Desperately needing facial skin care ideas.

by Linda
(Benton, KY, USA)

I am a 60 yr old newbie solo rider. After 15+ years as passenger, decided to get my own scooter! I ride a '08 Yamaha 650 and prefer no helmet. I'll wear a do-rag or bandana across my forehead but my nose, cheeks and chin take a beating. I use sunscreen but need product ideas to combat wind burn. When riding in cold will cover lower face with bandana "robber style" but don't want to do that in heat of summer. What are you other ladies finding that works? I want the wind in my face, but NOT the damage from the pleasure. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks

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Jan 22, 2013
Skin care for helmet wearers
by: Lee

Could try any one of these products; a skin care range selected for helmet wearers (or occasionally naughty ones who don't wear one :) ): -


They are from UK so take up to 10 days.

Jan 21, 2013
skin care
by: Missrider

In addition to the wonderful feedback given, I recommend fish oil. Omega 3 acids are remarkable for all our health needs but specifically on our skin. Get high quality fish oil pills, not just the over the counter junk. Ask the pharmacist to give you what they have in the back of their counters. I spend a great deal of money on my fish oil and my skin shows it.

Jan 20, 2013
by: Debbie Garner

I have the perfect solution for all your skin care needs . I am almost 50 and also have Lupus so I had plenty of skincare issues from wrinkles, to dryness , uneven skin tone , age spots etc.. I was days away from Botox when I found these products and right now you can get $375 worth of products for $79. ( This will also qualify you for Lifetime discounts.) Feel free to contact me for more information and get your questions answered . Feel free to visit my website to see these amazing products : www.beautipage.com/debspamperu2 . I have shared these products with several people that have seen improvement in their skin.

Jan 20, 2013
skin care
by: Vicki

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!! :) Sunscreen is good on top of that :) I believe in wearing a helmet with exceptions of going without it brief times.A helmet does prevent some of the "facial abuse" Lol! Be safe my dear, have fun, and MOISTURIZE :)

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switchback or Deluxe?

by Maggie

I am ready to move on to Harley Davidson motorcycle. I find both of them more comfortable cornering and turning without straining my tendon in my right shoulder (real bad tendonitis), and I have looked at Switchback and Deluxe. I love both of them, but I need to know what any ladies (who have ridden Switchback or Deluxe) think of them. Any cons and pros on them? I just want to make a wise decision before I buy. I have ridden Softail Hertiage, but lifting that bike really did no# 1 on my right shoulder.. Thanks..

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Jan 29, 2013
Switchback or Deluxe
by: Joan

Hi Maggie. While I don't ride a Switchback or a Deluxe (I'm currently riding a 2011 Sportster Superlow), I would like to suggest a Harley-Davidson forum that might be helpful to you. It's called 'The Queens of the Road'. This is a forum ladies only forum. I'm sure there are women on there who ride both types of bikes and will give you their thoughts on them. Here is the link: http://www.hdforums.com/forum/the-queens-of-the-road-for-women-bikers-only-139/

I personally love the look of the Deluxe, but like the fact that the Switchback comes with saddlebags. Hope you find some help. Joan

Jan 28, 2013
by: Gr@maw

I would suggest the Switchback. I find it well centered and easy to manage even with my bum rt knee and shoulder.

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883 into a 1200

by Lisa Thuning
(Oberlin, Ohio)

Hi Ladies....i would love some input from anyone who had had their 883 turned into a 1200! I bought my 883low new in 2010 and love her but....she gets pretty wound out past 60 mph so i have been looking into buying the kit to change her over to a 1200....my husband will be doing the conversion! God Help Me LOL! But I would love to heat from others who have done this.....the bike was bought new and has only a few thousand miles so i thought rather than spending the money on another bike just do this???? My husband said to just trade it and buy a softail....so any input ladies will be much appreciated! Happy New Year

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Jan 09, 2013
Went to Softail Slim from a Sportster
by: Jaye

I bought the new 2012 softail slim, I had an 883 Sportster Custom previously, I love and miss that bike at times, but I ride A LOT, so I needed to upgrade, I am enjoying the softail slim, plenty of power there! but i had to put a gel seat on it, the stock seat is AWFUL!! It looks great,rides awesome, well balanced and great for a smaller rider..I am a 5'6" woman, I think it's a great women's bike, although I have only seen MEN riding it! Good Luck!

