Breaking a Lease

by Shelly
(Santa Rosa, CA, USA)

I am currently leasing a 2011 Yamaha R1 and have been making payments since November 2010. I am struggling very hard with the payments and cant make them anymore. What do i do to end the lease and return the motorcycle? I am very lost and need some help. Any ideas ladies?

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Feb 04, 2012
Breaking a car lease
by: Anonymous

The main way to get out of a lease is to find someone to take over the lease. Here is an article that addresses getting out of a vehicle lease.


Feb 02, 2012
by: NoShy Angel

Too bad you are leasing. At the end of the lease, you won't own it anyway. They will "offer" it to you at a reduced rate because it's used but your interest rate will be higher on the used.

Do you know of anyone who would be willing to take over the lease or turn it into a purchase?

Lease rates are higher than a purchase. If you were to qualify for a purchase you might be able to get lowered payments and the bike will be yours at the end of the payments.

Good luck on that!

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07 Honda shadow sabre 1100 doesnt want to start in cold.

by Brian Shelton
(new castle,In. U.S.)

I have a 2007 Honda shadow sabre 1100. I love everthing about it except it doesnt want to start in cold weather,I have put the hottest plugs in it that the manual calls for. Is there something else that I can do to get it to fire better in cold weather?

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Apr 21, 2012
Cold natured Honda
by: Tim

I owned a 1998 Honda Shadow Aero 1100 for approximately 7 years. It was and has been hard to start since I got it. I think its the nature of Hondas. I would ride mine a couple of hours and park it for 30 minutes and have to choke it again to get it started. Not sure what to tell you about what to do about the hard starting though.

Mar 21, 2012
hard starting
by: Anonymous

Go the other way with your spark plugs. Us a cold plug. They are made for long hauls and cold weather starts use a 9 plug instead of the 8. You will also notice you will not foul them as easy. Good luck

Feb 26, 2012
Honda won't start in cold weather
by: Deeann

I am certainly no mechanic but what kind of gas do you use? Have you tried premium instead of regular? How about pure gas rather than gas with ethanol? Is your battery in top shape? The engine probably won't catch if it isn't turning fast enough. Have you checked your compression?

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tail light problems

i have a custom vulcan import 125 and ever since ive had it the rear tail light seems to stop working within 5 minutes of riding, i have checked the connections and everything is fine however it keeps happening, the brake light works fine all the time.in 3 days im now on my 5th bulb and out of ideas, anyone has any suggestion would appreciate

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Feb 26, 2012
Vulcan light bulb
by: Deeann

If you are not the original owner of this bike it may be that someone has changed the bulb and put the wrong one in there. Find out what the correct bulb number is and install one of those. Don't substitute a different bulb. Lots of bulbs look identical but they are not. Also, when you install a fresh bulb does it light up immediately or does the bike have to cool down before it will work? Do you know how to use a voltmeter?

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New Rider


I got my motorcycle license about five years ago through the safety course but haven't ridden since then. My bf just came across an 883 at a price I can't let go. I plan on taking the course again and probably riding a 250 honda before I get on the 883. I was thinking of having him take me to a parking lot first but then having the bike at my house to ride around the neighborhood for practice.I think I would be more comfortable riding myself around my very low trafic neighborhood. Is riding alone to get use to it a BAD idea?

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Feb 27, 2012
How many women started out on an 883
by: Anonymous

Thanks for taking the time to respond and encourage me. I'm really glad I found this web site it helps to hear that other women are having the same issues. I was wrong about the Honda, it is a125 two stroke motor and is from the sixties and isn't street legal. I really don't have access to a smaller street bike. I would also like to know how many women started out on an 883? I have a great bf mechanic who will be lowering it to about 26-27 inches (i'm only 5'2")

Feb 27, 2012
883 Sportster
by: Dee

I own the 883 Sportster and have my motorcycle endorsement through the Abate riders class. I have been concerned about the front weight on the Sportster. I had a hand injury right after I took the class last May and haven't had the opportunity to practice on my bike. I plan to ride this Spring. What is your opinion of the 883 Harley as a first bike for an inexperienced rider?

Feb 26, 2012
Ride lady Ride
by: Anonymous

Since you havent been on a motorcycle in 5 years it would be good to just take your course then ride what ever you like. You remember it doesnt matter what you ride just knowing how is the whole battle. Just think when you took the course you learned on a 250. The only difference will be the exceleration out of first and perhaps the weight. Get your skills back and then ride that pretty 883.

Feb 26, 2012
Not a bad idea at all!
by: dvorah70

In the first days of my license, I rode around my neighborhood, with little traffic, to get used to handling a larger bike than I rode in class. My plan this spring is to do the same thing - I haven't ridden since October and know that I'm not going to be comfortable out on the roads until I've had some "practice" in the neighborhood. Good luck to you and enjoy it!

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i have a honda shadow VT1100 it has a key switch right under seat on left side. i put key in turn it and a j bracket comes down about a inch,but i can't raise my seat up.how do you.i dont wont 2 take off just lift up.

