanks for the update on the Redwing Boots. It has been 4 years since I bought mine and maybe I should go buy a new pair before they sell out so I don't have to hunt for something else when I wear these out. Although the pair I have still look almost new to me, I think a backup pair might need to be bought. LOL I tell everyone about the boots, so I'm really sad they are discontinuing them. But isn't that about usual when you like something and they last they go and discontinue it. Thanks again!

Red Wings
by: Carey

Here is the link to the Red Wing boots...same style as the HD Dillons! The lady said they are great!

Red Wing Boots

Still Searching
by: Carey

So I went to Red Wings, and they are starting to discontinue their motorcycle boots! :( Bummer! Why do stores do this? Buying online is sooo difficult. Anyway, the lady that worked there rides as well and she has a pair of red wing boots. She looked up what kind she has and found them on zappos. Once the store discontinues shoes, they distribute the extras to other companies. She said they are great boot and encouraged me to buy them online. I'll look into them more.

My HG Dillon Logger Boots came in and I was bummed. The 7.5 are too small. That's why I hate buying online. Now we have to pay for shipping back and decide if we are returning or exchanging. At least the company has a 90 day return policy. Also, I heard that HD boots do not have much flexibility. I definitely don't want a boot that feels stiff all the time. Is this true for their boots?

by: Carey

Thanks for letting me know about red wings. I had no clue they had motorcycle boots. I checked online and their selection seemed slim. I'll just have to go in and look. Meijer use to carry HD boots. I wish we had more rural king store around here. We have them in central Il and they have a ton of HD boots. I ended up ordering HD Dillon logger boots. I figured I'd try them out.

I'm still open to ideas though!

Red Wing Boots
by: Sassy2731

I bought my Red Wings about 4 years ago and they still are in great shape. My problem in finding boots was the fact that I have two different size feet! Red Wing was a bit more expensive but I'm very pleased with them. I went into the store and they measured my feet and because of the 1/2 size difference in my feet, they put an insert in one for me to make it fit correctly. I love my boots. They are wide around the toes so that my toes still wiggle and have plenty of room for my thick socks and even my toasty toes in the wintertime. I do have to go back now and buy some new strings as I broke them on my last ride. lol Other that that they still look rather new. I have a guy here that polishes them up for me a couple of times a year which pretty much weatherizes them for me. I love my boots! Oh I've already said that didn't I. lol Give them a try! I am very satisfied! They do get a bit heavy walking around at the rallies in them, but I've learned to take a pair of flip flops in my saddlebag to walk around in and then put my boots back on to ride. Hope you have a Red Wing store in your area.

by: Robin

I went with Faded Glory HD boots. Tie up with strap to hold laces down. Very simple. Ride a cruiser but not a HD. These don't scream HD. Have to really look to see the brand. Great soles. Only complaint might be that they are a little heavy. Feel pleased with them. Got them online.

by: Wanda

Check out Cruiserworks online.

by: Anonymous

River Road makes a good woman's boot. Lace up so you can snug them up, lots of toe room, good non-slip sole...but it does look like a boot.

Most motorcycle shops will can them and if can locate a Cycle Gear store, they carry them.

by: Lynn - SW FL

I've had great luck finding boots on leatherup.com. They have a huge selection! I bought my last 2 pair there and both fit great and are of excellent quality & price.

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