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We've now archived our Motorcycle Questions Forum.

This forum has grown into one our largest forums here at Her-Motorcycle.com so its time to change and make this section more friendly to our visitors.

We've gathered all the previous months questions and organized them by month. Many of the questions have been answered, but some have not. YOu are more than welcome to answer any motorcycle question but if you would like to start a new thread please visit our Motorcycle Questions page.

Please enjoy the archive.

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November-December 2013 

Motorcycle Questions October 2013 
Hello! I ride as a passenger with my boyfriend and he recently got a new 2013 Harley Street Glide with saddle bags. Our last bike did not have bags and …

September 2013 Motorcycle Questions 
I have a 2006 Suzuki c50 800cc bike- I find it has a lot of engine noise, sounds tinney, some ticking sounds. Ther is 1600km on it now. Is this normal …

Motorcycle Questions August 2013 
I am finally trying to install my floorboards and successfully installed the left floorboard but have no clue what to do with the right on. I am changing …

July 2013 Motorcycle Questions 
Start bike up runs great but as soon as it warms up idles rough and cant rev it up.

June 2013 Motorcycle Questions 
I just brought my first bike. I am taking a riding class end of June and feel very discouraging and afraid. I just need some encouragement. I am 52 years …

May 2013 Motorcycle Questions 
I have a 1993 Honda Shadow. I have never tore into a motorcycle before.. and really do not have the cash to take it somewhere . My speaclitie is cars.. …

April 2013 Motorcycle Questions 
Installed new battery. Ran fine 1x. 1 week later I started and started backfiring or rough idle. All lights started flickering and then all went dead. …

March 2013 Motorcycle Questions 
Wanting to ride my own bike with the hubby. Looking for a automatic but not sure what type of trike I should be looking for. Very new to this. Any suggestions …

February 2013 Motorcycle Questions 
where can i find girie stickers and stuff for my bike. everything i see is for a man

January 2013 Motorcycle Questions 
I am a 60 yr old newbie solo rider. After 15+ years as passenger, decided to get my own scooter! I ride a '08 Yamaha 650 and prefer no helmet. I'll wear …

December 2012 Motorcycle Questions 
Is 5'6" to short for riding a suzuki boulevard c50t?

November 2012 Motorcycle Questions 
should i ride with the choke pulled out or pushed in i'm a new rider and just dont know

October 2012 Motorcycle Questions 
I just completed the MSF course here in town, and I've read the owners manual for my bike. I was just wondering what kinda of pre-ride inspection you …

September 2012 Motorcycle Questions 
I am a single mature woman that loves to ride a motorcycle as a passanger, are there any orginazitions that I can join that would pair a driver with a …

August 2012 Motorcycle Questions 
Im only 5'0 and want a crotch rocket. But im afraid im too short

July 2012 Motorcycle Questions 
Hi all, I am a new rider and have a Sportser 03, 883. She was recently in the shop because she was stalling and popping and needed to be checked out completely. …

June 2012 Motorcycle Questions 
i have a 1995 honda shadow 1100 american classic. the turn signals and low beam are not working i know the bulbs are good how can i fix this

May 2012 Motorcycle Questions 
Was riding my honda rebel around the block. Stopped to talk to someone went to start my motorcycle and nothing will come on. No lights, no horn, and …

April 2012 Motorcycle Questions 
Hi. I have a new Suzuki S40. Once I got to 300 miles, my front brakes started squealing real bad when I applied them. I lived with it & just took it in …

March 2012 Motorcycle Questions 
As a new owner of a fine '04 HD , curious why these bikes have only 9k mi. and comparables online also do.Do riders buy these bikes , then garage them …

February 2012 Motorcycle Questions 
I am currently leasing a 2011 Yamaha R1 and have been making payments since November 2010. I am struggling very hard with the payments and cant make them …

January 2012 Motorcycle Questions 
My 1998 Yamaha royal star when i start eng in cold weather and warn it up about 5 to 8 min, when i shift to first it jumps forward then i can't get it …

December 2011 Motorcycle Questions 
I have a 2002 Honda Shadow that I just changed the battery and started after about a month and it will not run without the choke. Should I change out …

November 2011 Motorcycle Questions 
I just purchased a 2009 Yamaha V-Star 950. Has anyone had to have their clutch lever adjusted in for a better grip?

October 2011 Motorcycle Questions 
Hi, I recently went for a ride on my Honda Shadow when the bike started to stutter and then finally shut down on its own. The light on my speedometer …

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