I have a 2006 Suzuki c50 800cc bike- I find it has a lot of engine noise, sounds tinney, some ticking sounds. Ther is 1600km on it now. Is this normal for Suzuki. Thanks

Wayne MacKay

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Sep 10, 2013
by: BarbieButzer

I have a 800 Volusia and yes, they are noisy and vibrate a lot. My hubby baffled the pipes and that helps - but I like loud pipes - hopefully folks see you better.

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motorcycle exhaust

by Joe
(montreal quebec )

i have a after market exhaust that was on a 250cc i slightly modified so it can fit on a 650cc, i installed it and it sounds really good. i want to know, is there something that can happen because the exhaust is made for a 250cc ?

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lower seat height

I am looking to buy a motorcycle, but finding that most bikes I can't reach the ground, I am 4'11'' and most bikes I tried my feet aren't firmly on the ground. What would you recommend.

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Sep 11, 2013
Same Problem Here
by: D. Swanson

I've always wanted to ride my very own bike since I was a teen, but was always discouraged by actually getting my license because I was too short to hold up any bike I came across. NOT ANYMORE! I am going to complete a motorcycle riding course this weekend and get my license. My husband and I just went hunting for the perfect bike for me recently, and I ended up settling with a 2013 Suzuki Boulevard S40 LS650. It fits perfectly to me with my riding boots on and it's easy to hold up. However, I will be having the seat shaved down about an inch and re-done for comfort because of a medical condition I have with my butt and leg. It is however belt driven, instead of a chain. I have also sat on a 2000 & 2006 Honda Shadow VLX 600 and those were a little heavier than my Suzuki, but were lower. I would recommend either of those bikes for little ladies like us... But one I wouldn't go for is the 2013 Honda Rebel 250. It has what looks like a big bulky medal box sitting right under the seat, and it digs and rubs right into the inner thighs of a 4'11" person's legs. Ouch!

Sep 07, 2013
lower seat
by: Lynn -FL

There a lots of bikes out now with lower seat height. Check out the Honda Shadow line, Yamaha VStar Bolt & today I sat on a Sukuki 500 sportbike and had both feet on the ground. There is a wide range of prices too, so don't be afraid to check them all out before you spend your hard earned $$.

Sep 07, 2013
Valley Forge
by: Veronica

I would highly recommend the softail slim. I am 5'3" and just got it. Before I bought it I met a woman who is 5'0 who has a slim and has been riding 2 years and loves it. HD can also lower the slim, provide an extended reach seat (I don't like what they have for a slim so I'm going to have a custom seat made), risers without messing with cables to bring handle bars back to u or change handle bars. The other bike I found that women like you and me who are vertically challenged lol is the sportster low.

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Riding with a Passenger

by Sharon

In my second season of riding I attempted taking a passenger who had never been on a bike. My friend and I just tried a short ride around the neighborhood at first. When approaching a STOP sign across from a school, I applied the brakes when suddenly I felt my rear wheel sliding out from under us - and down we went! Some kind folks in the area came to our immediate rescue and helped us up...one lady reached down on the ground and picked up a 1 x 4 x 6 inch block of plexiglass which had been the culprit that caught my back wheel, causing our spill! After making sure my passenger was OK we both agreed to continue riding. Bless my friend for being such a "trooper"...we rode all around town that afternoon on my little Rebel.
This season I moved up to a Shadow Aero 750 and I'm pretty comfortable on it now...I would like to try taking a passenger again but I'm really afraid after the first experience, even tho we were both fine after. Any suggestions on how I can overcome this nagging fear and feel comfortable taking someone for a ride again?

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Sep 04, 2013
size of bike
by: Anonymous

Just questioning the size of the bike for two passengers. My 1100 Vstar is only rated for 400 lbs of riders, just wondering what a 250 Rebel would be rated for.

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by Lacey
(Ellensburg, Washington)

I have a 2005 Suzuki DR200
the petcock has 3 settings, ON, PRI, RES. If I disconnect the fuel line, fule runs out on all three settings.
Fuel fills up the air box and runs ont the ground.
I removed the carb and the float appears to be working fine. I do not understand how fuel is running through the carb (with the float working) and into the air box.

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Sep 28, 2013
fuel leak
by: brandy

check needle and seat, theres an adjustment for float2, fuel shouldn't be leaking in off pos. has the bike been sitting for a while?

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Arms are tingly after a ride

by Debbie
(Sprinfield, Mo)

When I ride my bike for longer periods of time, my arms are tingly for awhile afterwards. Is it because of the wind? Should I wear a jacket?

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Speedometer works off and on at times

o5 Harley Softtail,,,speedometer will stop work from time to time, one day I get on it works the next time it doesn't..the mileage indicator continues to work...

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