by C Erwin
(Louisiana )

Wanting to ride my own bike with the hubby. Looking for a automatic but not sure what type of trike
I should be looking for. Very new to this. Any suggestions would be welcomed!

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Mar 20, 2013
by: Pm

Theone thing to keep in mind with a trike is you do need a motorcycle endorsement to ride on. and you should take a class on how to handle a trike. They handle differently and there are tips that trike riders need to know. Like you don't lean in a turn/curve, that could tip the bike.

Two wheels is two wheels, and a trike is a trike. The model is up to your preference, not someone else. Sure I love Harley's, but that is me. Choose for yourself.

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start probums

by Eric
(Glendale AZ USA)

I live in Phoenix area so I ride as much as I can.. I parked my 1999 softail in side about 3 weeks ago when it was raining, when it warmed back up I tried to start it and no luck, the batt went dead!!! I charged it and it still will not start except on starting fluid, but will not stay running??? help Iam getting gas and spark.

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Mar 13, 2013
If it won't idle..
by: Clarissa

..might be a problem with the fuel mixture. Check the fuel line is unclogged. Might want to check the jets, too. Just guesses here, though, since the description of your problem is kind of brief.

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DUCATI new battery: fill with acid?

by Robin
(Madison, Wis)

the battery on my 2007 ducati monster 695 is graveyard dead. i'm trying to order a new battery, since i can't find one in stock locally. it looks like i need a yuasa YT12B-BS, but apparently i'll need to manually put the acid into the battery and then seal it. what??!! this isn't really what i expected. is there another brand that comes sealed and ready to install?
i don't mind diy when i have to, but i'd rather not be responsible for filling a battery with acid. thanks for any help!


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Mar 16, 2013
by: Robin

Thanks, Forest. I do have a battery tender. I think I'll give it a try. Spring is coming!

Mar 16, 2013
Not to worry
by: Forest

To get the freshest battery, you are better off to buy one that has not been pre-filled and sitting on a shop work bench, where it may not have been given a proper initial charge.

Sealed AGM batteries, like the Yuasa you describe, are shipped from the factory with the acid in a separate container. This acid container is designed to easily put the acid into the battery without any spillage or danger, if done properly by following the instructions in the box.

Once the acid has drained from the container into the battery, you push the sealing caps into the holes and that's it. No leaks will occur. Then the battery will need to be placed on a charger for several hours to give it the initial charge. If this isn't done, your battery will never achieve its full potential and will likely need replacing in a couple of years. A Battery Tender serves the purpose nicely and everyone should own one anyway to use when the bike is not being used, even if only for a few weeks. Bike batteries can last a long time, properly maintained with a Battery Tender. I get 8+ years out of every battery.

Poor initial charge and also vibration are the biggest killers of bike batteries, so Harley owners may never see the extra long life that is possible on bikes with smoother engines. Hope that helps.

Mar 09, 2013
battery and acid
by: Missrider

I've had my Ducati Monster 750 for 13 years and cannot find a sealed battery. Some people say they are available but I have not found one. Recently I had to purchase a battery for my Triumph Bonneville and had to fill it with acid and seal it. Since I've had 13 years of experience with my Ducati, now it is all very easy. There is a technique you have to follow to seal the battery. You have to pour the acid in a ventilated area and let it sit for a few hours before you seal it. Otherwise you will have all sorts of leakage and the battery will not last as long. At first it freaked me out, but it becomes second nature after you've done it a few times. Good luck with your search.

Madeleine (aka - Missrider)

Mar 09, 2013
by: Robin

I'll keep looking for a sealed battery. I'm sorry you had such a terrible experience with a leaking battery. what a nightmare!
live and learn, i guess. thanks for your comments!

Mar 09, 2013
batteries sealed NOT leaking acid. BAD!
by: Anonymous


if anyone wants to shop Canadian as well.

hope this helps too. they have cables as well. looks like an ok site.
I had a battery like that too had to fill it up. NO NO! it leaks and will destroy your bike metal etc.. the one with the hose . dont BUY IT!!! ever!!!! and the guy wouldnt honour a return. well i couldnt return it from 1000 kilometers from home.. where would i put it!? he was such an ass.wouldnt even give me half money back. and he filled it up, and the battery died on me.
and it left me stranded.

Mar 09, 2013
DUCATI batteries
by: J

hi check this site out i found for you sealed batteries.

hope this helps... and ebay? try there too.

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