no bike loves to ride

I am a single mature woman that loves to ride a motorcycle as a passanger, are there any orginazitions that I can join that would pair a driver with a passanger in lower michigan?

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Sep 26, 2012
no bike loves to ride
by: Fran

I was hoping for a gentleman biker, friendly ride, if something develops great but not expected.

Sep 25, 2012
by: Clarissa

As a rider, I know how much more difficult my bike is to maneuver when I have the weight of a passenger to negotiate. Since, I can't think of any benefits for a rider to take on a passenger outside of necessity (the bike is the only transportation available to two friends) or the desire to share an intimate and leisurely ride with a loved one, I'm a bit skeptical that there is such an organization available that would pair up strangers.
Probably your best bet is to join an organization for riders and make friends among them. Here's one organization in south Michigan that allows friends and family to join: http://southernmichiganriders.shutterfly.com/
They probably have a facebook page you can join as well in order to casually interact with members. Unfortunately, it will probably mean being extremely outgoing and putting a lot of energy into being friendly and approachable in order to foster those connections. I know I would find that pretty exhausting but you may be an extrovert.
If not, consider obtaining your own ride---a scooter is fully automated so there's no need for changing gears and many can go as fast as motorcycles. It's one way to get in the wind.

Sep 25, 2012
no bike loves to ride.
by: Joe

are you talking about a pairing up as a couple or just females?

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Strong winds and a light bike

by Moselle
(Palm Springs, CA)

I am looking to get my first bike and other than 5 months of riding a 125cc semi-automatic scooter I have no riding experience. I live in the coachella valley (near Palm Springs in southern California) where the weather is absolutely perfect for riding...except for the extreme winds! It is not uncommon to have extreme weather warnings w/ gusts up to 50mph in certain areas. For a starter bike im looking at either a Suzuki DR200 (becaues i like off-roading as well) or a Ninja 250R both of which are light bikes. My bike will be my only mode of trasport so I will not have the luxury of hopping the car is the winds are high. Am I crazy to think I can safely ride on streets w/ 60mph speed limits with wind gusts that high on such a light bike (and I only weigh 110lbs)??

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Sep 19, 2012
by: Ashley

this is my first season riding Ive had my ninja 250r for about a month now and have put about 300 on it. I live in the Bay Area and the wind is intense I regret getting such a small bike now but I refuse to buy another for at least 3 months. I suggest getting a 650 from the start, I wish I would have.

Sep 06, 2012
Ninja 500r
by: Anonymous

I ride a Ninja 500r and when I was first riding the wind would whip me around. I was told to relax (against basic instinct) but I tried it and it worked. Also I switched from a canvous motorcycle jacket to a leather one and it seemed to help too. Hope this helps.

Sep 05, 2012
Agreed with the other comment
by: Anonymous

Yup. My first bike was 250cc Suzuki. I live in the Bay Area and the wind from the ocean is extremely strong on some highways. I got used to being tossed around like a kite, and thought that's how everyone else experienced wind. So when I upgraded to my BMW 650, I suddenly realized how crazy I was on that small motorcycle lol. But because I had that practice for a year, I don't feel fearful anymore riding against strong wind. Especially with my bigger bike.

So just be careful, but don't worry, you'll be able to survive. Although I must say it's not that much fun riding against strong wind. At least for me.

If you're comfortable with your skills, maybe test ride a bigger/heavier bike? there are dual sport/street legal dirt bikes out there that's bigger than 250cc. How about a BMW 650 GS? I'm pimping my bike :)

Good luck!

Sep 05, 2012
by: Robin

In my experience, wind is a big factor on a small, light bike. I had to fight the wind much harder on my old Honda CB250. My Ducati Monster 695 handles so much differently. It's SO much more fun to ride and is much more stable at any speed in any weather conditions, particularly wind.
It's amazing how, once you have the skills and confidence, a bigger bike can actually be easier to ride. Try, learn and eventually you'll find the right bike/size/speed/fit for you. Ride safe!

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bike shuts off after 20 minutes

I have a 2004 honda shadow 600. when driving after 20 minutes bike shuts down and will not restart. If I let the bike sit for around 15 minutes it will restart. I was getting suggestions on maybe a bad auto fuel valve. could there be any other avenues to look down

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Dec 28, 2012
shutting off
by: Anonymous

two things happend to me. like u.
one, check the valvle area on tank if u can see it,i have, a how shall i say it, a hose and at the end is a pin, thin that kept falling off. i put it back on, just squeezed it with needle nose plyers. lightly!!its part of the engine and the valves..u never know. right?
the other thing, i thought, was the battery. see if its fully charged or the charging system is working. need mechanic for this prob?
and last one pull choke up or off i get this mixed up, but i know what to do, its just while u warm the bike up.
hope this works. and could be an issue. and have gas in tank...

