Leather Motorcycle Boots - Ariat?

by Kim
(Vancouver Island, Canada)

Hi Ladies,

Years back, I fractured my heal in a horse riding accident and I can only walk without a limp in good footware, usually Ariat boots.

I was amazed to find that Ariat made motorcycle boots and I did order a pair.

I am going to be starting my motorcycle training course on Monday and at the introduction evening, it was presented that Harley Davidson type riding boots are too bulky and heavy and that riders will have trouble shifting gears, feeling the brakes or even being able to get the large square type toe under the shift mechanisms.

I worried about my Ariat boots, as they do look very much like the Harley Davidson boot.

I just can't wear soft flexible motorcycle boots that seem the preferred. There isn't enough support in the boots to actually help me walk or put my foot down if needed.

Any advise from ladies would be great. I purchased the Latidude Ariat boot which is taller than the Ariat Dynamit boot that is featured on the right hand side of this page.

I am excited about the course, nervous and apprehensive too.

Warm regards to all,


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Harley Davidson boots for women riders
by: Anonymous

I wear HD Faded Glory boots and have no problem with either shifting or "feeling" the shift. Faded Glory boots are not a walking boot as they are a 6" boot with a padded collar around the top. They don't flex as you walk. As for riding (I ride a Sportster), they are a great boot. Lots of support around the foot and ankle. As for arch support, you might want to put in your own as they are a fairly flat foot bed. I have tried on other H.D boots and find that the women's fit true to size. I normally wear a size 9 and this (in a H.D boot) is comfortable with both thin and thick socks. Hope this helps.

Ariat vs Harley Davidson Boots
by: Anonymous

As a owner of both (two pairs HD boots, one pair Ariat motorcycle boots), I HIGHLY recommend going with the Ariat --- especially if you ever get off of the bike and walk. the Harley boots were very comfortable the first couple of times I wore them, but then it was like walking on concrete. The Ariat boots are awesome!!! I should have known, as all my horseback boots are Ariat.

by: Aili

Ha ha, you should see my Alpine Stars! I wear them dirt-riding, and I can't feel the gears, I have to shift by sound.

You can get used to anything. I doubt the instructors would say anything about them, as they should be more concerned with safety than comfort, and you can explain your injury.

I took my course in hiking boots - just barely suitable, & they said they were fine for the course.

Ariat Boots
by: Robin C

I ride in Ariat Sumnar Tall boots, kind of a cowboy style, with the rubber non skid sole. I have a pair of HD boots but find them uncomfortable for riding. Most important thing for me is comfort, and my Ariats won that hands down! I ride with floorboards, have never had a problem getting the toes under the shifter peg.

HD Boots
by: Robin


Have found these comments helpful..I am new to riding and bought some soft leather boots for the safety course and don't like riding in them...want a lace up boot with a good sole and plan to get some HD ones this week....wanted Red Wings but can't find any locally and there is a HD dealer in town....sooo looks like that is it.
Will let you know how they work out...I had foot surgery last year and need something very sturdy.


That's news to me...
by: Fiddler

I've been riding in thick-soled bubble-toed Harley boots ever since I started riding, which is only a year ago, but I've never found riding in those boots to be difficult at all. And no, I'm not exactly on the talented and gifted team, hehe. I ride in them because they add 1.5" to my leg length. Maybe I'm just used to them? Perhaps the two bikes I've ridden have been "special" , but that's doubtful. Since you've got a couple of days, is there any way you can hike over to a dealership (or somewhere else you can get access to a bike) while wearing those boots so that you can throw your leg over a bike and see for yourself how/if they will work for you?

by: Xanthia

I have a mens pair and they are big and clunky. They won't fit under the shifter, but I learned to shift with the side of my foot just partway under. They are super comfy but the toe is just too bubbly. I plan on riding this year in my Doc Martens instead.

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