by Robin Tucker
(St Augustine, Fl)

Hi All,

I live in a small town and there are few places to buy motorcycle accessories. Has anyone bought gloves online? I am new to riding and have small hands. Am looking for Spring/Summer gloves. Any suggestions?



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Thank You
by: robin

Hi ladies,

Once again, thanks for your help....


Riding Gloves
by: Frosti

Try Discount Leather Mart out of Modesto, CA discount-leather.net Very reasonable prices and a great product to boot. Tell Kent that Frosti sent ya.

by: SKelly

I bought Joe Rocket gloves off of motercycle-superstore.com and I love them.

by: Robin

Hi All,

Thanks for input...very helpful....this site is the best!


by: Anonymous

Get on line look for bike stores (Yamaha, Honda etc) within 30-50 miles of where you live.
Get on your bike and make a day of shopping for gloves.

You really need to try them on. Every brand every style fits different. Find the one just right for you. This way there is little or not trial and error.

by: Alystar Mckenneh

When considering your choice of gloves for riding, the only question you need answer is ?? how attached am I to my hands??. Protection is the real reason to wear gloves. How instinctive is it to throw your hands out in front of you when you trip on something. Besides protecting your hands and fingers when you fall; the proper gloves give you a better grip on the hand grips, keep your hands warm, keep your fingers from going numb from vibration and they provide protection against ? kick up? from the road.

The best gloves for riding are made by companies who make riding apparel. They know how to make gloves that are not so bulky that you can?t feel the grips. Their gloves have the proper amount of padding on the palm so your palm doesn?t feel like raw meat after a day of riding. Their gauntlet gloves cover your jacket cuff enough to stop the flow of cold air from going up your sleeve. And they know where to put seams and where not to put seams so you?re hands are not rubbed raw by vibrating seams in the wrong places.

From my own experience fringed gloves look cool but...they leave welts on your face when you brush the bugs away. Or sometimes they hit you in the eye and you feel like you?ve been struck by a bb.

I hate really expensive glove. It is offensive to me and I hear a sucking sound when I go to a Harley Dealership and look at 100 dollar gloves. They can be had on line for $20-$35. I would look at the dealerships and see which manufacturer I like. And Bike Rally's have tons of gloves at good prices.

You can also look at car racing sites for women's driving gloves. I have had those and they are nice as well.

Aerostitch Elkskin...Best Ever
by: Judy


I've been riding (solo) since the mid '70s, and of all the gloves I've tried or used since then, nothing can compare to the feel, fit, quality and durability of the Aerostitch Elkskin gloves my BF bought me for my Birthday 5 or 6 years ago.

Wow, they're amazing. I've probably put at least 30-40K miles of riding on these (multiple bikes so not sure of actual mileage) and so far there is no evidence of any stitch getting worn or loose, no tears of any kind, structurally they feel better than new. Of course they're not quite as "pretty" as when new, but they just keep on feeling great and giving flawless service.

I have no stake in this company, but I do have a lot of issues with my hands so I need a well fitting, sensitive touch glove. Although they are basically a summer glove, my hands stay warm even in cooler temps down to about 50F up to about 60 mph for an hour at a time. and I'm particularly sensitive to cold.

They aren't cheap initially, they were about $105 when he bought them, but I haven't checked the price lately. Absolutely the best piece of gear for the $$$ I think I've ever owned.

Just a Suggestion
by: Anonymous

There are lots of nice gloves on EBay. I have bought two pair there already. Happy Shopping.

by: Michelle

I have purchased 99% of all of my gear online. I have the opposite problem, I have very long hands (skinny with long fingers) so most women's gloves made me feel 'trapped' in the gloves with no mobility and mens gloves were just too wide (many times with the fingers too short). So I have been through several pair before I found ones that worked for me. I wish I could offer suggestions of brands but I would definitely check out reviews as they will help you out with online ordering.

Good luck!

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