Nov 13, 2012
Turn on fuel
by: Anonymous

I have a 2005 Honda Shadow 600 & my bike cut off on me once. I forgot to turn the fuel on. I'm not sure if that's your problem, but make sure the fuel is turned to the on position & not the off or reserve position.

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by Elaine
(Pembroke Pines, florida)

I am a new rider but have been riding on the back of my husbands bike for about 10 years. I have pair of Harley boots that I was using as a passenger but the heel is to high and I don't feel comfortable with them as a rider. I ride a Honda shadow spirit and have been thinking about purchasing a pair of racing boots online. I like the look of these boots because they have very little to no heel and seem like they would be soft and flexible. My question is: does anyone one use racing boots on a cruiser style bike and would it be a safe and appropriate option for a new rider. Any suggestions or online links would be appreciated.

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Sep 10, 2012
Hello Elaine
by: Kristy

No problem, I read all the reviews before I buy anything so your questions are fine with me!

They are a little hot, but I wear 2 pair of thick socks because they are a little big. They have even loosened up some in the week I have worn them to work... so definitely order your usual size, do not go bigger. They were wide enough for my duck feet, the heel is a little loose, but probably because they are 1/2 size too big. As far as height, they come to about 3" below my knee (I'm 6ft tall). My boot cut Levis fit right over them with no problem. If you have tapered legs they probably wouldn't fit over, you would have to tuck them in.

Gosh I hope I answered everything because I can't see your post as I'm writing this, haha

Sep 08, 2012
by: Elaine

I have been looking at leatherup.com i think I know the boots you bought. How many inches above your ankle do they sit? Are they very hot for summer months? When wearing jeans, would I be able to wear them over the boot or would I have to tuck the jeans into the boots? Are they good for a wider foot or do the tend to be narrow? Sorry for all the questions.

Sep 07, 2012
by: Kristy

Well the riding boots I ordered were super comfortable right out of the box. Great soles for traction, velcro at the back for easy on easy off. Soles are a little soft/unsupported for work, but they will do. They are Xelement brand from Leatherup.com only a hundred bucks - although made in China :( I will keep looking...

Sep 05, 2012
by: Turtle

I wear Magnum Boots made for motor oficers. You can get them on line (they come in women's sizes). You can get them in waterproof boots. VERY comfortable. I have a pair I have worn for years and have another pair in the box if these ever wear out. You can walk in them or ride in them all day and your feet never get tired or hurt and we ride a lot!

Aug 30, 2012
touring boots
by: Lois

Check out some touring boots they are very comfortable I've had mine for 4yrs and I do a lot of riding, but they are great if you want to stop and walk around town to.

Aug 29, 2012
What's going on
by: Elaine

I have received tons of notification via email that people have replied to my thread but when I click on the link there is no replies.. Am I doing something wrong?

Aug 29, 2012
Boots, boots, boots!
by: Anonymous

I ride a Yamaha 1100 V-Star. I also have a pair of Harley boots I use for long distance riding (for no particular reason other than I want the extra protection), but it's not a high-heeled one. But for everyday riding I wear a pair of Shift boots. Not exactly sure if I would call them racing boots, but they're not a typical "cruiser" styled boot either. Both boots are very comfortable. The Shift boots are easier to slip on and off, and I don't care how they look on a cruiser. They fit well and are functional.

Aug 29, 2012
Forma boots are so awesome!
by: Sandra seifert

I just went through the same quandary as a new rider myself. I ride a standard bike and didn't want racing boots. I read a review of Forma boots on Women Riders Now. Their sold on www.real-rider.com and were on sale for half off ($100.) Myself and another woman rider bought them and have both been so happy. The are so comfortable! Especially for being reinforced with protective pads. I absolutely love them. Check it out.

Aug 29, 2012
by: Anonymous

I ride a Honda Shadow and the boots I wear look more like cowboy boots but has a logger type tread. When I first started riding I wore my cowboy boots but the slick sole of the cowboy boots is not good if the rode is slick when you have to put your feet down.

Aug 29, 2012
by: Anonymous

I ride a Honda Shadow 1100. I went through several styles before finding one that is just right. I was using a HD pair with laces, they were ok but still a little on the short side. Found another recently, also HD, heel is a bit higher, boot narrower, they feel real good and the height of the heel is great. My feet are now flat on the ground when I stop. I am 5'2",so reaching the ground flat was always a problem. Love the boots, check out the HD store to try them on.

