Women's Motorcycle Clothing Never Fits Right....Why?

by Janice

Jan and Ducatis at Swan Falls

Jan and Ducatis at Swan Falls

I have been riding for a while and although women's clothing has improved, there is a long way to go before someone gets it right. When I buy heavy leather riding pants, I could only find Men's sizes and they are awkwardly ill-fitting and too long. I am not tall and nothing is made for the vertically challenged. Women's jackets are always too tight across the chest, they feel like they are made for 10 year olds. Name a piece of motorcycle clothing for women and it never fits. I wish I could start up my own line of mc clothing. Is it me or does everyone else have a hard time with proper fitting?

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Biker Chic clothing that fits NEW
by: Bitchin Mamas Biker Wear

Ladies, check out Bitchin Mamas Biker Wear. We have selected clothing for women with curves. No itsy bitsy t-shirts that look like they were meant for teeny boppers. Right now we just have shirts and accessories. You can find us online at www.bitchinmamasbikerwear.com, and at select rallies.

Amen! NEW
by: Nicky

Agree whole heartedly. I am 40, 5'7" and a bit overweight. I can deal with most of that and the sleeves that are always just a little short on my jackets, but I have what my mom used to call "child bearing hips". There is no hourglass here, it's a pear and I can never find jackets that actually fit at the hips. If I get something that sits over my hips, then I get that cold breeze where I really don't want it, if it gets to my hips, I can't zip the darn thing up!!! I bought a men's leather jacket that is a size 42 that I can tolerate and isn't completely butt ugly, but... Anyone have any thoughts on ripping the side seams up about 3 inches and putting a piece of leather in there to give it more space? Has anyone tried this? I don't want to make it look hideous or unwear-able, but if I have anything over a light t-shirt or regular jeans on, I'm screwed...

Help Please!
by: Anonymous

See I have the other problem.... I am tall and busty but lean waist and hips...5'11" 34ddx 26x34 so I can not find a jacket the protects my hips and butt! The men's jackets do not fit my waist and hips so I can not find a jacket if my life depends on it! Any subject ions ladies?

Comments for Women's Motorcycle Clothing Never Fits Right....Why? Solution
by: Muhammad Ali

Hi ,
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there is no need to worry , WE are here to provide you best solution for this.

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Pepto Bismol colored everything
by: Kate

My problem hasn't been fit, so much as style. My bike is black, so I want gear with some color for visibility. But good lord, why does everything have to be pink?? It's like they hired the same people who do the marketing for little girls in Toys 'R Us. And the non-pink options are almost always track or dirt bike styles. I have a tan leather jacket that I really like, but I'm having the hardest time finding something lightweight for summer that isn't butt ugly.

Sleeves too short, shoulders too tight...
by: Kathy

I've been through several riding jackets and still haven't found one I really like. I had a Tourmaster Trinity that was just snug in the shoulder area and the sleeves were too short. It kept me warm and dry so I used it for a few years. This year I'm in a Bilt unlined 3/4 jacket and I wear a Freeze Out jacket under it on cool days (Cyclegear.com). I also have a First Gear Mesh jacket- love it in warm weather but it is butt ugly.

I've always had to buy men's textile riding pants. I'm 5'7" tall and weigh 200lbs and I'm a size 14/16 on the bottom. Tourmaster overpant and a pair of First Gear mesh overpants for the warmer weather.

I'm starting the search again this year for a new jacket. Ugh..

Lack of classy biker clothes
by: Anonymous

I agree with all the comments...how about being 56 and 5'11 and trying to find clothes and gear that is long enough in the body and the sleeves...impossible! I want clothes that are a little more tailored, collared and classy looking than tank tops and sparkly rhinestone
t-shirts. All the "cute" little Harley shirts are geared more towards my college age daughters than a mature woman. And I'm sorry ladies but seeing middle-aged slightly overweight women at bike shows & rally's with tank tops and t-shirts w/ no bras is not a pretty picture.

Women's Motorcycle Gear
by: Patricia

Janice, AMEN! Somebody, pleeease show me gear designed for an old-fashioned, girly-girl figure. Oh, and riding gloves that fit small, thin hands with long fingers... Do they even exist? Have tried on countless pairs of gloves and dozens of "women's" jackets and pants.

