Do You Wear Gear?

by Tracy
(Newark, DE)

As I was surfing this site, I came across the "Her Moto Shop" and noticed some very inexpensive gear for sale. I got to wondering, how many of you wear gear, full or otherwise?

I'm a believer in ATGATT, All The Gear, All The Time. This is how I was taught to ride and living in the mid-Atlantic corridor, I want to do what I can to look out for myself. I realize we all have a choice and I'm not looking to start a war, just a discussion. In my area and on several boards I've frequented, this often turns in to the Beemers vs. the Harleys. That's not my intent but I'm wondering, for example, why someone would choose a $29 helmet vs. a $200- $400 helmet given what it's protecting. I'm also a believer is "you get what you pay for".

Do you wear gear? Why or why not?


Comments for Do You Wear Gear?

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Saved me from being hospitalized
by: Lady Lavender

I wear all gear, all the time. Not long after getting bike had a stupid crash-following hubby, did not see curve in road until almost on it and going 45 mph. Laid it down on left side in gravel and asphalt. Highway bar bent, radiator cracked, mirror and signal cracked, windshield scrapped up, clutch gear bent. I was wearing armored textile jacket and pants. Helmet had long indents to left side, but I had no neck or face injuries. I was bruised, but other than some skin off elbow no other bleeding. No doubt in my mind that if I had been wearing shorts, half helmet, t-shirt, would have been hospitalized needing skin grafts etc.
Be safe. As stated by others, it may take more time getting ready to ride,but this is your life to protect.

Gear Up
by: Larraine

I ride a 2001 Fat Boy and even though many of those I rode with, mainly other Harley riders, skip that most crucial of gear--the helmet--I will never go without one. My ex-husband went off the side of the road in his Honda years ago avoiding a car that pulled out in front of him; he flew off the bike and landed against a fence, taking the impact on his unprotected head and shoulder, while I was riding behind him on my bike. Even though I'd purchased helmets for us both he hated wearing his and didn't have it on. Luckily he landed on dirt rather than pavement, but he had emotional issues afterwards that I'm sure were caused by that impact. I wear a helmet, boots and gloves ALWAYS (I have lighter weight gloves for hot weather); long pants, jeans or leathers depending on the weather; and denim or leather jacket also depending on the weather. I've been glad of my gear on the few spills I've taken, all of which were low-speed goofs--even so my pants and jacket took the impact that would have given me road-rash otherwise. You only get one body so it's up to you to protect it!

by: Iamjustifyd

I wear boots, draggin jeans or fieldsheer jeans with kevlar in them, gloves, helmet and leather jacket when it's cold and a Motoport jacket in the summer. I have shin/knee guards and a pair of leather pants I plan on getting soon that have armour in them. I think some of the price with helmets is how it fits, cheap plastic parts that break (like the vents) how much venting, sun visor etc. If it has the DOT or Snell rating, whichever you prefer, it should work fine. After that it's a matter of what you are looking for.

by: VRoxie

Helmet, leathers, boots, gloves. I also wear my sealt belt when in the car!

by: kenberlyc

I wear a helmet and leather. I want to live to see my children and grandchildren grow up. That's why.

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