Comments for seat

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Feb 28, 2012
by: Anonymous

That's probably a helmet lock

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My size compared to the bike size

by Mandy
(St. Helena CA)

Im 5'2", and weigh 110 pounds. What size of bike should I be looking into for purchasing? And what kind of bike should I look into? Im not looking for anything flashy, or loud, I would just like a bike that will get me from home to work (50+mile commute) and back without taking up too much gas, and something easy & fun to ride. Also, something very affordable...

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Feb 27, 2012
53 yr old 5'0
by: Pamela

I have just swopped my Honda Shadow 600cc, which I had for 15yrs for a Suzuki Boulevards C50T which is an American Import so surely is very available - it appears so much bigger than my last bike, but what a comfortable ride and so pretty too and what's more my size 3(36) little boots is firmly on the ground when I stop.

Feb 26, 2012
by: Diana Brokaw

I ride a Honda Shadow Aero 750. I am 5'4" but only have a 26" inseam. I can touch the ground when stopped comfortably and the controls are not too far forward for comfort. I did add a windshield sissy bar and luggage rack and saddlebags. But the bike itself I am in love with it. My husband rides a kawasaki vulcan 900 and I have no trouble keeping up with him when passing in traffic or just tooling along on the backroads. I fell in love with this bike when I was 16 but at the time it was not practical for me at the time but now that my kids are grown and we started riding again I had to have one. I have not regretted it at all. Still loving it after all these years.

Feb 26, 2012
whatever feels right
by: Ivana

last summer was my first season riding and i started off on a honda cbr125...great little bike to get your training on but as soon as i hit 100 km/hour, it felt unstable...awesome bike for tooting around town though and amazing on gas...very light and easy to maneouver...now i ride an '09 kawasaki vulcan 500...light cruiser with a low centre of gravity...easy to handle and feels stable at 120 km/hour no problems...haven't done any highway riding yet but i don't see keeping up to traffic being a problem...i'm 5'4" and 105 lbs...i suggest going to several dealers and sitting on many bikes and make sure you can pull it up off the kickstand to right it up without a lot of effort...i find the bigger sport bikes are too tall for me and because most of their weight is up top, i have a hard time standing them up...try to find a used vulcan 500 as they get great reviews on every road test i've ever read...whatever you get, remember to have fun and be aware of your surroundings...

Feb 26, 2012
by: Anonymous

I'm 5'0" and have had three Honda Rebels now. I've been riding since 1970 and now I find this the perfect size for me. Very easy to handle - including in traffic. I also go long distances on it comfortably. (All day rides for weekend getaways.) I ride with 2 clubs and all have bigger bikes but keeping up with them is not a problem.

Feb 26, 2012
ride what feels right
by: Anonymous

I am 5'2, 115 lbs, & I started out riding a Vstar 650... but quickly outgrew it, & now I'm riding a 2007 Heritage Softail... which is actually easier for me. I think it just depends on you, what you like, & what feels comfortable to you... some women our size might not feel comfortable on a bigger bike, & some do. Just try a few out, & pick the one you feel most relaxed, & comfortable on.

Feb 26, 2012
Suzuki Boulevard
by: Anonymous

I am 5'2" and I ride a 650 Suzuki Boulevard. It is very easy to handle.

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oklahoma beginner laws for engine size

by Shane
(Okc, Ok)

My son is 15 and a half. He has his motorcycle license in oklahoma. My question is if he gets caught riding a 600 cc motorcycle when he's only allowed by law to ride a 250 cc. What could be the worst punishment from the law?

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Aug 15, 2012
Okla beginner law
by: Anonymous

You've got to be kidding? You want to put a 15 year old boy on a 600cc bike? I'd call that child abuse.

Feb 29, 2012
by: Anonymous

Kudos to you for having him get his endorsement (and for having yours also, so many don't). It sounds like he's not far from 16 and a little patience will save him big if he were to get caught.

Feb 28, 2012
oklahoma beginner riding laws

He and I both have our motorcycle endorsements. And I just hate it when I asked questions are already know the answer to. Wonderful answer thank you very much. He will just have to wait until he's legal. Thanks again.

Feb 28, 2012
Under 16 Operating a 600cc
by: Anonymous

Your son would be operating a vehicle that he is not licensed to operate (just like if he were driving a car without a license). Motorcycle is subject to impound, he likely would receive a citation which may require a court appearance, the DMV can revoke his endorsement (assuming he has bothered to get one), and your insurance carrier would have access to the information as well so that might cost you too.

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New rider

by Stephanie
(London, ON, Canada)

Can I get someone's opinion on the 2009 Yamaha V-Star 250? I have an opportunity to purchase one as a first bike that's only very slightly used (just 3 kilometers on it) and the dealership it's at is asking just under 4 grand Canadian. Seems like a good deal, but I wanted to get other people's interpretations on it. It looks practically brand new! Hardly a mark on it. Obviously, being a beginner rider, I didn't want something too powerful. You know, something to just "get my feet wet" when it comes to the sport. Has anyone in this forum owned/operated one? And if so, what did you think?