I'm a little thing: all of 5' 4" - on a tall day, LOL - and 110 lbs... but very curvy and with a fairly long inseam-to-height ratio. Would wear ANYTHING if it fit and protected properly!

Seriously, I'm at the point where I don't care *what* it looks like, just give me serious riding gear that is truly made for a feminine body. Does such an animal exist???

P.S. - The First Gear Contour mesh jacket (hideous, btw... looks far better on the hanger) almost works - a bit tight in the chest and quite big in the torso and waist.

I Am Not Alone
by: Jan

Thank you for your responses. I do not feel so alone anymore. I have a First Gear Jacket that fits okay (size Men's Medium). The jacket I am wearing in the picture is also a men's medium. I bought the red/black jacket at the Deal's Gap store (The Tail of the Dragon) in North Carolina (Tennessee border). I get my gloves custom made at Tiffany's in Payette, Idaho. This is the same great place that makes most of the professional bull-riders gloves. The husband and wife team that own the store and make the cloves are wonderful.

Women's Motorcycle Clothing
by: Robin


I am 53yo and a size 6 petite on the street. Just bought my first textile motorcycle jacket for Spring/Summer. Got the brand River Road and had to get a medium. I am small chested and had same issue of being too tight across the chest. This one fits OK but not great. Very strange. I ride a cruiser and didn't find many jackets for those kinds of bikes. You are not alone. I am surprised that it is 2010 and that there are not more options especially for, ahem, more mature riders :-) I too would like to start a company to cater to women!!!! and not just mc...all kinds of clothing seems to be a challenge these days!!!


Seeking Riding Apparel for Curvy Figured Females
by: Mo - Saugeen Shores

Yes, you are right: Ladies motorcycle jackets never seem to fit right!

I am a medium build female and in order for the jacket to fit comfortably in the chest area, I end up having to try jackets on that end up with the sleeves pretty much coming down to my ankles. Do the apparel designers think that all women motorcycle riders are flat chested?

In the meantime I just wear my black leather winter 3/4 length jacket. It has a front zipper and a belt. It's comfy enough, but what I miss is the domed cuffs.

What mc apparel brand is there available in the Toronto Canada area for curvy figured women, other than having a jacket custom made? Does anyone know?

I don't ride a Harley, and all their apparel sports their logo.

Women Riding Clothes
by: Anonymous

Women's clothes have come along way since I first started riding in the 70's. I also ride sport bikes, I am now 63 and have a "mature" body type.
I have clothes for all kinds of weather. have had good luck with FirstGear, Joe Rocket. I don't wear leather anything, anymore ( didn't like wearing wet cow) but when I did, I went to a saddlery and had them make me a pair to fit. Where do you think those cow girls get there's and they definitely fit.

Custom Women's Plus Motorcycle Jackets
by: Jessy

Check out Nelson Rides (nelsonrides.com or on facebook) - custom plus size women's motorcycle jackets - textile jackets with armor that fits!!

Road to Sturgis
by: Alystar Mckenneh

I'm of average height and weight and I own tons of rider wear. I hear women have a difficult time finding clothes but I've not had an issue. Icon, Harley-Davidson, Renegade and Easy Rider all have clothes that I like. Of course I don't ride a sport bike and perhaps you are looking for rider wear that the sport riders use.

The leather pant, leather suit outfits that I see on the sport riders is not great looking on most of the men I see riding. Even on men it takes a special body to pull it off well. I don't have the body of a 17 year old boy so I couldn't do it. ;) but perhaps you should drop by some of the dealerships and see what they have. Lately it seems like they all have a line of apparel. I found some great clothes at California Boss Hoss even though I never considered riding one.

Good Luck

Women's MC Clothing
by: Lynn - SW FL

I'm pretty small - street clothes size 6 or 8. When I buy ladies motorcycle jackets or t-shirts, I end up buying size Large. I wonder what the normal size ladies buy if I'm buying the large! A lot of the nicer t-shirts are geared toward teenage girls. I don't like wearing men's t-shirts but I also don't like extra tight, capped sleeved shirts. I'm fit, but at age 53 I don't want to look ridiculous. Occasionally I come across nice ladies t-shirts that fit good, but they're hard to come by. Jeans & chaps are the best I can do. Being 5'1", I'm used to pants being too long.

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