Jan 01, 2013
883 Iron Owner
by: Christine

I, too, own and 883, but the Iron...love love love it...but also as Lisa said in love with the softail slim. Not sure how the conversion kit works and I, too, have put on 1300 miles as this is my first bike and only been riding since May of 2012. You can also check out HDForum as well for conversion kits, but either way I wish you luck and then a welcome to the big boys club. Woot Woot!

Jan 01, 2013
883 to 1200
by: Deeann

Go to XLforum.net Lots of guys have done the conversion and it has gone well for them. It's not a difficult conversion if you have some decent mechanical skills. You can also change the sprocket so that you aren't so wound up at 60. You'll lose a bit of torques but you can stretch the engine further. If you own a Sporty you need to join the XL forum. It's free. Lots of good advice and you can ask questions all day long. I've been on it for a year. There is a guy on the forum whose company sells the conversion kit. Lots of guys buy his kit. He's very knowledgaable about Sportsters. I think his avatar is NRHS SALES. Get on the forum and send him a private message. He can help you and get you all the info you need. You'll be glad you talked to him.

Jan 01, 2013
softtail slim donna
by: Lisa T

Hi Donna......i LOVE the softtail slim.....i have been into our local HD dealership drooling and lusting lol over this bike its amazing so well balanced low seat height and of course looks amazing.....never test rode it i have only ridden with mid controls so i was too intimidated....can you please let me know how you like and how it rides?Since you rode a sportster and went to the softail you would be the person to talk to!!! Thanks so muck Donna and Congratulations on your new beauty!

Jan 01, 2013
by: Donna

I bought a 1200 nightster in 209 by 2010 I had a softail Deluxe, just bought the new 2013 softail slim love it, Trader in for the softail well worth it. Happy New Year!!!

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Why THAT Bike?

by Dar
(Pawtucket, RI)

Ok, so i'm a fan of different pages on Facebook related to motorcycles and women riders. The majority of pictures posted are of women on crotch rockets. While i think some crotch rockets are beautiful, i just don't like the riding position at all, especially since i plan to go on rides longer than 3 hours to my destination one way and 18 hours the other. I've always preferred cruisers and tourings, but then again, i'm up there in age. I just want to get there, don't need to get there in 2.3 seconds. The need for speed is just not my cup-o-java. Now, having said that, when i see the pics of women on cruisers and tourings, i LOVE those pics! I respect the women more, they are showing that they have the guts to even want to get on a bigger bike AND they handle it well!! i love it love it love it!!!!

So my question to you is, why did you choose your bike? There's alerady a blog on the bikes women ride, i want to know why THAT bike. Thanks.


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Jan 23, 2013
All I know is...
by: Clarissa

...your reasons for attributing greater respect to a woman (based on the size of her bike) leaves much to be desired.

Jan 22, 2013
by: Lois

I ride a BMW F800st it was lowered from the factory and it fits great. In the 1st year I've had it I put 16000 miles on it. I've also had a Triumph bonneville a Moto Guzzi V-7 Cafe a Kawa Ninja and a suzuki TU 250. I loved all of these bikes for different reasons, but touring is what I like best and the F800 has proved to be the best bike for me. No power issues it has plenty I can also pack quite a bit on her I have the bags plus a trunk and a dry bag for the passager seat. I traveled from the western most part of North Carolina to Madawaska Me (one of the 4 corners) this past fall, I went solo and had a great time. I'm planning a few trips for this year can't wait for the weather to cooperate. Well if your still looking check out a BMW dealer.

Jan 21, 2013
We need a "Like" button here
by: Dar

I wish there was a like button on this page for each comment, because i love all of your responses to my question. You will definitely help me decide which bike to buy hopefully this spring. Thank you all.