Comments for New rider

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Feb 02, 2012
Thanks gang!
by: Stephanie

I appreciate everyone's opinions very much, however, in the last few days, buying any bike has become a moot point. My parents are insisting on my buying their Hyundai Accent instead and have already drawn up the papers for the transaction. They said it's to keep me from making a big mistake and "killing myself" in the process. They want me driving a car like a "normal" person, not some hoodlum. Plus, I just bought a new couch (which, quite frankly, I desparately needed), so my cash is going to be tied up for at least 2 years or longer. Y'all take it easy and I'll get back to you when the time comes. Keep between the ditches!

Feb 02, 2012
too small
by: susan

250 is too small...even if it is a good deal, you will outgrow it quickly and few people want to buy a 250. my first bike was a suzuki savage 650... it was small, maneuverable, and a great learning bike. I rode for a year and traded it in for a 650 v star. Same size bike but just alitle bigger. Rode that for several years... now up to an 1100 v star...love it.

Feb 02, 2012
Size matters!
by: wendy campbell

First off...congratulations!

Do not get 250...its too small.
also the resale value in them is terrible.
I recommend a 800....they are not heavy at all.
You need to have the power to get you out of trouble when you need too. forget about passing vehicles and keeping up with friends with one....you need power sweetheart...it could save your life!

best of luck!


Feb 02, 2012
buy it!
by: kp

Even if you do grow out of it in one season, it's a great bike for a first bike. I always suggest spending time on either a dual sport or a 250 for a full season before considering a bigger bike. Like someone else said, starting on a smaller bike will give you the confidence to upgrade to a bigger bike later on. Nothing wrong with a 250!

Feb 02, 2012
by: Lois

I had a 250 suzuki and yes I out grew it within the year but it was so light and easy to ride it gave me the confidence to move up to a larger bike.

Feb 01, 2012
Buy something bigger!
by: Kawi Pink 250

Im speaking from experience. Buy anything bigger then a 250cc. You will out grow it really quick. If you have to spend a little more money.... Do It! It only took me about 6 months to out grow my 250cc, and I kicked myself everytime I think about it. Just my opinion. Good Luck!

Feb 01, 2012
by: Dawn

The 250 is small. You will find it a very light, nimble bike to learn on. You will also probably find yourself growing out of it VERY quickly, which is why it has very few miles on it (or it was a bike in the safety class).

If it's the bike you feel comfortable with, and it's a price you deam a good value, then go for it. Don't invest much into something this small. If you love to ride, it will most likely be too small within a very short time.

Personally, I learned on a 500. It wasn't too big, or too small. I moved into a 650, 1100, and then to the 1900 I have now within 5 years of each other. Just something to keep in mind. Also, how much you ride and wear will determine the size you need/want over time.

Good luck! Keep the rubber side down! Welcome!

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Windshield Advice

by Chris
(Wilmington, NC)

A new rider with a 2006 Honda Shadow: Looking for feedback and suggestions about adding a windshield to my bike.... type/style/size/etc.

Comments for Windshield Advice

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Feb 18, 2012
by: Diana

I also have a honda shadow 2006 I got my windshield from cruisercustomizing.com they let you put your make and model in and gives you what fits your bike. Great site for everything you need I got my iso grips, windshield, cobra luggage rack and cobra backrest from there and had no problems putting them on the bike. Everything went on just like it was made for it. Directions are easy to follow. We got the National Cycle low boy heavy duty narrow windshield you will have to buy the mounting harware separate. I love this windshield. I am 5'3" and have it set low but the windshield has adjustments on the windshield itself to raise part of it after you get it on. Very nice looking on my bike. I also got the power plug for a gps from there too. I got my saddlebags from vikingbags.com. They also have where you put in your make and model and show you what fits your bike. good luck and happy riding

Feb 05, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the feedback... as a new rider I am nervous about making the wrong decision so as many user comments as I can get will really help!

Feb 03, 2012
by: jp

I agree with the previous poster.

Feb 03, 2012
personal prefference
by: bikerbob

My Wife had this site book marked so I'm Just checking it out.
She went through 3 windshields before she finially settled on a batwing fairing. The little handle bar mount bug screen deflected the wind up to her helmet and would push it back on her head. She wears a half helmet. The full sized windshield interfered with her vision. You need to be able to see over the top of your windshield especially when you get caught in the rain but othewise made her ride a lot more comfortable. Strong side winds would feel like they grabbed the handle bars out of her hands. She then went to the Tsukayu batwing fairing ($1500.00 after we got it painted to match) and after 2 different heights of widshields finially got the right combination. Your better MC dealers will have a windshield with lines etched into it and can assist you with sizing and style.
Good luck. Where is the spell check.( Sorry )

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