Aug 29, 2012
these boots are made for riding/walking/working
by: Kristy

Yes, I have the same problem. I was wearing my logger style work boots as a passenger but I found when I started riding, the heel was too high and I never had my foot in a comfortable place on the peg to shift. Since I ride to work occasionally, I didn't want to have to change boots so I have ordered a pair of riding boots with vibram soles to try for work. (I work in a warehouse loading trucks) The boots should be here in a few days, so I will check back in and let you know...

I have a pair of low heeled riding boots, but they aren't sturdy enough to wear for work.

It's amazing what is so cool looking and comfortable as a passenger (and more girly) just doesn't work as a rider. Oh well, it's worth it to be able to ride. :D

Aug 29, 2012
My Boots
by: JoAnne

I have a couple pair I use, they are called Rally boots they have a low heal and velcro straps across the top for ease of getting them on, I also have a pair of engineer boots that are pretty comfortable also I ride a Suzuki Savage so no HD suff for me, also HD mens High Dollars LOL.

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by Crystal

Newbie here! Are there any ladies out there who ride trikes? What are the pro and cons to these bikes ?

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Sep 12, 2012
New Forum coming soon
by: her-motorcycle.com Webmaster

I think we need to have a new forum for three-wheeler, trike and Can Am Spyder riders.

What do you think?

I don't know anything about these kinds of bikes but I am starting to see more and more of them, especially the Can Am Spyder.

Sep 11, 2012
by: Lynn - FL

I have a friend who turned 69 this year and she has a beautiful Goldwing trike. She is an experienced rider who decided to transition to a trike several years ago. Last summer she rode to the Wall all by herself to meet friends.

I have another friend who is 40 something and bought a Can Am Spyder last year called Sexy Beast. She had never ridden a motorcycle before and absolutely LOVES her bike.

Sep 07, 2012
lord love the spyder

i use to ride a 350 honda when the mammoth woolie was roaming the earth that was over 50 years ago iretired from s.fl and moved to central where there is great biking look out for log trucks and dee. one dau i saw the cam am comm. on t.v.i was mesmerized found our local dealer and bought my first one a rs.but then later i trades it for the 2012rt. everyday i ride is a day added to my life(71) evert dayi dont ride is taken away. I really went all our for this bike gps,cb comm. but pads made for it the color ic viral red with black sheep skin pads on it the very last thing iam going to have done over the fenders im going to have paint3ed Madamosille Camille Can AM on it i do get akick out of some locALS WHO HAVE NEVER SEEN ONE ASK ME WHAT IT IS I TELL THEM ITS A STAR WARS MACHINE I EVEN LOOKED FOR A DARTH VADER MOTORHELEMET ALL U LADIES KEEP YOUR WHEELS ONTHE ROAD AND HAVE A SAFE JOURNEY BLESS U ALL

Sep 06, 2012
by: Nina

I am also in Louisiana....where are you???
I have a Spyder RT. I LOVE it. The stability of the Spyder is awesome. It is very comfortable, Lots of fun. Curves are a bit different than a traditional bike, but once you learn how to handle them it isn't any harder than a regular bike.....just different.

Sep 06, 2012
New to them, but love 'em!
by: LeaY.

Let me first say I'm by no means an expert rider. I'm still pretty new to it even though I have had my MC license for a few years. Being a military spouse dealing with another deployment and a mother of 2 boys, I don't always get to ride when I want.
I have a '99 Spring that my husband and I "triked" with a bolt on kit this past May (before anyone smacks me, it is completely reversible). When I would ride on my own 2 wheels, I could never get past the weird feeling of turning (the leaning) and worried I'd dump it. If I ride with him on his '00 Heritage Springer, it doesn’t bother me. But I like to ride and he's not always here, so adding the kit to my bike was our next option.
The VERY first thing about trikes is you must STEER the bike, so no leaning unless you have independent suspension, which I don’t and it is fine for me. I believe you still have to steer the Can-Ams, but I’ve never driven one. You also take up more of the road on a trike so watch the curbs, but a larger road presence is a good thing making you more visible. Another issue I noticed is when I turn left, trying to let out the clutch and roll on the throttle is a little jerky since I have to steer rather than lean the turn, but that will go away with practice ;) Trikes may not be for everyone, but for me a trike was the answer because I am MUCH more confident in riding now and the concern of dumping my bike is gone, so I can enjoy the ride that much more!

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