Jan 21, 2013
Easy decision
by: Susanne

Honestly the first time I ever saw a Ducati I swore I would own one someday. Well 7/2011 I picked up my black Ducati Diavel. ABS/traction control/ different power modes and built so a smaller human can actually touch a foot down. Light and extremely nimble in the curves and comfy on long,long trips. It is the best bike I will ever own and once anyone rides one they are hooked. That said I hope to bring a little brother home this spring. Mmmmm Ducati Streetfighter848 Dark.... Ah what's a girl to do????

Jan 18, 2013
Dual Sports
by: robin_uganda

For me, Dual sports is absolutely perfect. I've got a BMW Dakar with awesome knobby tyres, because even though I do a lot of mileage every week up to north of Gulu and back every week, I do a lot of off road too. The incredible thing about this particular bike and one reason I chose it, is because the fuel tank is under my seat. That means the center of gravity is low, even though it's a high bike with a high seat & high clearance. The result is that where other bikes are slipping and sliding and falling, the Dakar just stays up straight--through water, mud, sand! It's a blast to ride! =) Love reading your stories n your reasons for your bikes girls.

Jan 18, 2013
what bike
by: jp

Ah...so many bikes and so little time. I'm soon to turn 68, getting ready to retire, selling my house and bike shopping. Just sold my comfy comfy Ultra Classic (and it went to a good home) and looking for a managable sport tour. The UC was my 5th bike and I rode it for 4 yrs.

I got tired of having a heart attack everytime I hit construction or a loose gravel road (or worse, a narrow driveway requiring tight manuvering). I'm 5'5 and could flat foot, but it was too much weight for the tight spots, and, there's no 'reverse' on those brutes. Out on the interstate the UC was a dream and I put about 65k miles on it both solo and with friends.

A Kawasaki concourse (Connie) has called my name a few times and I'm looking into the f series BMW's. Most of the 'jap' bikes have decent sport tours, I just have to get shopping and try them out. A whole new riding style.

Jan 18, 2013
Thanks to all
by: Dar

Thanks to everyone for sharing your story. My eyes are on a V-Star or Boulevard. I want comfort and speed, but then for me, 65 - 70 is about as fast as i want to go anyways, as i just don't see a need (for me personally) to want to go any faster. Still deciding... sighs.

Jan 18, 2013
Types of bikes for different trips
by: Judy

Having owned about 3 dozen bikes in my lifetime since the early '70s, I figured out early on I wasn't drawn to the ungainly heft of Touring or Cruiser style bikes. I look for light weight, quickness and an upright, neutral riding position in the manner "Standard" bikes had in the '70s.

I don't care for the riding position of all-out sport bikes either. It's too extreme and uncomfortable. However there are many bikes out there these days with the power, suspension, lighter weight and all the other best features of sport bikes while maintaining a nice upright riding position. That's why I chose my '03 Z1000 Kawasaki. I don't have to "wrestle" an 800 pound Gorilla of a bike, with almost no ground clearance, around my favorite mountain twisty roads. It isn't quite as light as a sportbike, but at about 450 pounds, with ample (125 rear wheel) horsepower it feels much lighter. I don't get stiff, due to the night upright position of the footpegs and handlebar reach.

I have a bunch of other very small, very fast 1970's - 1980's Sport Standards, too. These are even lighter, at around 300-350 lbs., but are easily capable of more than 100 mph. I don't ride that fast, but I like having the acceleration and light weight to avoid situations that you might not be able to on a huge Touring bike. These bikes are nice for daylong trips to the Columbia River Gorge & back, say < 200 days.

There is no reason to limit yourself to owning just one particular genre of MC when there are so many these days which incorporate some of the best features of all types....hybrids of Standards/Sport and Cruiser together.

Take a good look out there to see ALL of what's available. You'd be surprised at how versatile some of the newest bikes are!

Jan 18, 2013
Love my Harley
by: Shelly

I also started on a smaller bike--a 500 V-star but quickly moved onto the Suzuki Boulevard C50. I rode that bike for 2 yrs on long distance rides and truely loved it. I wanted more power and a better ride so I bought a 2012 HD road king. Now, I'm only 5'4" so the bike had to be modified to fit me. I cannot say enough great things about the king. Its a smooth ride, handles great, has more power than I'll ever use and its a looker! I would say to you gals out there...don't let a bigger bike put you off, check them out and find one that fits your frame or have one modified, you will be glad you did!!!

