Swept Cobra Floorboard Installation - 2002 Honda Spirit VT1100C

by Karen
(Antioch, CA, USA)

I am finally trying to install my floorboards and successfully installed the left floorboard but have no clue what to do with the right on. I am changing from foot pegs to floorboards. Can anyone tell me how to do this like I am a 6 year old. I have a beautiful purple bike. Thanks

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Oct 15, 2014
better footwear
by: Anonymous

I had problems on one bike with foot pain, vibration etc so bad, I had to stop at a shoe store and buy sneakers to add padding. Ahhh, instant comfort. Those cool looking hard-on-the-inside leather boots just don't cut it for this type of situation. But sneakers aren't the greatest thing for riding a bike. Good thing I had a heel/toe shifter or my big toe would have hurt too with the sneaker. I needed a more permanent solution. You need protective footwear with a nice squishy inside to damp vibration. I found a boot that did just that- a Joe Rocket black lace-up that look like a regular leather lace up boot, but feels like a sneaker. And it has a shifter pad on the left boot. They run true to size. Jaffrum carried them. By the way, even if you switch to floorboards, there's no guarantee that will solve the discomfort problem.

Aug 04, 2013
Check Honda Shadow Forum for help
by: Regina

Had those very floor boards on my 2009 Honda Shadwow Aero 750 and I loved them. They were on my bike when I bought it so no help from me excecpt to check out the modifications area on the forum. You will get more help and directions from those who love their Shadows.


Aug 04, 2013
Try searching YouTube
by: Rene L


Beautiful bike. Sorry I can't provide any instructions but thought I would suggest searching to see if there might be any help on YouTube. I've been amazed at how much "how to" help I've found there for anything from how to remove the battery from my bike to how to replace the rear lights on my car. Good luck!

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cycle complete shutdown--2003 1600cc roadstar

by mike latt

after riding my scoot about 6 to 7 miles it cmpletely shuts down-but lights stay on--I'll wait a few minutes and it will start but will shut off again after a couple miles

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honda xl500r model 82 have so much vibration

I have a motorcycle hondaXL500R model 82 but I donĀ“t Know how adjust the wright time of the chain an balanced (that have the pesas)
Thanks for your help.

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clutch wont engage when it gets hot

i have an st 1100 2003 honda police bike clutch went out i replaced all new clutch plates and fiber plates and when bike gets hot it wont engage into gear only when it gets cold i have had the bike for 4 years now and owned many bikes and never experced this problem any sugestion to what it can be thank you

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Gauges honda shadow rs 2010

by Allan ding
(Perth wa)

I have a warning light on which I can't identify it is on my honda shadow rs 2010 can you tell me all the names

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Starting problems

by Steve

2006 vulcan 1600 classic stoppped running with no warnning. Bike will crank but not stay running, Bike has 44,000 miles

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by Mary

I have had my lic for 2and 1/2 months after practice in the neighbor hood I am finally on the real roads , having trouble being comfortable going over 45mph I want to get on the highway but the 55 and higher speed limit is holding me back any suggestions?

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Aug 14, 2013
going the speed
by: Zipper Redfern

It is best to gradually get there. go with someone on a highway that is not traveled a lot or in the early mornings on a Sunday. Go 50 mph, to an exit get off, because of the rush, and take a breath, just a moment, get back on and do it again. do that a few times, then gradually increase your speed. You will have a blast. Then go by your self.

My brother took me out when he knew I was ready, I had no idea what he was going to do. He just told me a a stop sign we are going to get on hwy 58 to the washington exit. We did that, and abou 50 mph, then back on and around we went a couple of times. Then he increased his speed and I had to also to keep up with him. I had a blast. Then I did it on my own in I-70 to the mountains, had breakfast came home and had a long nap. It was great. That was 8 plus years ago. go for it.

Aug 14, 2013
It will get easier
by: Mrstarzan

I experienced the same feeling. I just had to force myself to do it. Short stretches of highway at first. Also, I installed a taller windscreen to deflect the wind on my upper body, which was disconcerting at higher speed. After just a few months I began to not really think about how fast i was going. Now, my husband says he can't believe I was ever afraid of going over 50 mph. You will get there too. Just keep at it!

Aug 14, 2013
by: Lisa

Be patient. It will come. I still have not been on the interstate/highway and I have been riding for a year now. I may not ever, I prefer the scenic backroads. When you feel comfortable at 60 mph... you will be ready.

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Plug Wires

by Don

I have many Accel spark plug wires (the DIY type) left over from my cars. If the plug and distributor boots fit my Harley can they be used on it? I want to avoid spending 30 dollars for just two wires.

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Need someone to work with me

by Cheryl
(Irwjnton Ga)

Hello, I have a motorcycle but need more practice. I will pay for some one to work with me a week or two for at least a hour a day. I live in Wilkinson County (Irwinton) .I am open to any price.

