2006 Honda Shadow VLX oil light on

Hi, I recently went for a ride on my Honda Shadow when the bike started to stutter and then finally shut down on its own. The light on my speedometer turned on ( I think it's the oil light but I could be wrong). I know it wasn't due to low gas because I could still hear a little less than half the tank swoshing around inside. So I kept trying to start it up and it would hesitate so I shook the tank around and switched the fuel switch to "reserve" and after about 6-7 tries it finally revved up and started and I made it home safely. On the rest of my ride back home, the light never came on. Was this due to low fuel or is there something wrong with my oil? Any help is appreciated! Thank you

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Nov 03, 2011
you may have had trash in the tank that
by: Anonymous

temporarily stopped the gas flow. I had a similar problem with my 08 Shadow and died, then spit and sputtered a while, finally made it to the dealership (when it started acting up I immediately headed there) and we couldn't replicate the problem but they told me to fuel up at main fuel stations as it doesn't take much trash to interrupt the fuel flow

Oct 31, 2011
oil light
by: Anonymous

Sounds to me like you were low on gas. The swishing noise you could hear was probably the fuel in your reserve. When the engines shuts down your idiot lights will come on, like your oil light etc. If it doesn't give you anymore problems after filling with fuel "and switching your reserve back", you should be ok.

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Mustang seat on a Sportster

by Cindy

I have a Sportster 883Low and do a lot of riding. I find that my back gets sore and would like to get a back rest.
It's hard to find a back rest for a sporty though.
There is a Mustang seat that includes a back rest, but I'm concerned about loosing my flat-foot ability for backing up the bike etc. (I'm about 5'4")

Does anyone have any advise. Back rests, seats with back rests, changing to forward controls etc.

My bike currently has mid-pegs plus an engine guard with highway pegs.

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May 21, 2012
Risers & Backrests
by: Gypsy Spirit

I didn't have to change the cables with my pull-back risers because I didn't add any height, just brought the bars closer to me.

I also use a T-pack for traveling (http://gypsyspiritsrides.weebly.com/day-108---ga--fl.html) or running to the grocery store. I found it makes a great backrest when I want one.

May 20, 2012
Mustange seat on my 883L
by: Denice

I ride 2007 883L. I put the mustange seat with back rest on my bike. lLove the seat & backrest but yes it puts you up higher. I'm 5'2 and am ok with being higher up BUT my handlebars are a little farther reach which I have to fix now. One shop said if i add riser to pull back then that affects cables which have to be longer. Still riding the way it is but need to get adjustment so handlebars are closer.

Dec 01, 2011
Pull Back Risers
by: Gypsy Spirit

Hi ... I'm 5'3" on a '95 Sporty Deluxe. I found the solution to my problem was pullback risers (about $50 from Dennis Kirk)to bring the handle bars a little closer to me. It eliminated the back strain from reaching that little bit too far all the time. My hands also stopped going numb on long rides! What a difference!!!

Oct 16, 2011
by: Jeanne

I have a 883 iron with a passenger seat which I put a back seat bag on. The bag (from Saddlemen) has a backrest pad on it. The problem is that the handlebars on my sporty make me lean forward, therefore a backrest, back seat bag with a pad or what ever is behind me does not touch my back at all. I am considering different handle bars to sit me up straighter.

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Loooong Legs and Short Leg Room

by Sarah
(Cleveland, TN)

I am a tall woman 5'11" with a 35" inseam and large bodied @225 lbs. I want to know what I can do to give me more leg room without adding highway bars to my Yamaha 650 classic? I don't want to spend an arm and a leg as this is my first bike and will more than likely want something larger in a few years. Someone told me I could swap out the 650 seat for the 1100 and add brackets to allow the seat to be "bumped" back without interferring with the back passenger seat. Anyone seen this or heard of it being done? Does it work? Any suggestions would be welcommed and appreciated greatly!!!

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Oct 05, 2011
Forward Controls
by: Wanda in CAnton GA

Get forward controls put on. They extend your foot position forward and get the full flex out of your knee. If the ones for your bike come with a heeel shit you can take that part and not use it and just use the toe shifter. Some peolpe have trouble making the change to a heel toe shifter. My Sporty forward controls only have the basic toe shift and no flooboards. Good Luck, fit is so important.

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Arqin Bruiser 250 Problems and Solutions

by Oleg

I bought Arqin Bruiser. Does anyone know what type of oil filter is used and how to change it - location. Also i am interested how often should i change oil and how to do that, where is the plug and where should i pour new oil- is it to the leveler hole?
One more thing - It has little red light on the Speedometer and it like small mobile phone logo, sometimes during the ride it is flashing and when i change gears or drop or increase speed it is disappeared. Is it mean something? Please help as I am newbie. Please e-mail ole3ik@gmail.com

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Jul 18, 2012
for sale
by: sonia

250 bruiser hardly used 1300k on the clock needs a tail light n maybe a battery the one in it is 12 months old but the bike has been used 2 times since putting it in $1500 tocumwal nsw

Nov 11, 2011
Parts for Arqin Bruiser
by: Aaron

Laro has taken over parts and warranty for the Arqin range. They are located in wetherill park. The website is http://www.laro.com.au/ Here is also a link for the Bruiser 250 owners manual.

I am considering buying one as it is cheap, low km's (1600kms), and has long rego. I have spoken to the staff at Laro and they stock all parts for this bike and can also answer any questions you may have.