Jan 18, 2013
that bike
by: Robin

I started on a V-Star 650, great starter bike for a cruiser, it's sits low and handles well, my daughter also has one. I moved up to a 1100 V-Star after a year, cause I needed the power to keep up with my hubby on his roadstar.

But the question is WHY that bike,

1. It was half the price of a Harley
2. It FIT ME!

Don't get a bike becuase of peer pressure or anything else. It has to fit you.

Jan 18, 2013

at my age i looked at harleys ducatis honda but after i got on a spyder i love the stabiliy of it i took my beginners class in Eustis fl where we learned to slide with with our spyders it eas so solid after 4 months i traded it in for a touring spyder. so comfortable heated handle barscruise control finger shifting i had cusyom butt pads for it/my husband bought me a sh3ed for it to keepout of the weather/ my husband has a harley trike it difently doesnt handle as well as my spder i feel safer on my bike then my dodge ram lylia jean brackin

Jan 17, 2013
Bike on Purpose
by: LD

I ride a crotch rocket. I also live in Los Angeles, where traffic is insane, the streets are horrible, and drivers can't stay in their lane. Most people ride sport bikes in the city here because they tend to be narrower to get between cars and navigate traffic, they're more agile to avoid cars and bad road conditions (potholes big enough to swallow your tire,) and the speed is needed for having enough power to get out of trouble fast. If I didn't live in a metropolis I would totally have a cruiser, but Im almost considering a dual sport or road-legal dirt bike to get around this crazy place!

Jan 17, 2013
No easy decison
by: Allison

I like most styles of motorcycles and since I had a motorcycle sales person in the family I've had many test rides on many different bikes. Over the years I've owned more than a few and still have four of them. The four bikes, a 2000 HD Sportster H 883, 2002 Honda Spirit 750, 1995 Honda VLX 600, and my 1983 Honda CX650c. The last two listed being cruisers, with the Sportster and Honda Spirit being kind of a cross between a cruiser and standard. The reasons for my choice is they are light, easy, and fun to ride, they are great in the city and can be equipped with a few accessories for longer rides. Price is another reason, a new touring bike would cost more than all of them together. I still like the idea of owning a touring bike, and recently was considering a low mile used Electra Glide. Since I don't have anyone to ride with, I decided against buying the Glide as I would not go any long distance by myself. As for sport bikes, I'm getting to old for those. I do like the old BMW K75's though and wish I could find a clean one cheap.

Jan 17, 2013
by: Stephanie

At 46 I started out on a V-Star 650. In 2 1/2 yrs I put over 36K on it. I loved it. Didn't have power at take off, but I always kept up. Did a 1K ride in 18 hrs on it. Then I decided it was time to move up a bit so I bought a Boulevard C50. That one was great also. Put 15K on it in 9 months. I did another 1K ride on that one. I ended up hitting a pothole and laying it down. Never really rode the same after that. So, on to the next... I upgraded and bought a Dyna Super Glide Custom. Ultimately the best decision I have made. In 5 1/2 months I have put 8,600 miles on it so far!! Looking forward to doing my 1K ride in the next few month on this one!! Out of the 3, I love my Dyna the most!

Jan 17, 2013
Why that bike
by: Vicky

I didn't know a thing about bikes, except that my husband bought a Harley. I looked at them and after talking with the salesperson, found one that was comfortable and my feet reached the ground comfortably. I looked at the Sportsters, but was told that if I was going to ride long distances, I would want a bigger big that wasn't so top-heavy. I bought a Soft-tail Deluxe and love it. I do long rides with hubby, but do a lot of riding by myself - I use any excuse to ride. I never considered a crotch rocket as the sitting position does not look comfortable and most of the folks I see on them drive too fast and crazy. I know there are a lot of normal people who like the sport bikes, but they are not for me.

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