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Aug 03, 2013
Safety Course
by: Anonymous

My daughter asked me to teach her how to ride....I flat out refused - I'd rather leave it to the professionals who teach the safety courses. It should be mandatory to take before anyone gets their licence.

Aug 02, 2013
Take the MSF course
by: Donna

Have you taken a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course? If not, you should do that. Then just find a big empty parking lot and practice. I'm not really sure how someone else could work with you. You just have to ride and get comfortable with your bike. But the MSF course instructors would be able to tell you if you are doing something wrong. They have courses all over so I'm sure you could find one close to where you live. They provide the bikes too if you don't want to take your own.

Aug 02, 2013
Safety Course
by: ArtistEyesBlue

Ask your Motorcycle Dealership if there is a Motorcycle Safety Course that is held near you. If there is, it would be the best thing you could do for yourself. My hubby & I both have ridden for years, but took the beginner's safety Course anyway and was pleasantly surprised that we learned new and helpful riding techniques. But they gear it toward the one who has never ridden before. (Beginner) It was a 2 day classroom & riding course instruction given by Certified State Troopers. It cost us $150 each for the 2-all day classes. Plus you get a discount on your insurance premium as well. Good Luck!

Aug 02, 2013
by: nie

i would of done that for free of charge, but im not that close to you...maybe you should try the womens garage party that harley davidson has and i sure someone there would be willing to help out..wish you luck !!..

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foot pain

by Christy

I ride passenger on my husbands motorcycle. When we would go on long rides my right foot would hurt severely. So, we changed out the pegs with floorboards thinking that would help/solve the problem. Nope. We went for a short ride last night and my foot hurt sooner and worse than ever before. Do you have any ideas what could cause this and/or how to prevent it? HELP!

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Aug 29, 2013
Foot pain
by: Joan

Christy, (I'm from OK too!)..I wonder if you could be pinching a nerve somehow that's causing your foot to hurt, or is there a lot of vibration on the bike when you are riding? I don't know what type of bike you and your husband ride, but when we first got our Harley, I had a horrible time riding as a passenger. While it wasn't my foot that hurt, it was my back and left hip area. I could only go about 30 miles or so before I would be in tears. We changed out the stock seat to a Mustang seat and it took care of the problem. I don't know if the seat could be causing your problem or not. It's frustrating when you change something on your bike hoping it will take care of the probelm and it doesn't like you did with getting floorboards. I do ride my own now like some of the other ladies that have commented do, but I also still like to ride as a passenger sometimes so I know how important it is to be comfortable. You might have to try different things, but don't give you...you will find what works for you. Take care!

Aug 29, 2013
foot pain
by: Sharon

I ride my own bike and had the same problem with pain from the footpegs...hubby installed floorboards for me and they solved my problem...I never wanted to be a passenger so I learned to drive. Maybe you need to stop to "stretch" more often?

Aug 29, 2013
same here
by: pink rose

Mine did the same thing it's the way you sit on your bike with the vibitions and everything.I solved mine I ride my own now no more pain. lol good luck and ride safe

Aug 29, 2013
by: Anonymous

When I was forced to ride with my hubby part way to Sturgis, (my bike broke) I did not enjoy the passenger seat cause either: 1) my butt hurts 2) my legs hurt.

I had to move around a lot, change position, hang my legs past the floorboards, put them straight onto his legs.

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by armando salinas
(greenville sc)

My starter switch on my 2008 hyosung 250 does not work(this is not my problem) so i have to push start my bike on first gear as soon as i let go of my clutch motorcycle starts to sputter as if it was flooded and turns off

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Aug 20, 2013
by: Anonymous

key on?

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kawasaki rouser 135 piston

by Hillary Gomes
(Baguio city, Philippines)

hello there.. my name is joseph..i have owned a rouser 135 for 2 years and a half now..few days ago i had a 300km trip on less than 1/4th of a litter engine oil in it. i had no idea there was a leak. anyway on my way back i came back with a lot of engine knocking. a mechanic told me the timing chain, tensioner, the chain guide along with the gaskets needed changing. while replacing them i thought i saw a bit of abrasion in the piston sides. the knocking and the strange sound from the engine has gone down a lot after replacing of the ones above but somehow i still feel there is a little knocking coming out of the sleeve. now i have got one piston for Bajaj with two dents on while the original has got 4 dents on. can i replace it with the one from bajaj?

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Aug 20, 2013
This is a U.S.-based forum, and we don't
by: Judy

have the models of motorcycles you mention here. Try to find an overseas-based Kawasaki forum or contact the dealers in your area, they should be able to provide some information as to compatibility.

However, if you mean by "dents" the indents in the top of the piston, those probably are for valve clearance areas and if one had 4 and the other 2 it's likely they couldn't be compatible due to the difference in the number of valves in the two bike's engines.

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