Nov 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

do you still use your arquin i have one and its the best bike but im looking to replace a few warn out parts just wondering

Oct 18, 2011
Problems Solved
by: Oleg

Thanks mate. Yes it is Chinese one. I had an idea that it flashes when need to be changing gears :) but thanks for clarification. Sometimes it is flashes when i am on the 5th -highest gear and 5-6k rmp but i do not worry about it now as you explained.
Regarding the oil change i found a plug and there is no oil filter just a screen. But to get there will have to take cover - my guess it is clutch cover side. Then will have to replace gasket(which i could not find anywhere as there is no Arqin dealer in Australia anymore)Anyway it is my first bike and i had to ride it for another year before i get full licence and then will go for a better one like Honda vt750 or Harley if i can find cheap one in US and import it to Australia :)
One more thing: --- DELETE "my site my rules" nice try though --- webmaster

Oct 18, 2011
Unknown brand in the U.S.
by: Judy

The brand/model you cited is unknown here in the U.S. AFAIK, but it's probably some rebadged Chinese import.

The light you're referring to sounds as though it's merely an indicator light as to when you should shift into a higher gear...it sounds like once you reach a certain, higher RPM (engine speed) it's flashing to indicate you should shift into the next gear. I wouldn't worry too much about it....one of my bikes doesn't even have a tachometer and I just shift by engine speed sound alone.

If I was you I'd be saving up my money, because if that bike you bought was indeed a Chinese product it won't be lasting very long, and you should be saving for a more durable bike, like something made by the "big 4" Japanese manufacturers.

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Leathers versus Synthetics

by Jeanna

I'm buying my first bike. I want to be warm (even though it's California -- I turn blue at the first sign of a breeze), I want to be comfortable, and I don't want it to involve rhinestones.

I'm not buying a Harley, but I stopped at the retail store to price out gear and came out with a list that totaled $1200 for a massively armored jacket, chaps, boots, and armored gloves.

Do I need to spend $1200? It's worth it to me to be safe, but can I do warm and safe is something that's...like...$600 total? Does the Harley name jack up the price?

Just curious.

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Oct 15, 2011
by: Sapphire

Hubby has been complaining on the price of my gear since I just started riding and he doesn't. I did tons of online research and visited local shops before I bought anything.
$108 for a full face helmet
$30 gloves
$90 mesh textile jacket with shoulder, elbow, and back armor.
$25 rain overcoat
$90 for mesh pants with knee armor
$70 for boots that cover the ankle and have good traction.
Gear is expensive, but I came no where close to $1200. I still need waterproof pants, but hubby has banned me from buying more gear. Lol.
Even the stuff I got in store, I checked online for reviews.

Oct 14, 2011
Shop Around!
by: Sandra

I got a simple, feminine cut black leather jacket for about $100. It has a removable liner, but no extra pads at shoulders, elbows, spine...

But husband and I went to a small leather shop in a small town to purchase our leather jackets. We window shop lots at HD stores, and I have picked up the CUTEST $35 T-shirt and $25 hat that I would never pay that much for if not for the HD logos...but sometimes it's okay!

I would like to start over w/gear shopping! Know so much more about padding and reinforcements and durability and breathability that I did when I bought...and it IS a lot of money!

I spent $85 on durable "biker boots" on-line close-out. I spent $85 on a SNELL 3/4 helmet the same way - on-line closeout item. I've shopped for pants/chaps for 2 years and never found the exact pair I wanted to purchase yet. I have ANOTHER leather jacket in my sights - this time with removable pads - for $89 - CLOSEOUT!

Yes, I would prefer to try everything on before buying, but with careful measurements so far I have been very fortunate in my purchases.

Take some time to ask others you trust what is important in riding gear; shop for those features first, and styles second; then wait for those close-out deals...

Or, drop $1200 at your local HD dealer! It's mostly about what you want. I wish I had known what I wanted (I had no idea what all was available) before I started buying.

Oct 14, 2011
by: Lynn - FL

Due to the economy I buy a lot of my riding gear online at various suppliers. I've found the best prices on LeatherUp.com, Motorccyclesuperstor.com and Compeitionaccessories.com. I like that they post past buyer's opinions about sizing, comfort, etc. Check out the "close-outs" for great prices. Usually you can get free shipping when ordering over $100.

I live in Florida and have found I like the textile jackets with a removable quilted liner. I also wear layers so I can easily peel down as the day warms up. My favorite item is my rain chaps. I use them like windbreakers on a cool morning over my jeans. Luckily I don't have to resort to my leather chaps very often.

There is plenty of non-foo foo items to pick from.

Oct 13, 2011
What temp will you likely ride in?
by: Sandy

I'm a fairly new rider, but have ridden in temps from the low 40's to the low 100's. It generally feels 10 degrees cooler than the actal temp when you're riding your bike. If it's the 70's, I can go with either my leather jacket or my mesh jacket with the liner. The key is to make sure it's sealed up around your neck. As far as pants, I have leather chaps, but prefer just jeans, maybe with my thin silk underwear if the temp warrants. I also have some flannel lined ones if it's really chilly. I have a problem keeping my hands warm when it's 60's. I have some battery operated gloves for riding if it's colder than that and they are nice, but the charge only lasts about 4 hours. I have a variety of other glove styles for warmer weather. My feet have never gotten cold. I feel like Harley Davidson jacks their prices up, but I ride a Harley and I'm very proud of it, and I'll spend the extra for the name. It's not superior in quality, generally speaking. Hope that helps and congratulations on your bike purchase!

Oct 13, 2011
bike clothing
by: Yvonne - NC

You can easily spend a fortune on clothes. Need to shop around. I found a nice leather jacket for about $100 and it's not a guys jacket. Also, have a lighter synthetic one for warmer weather. I started by wearing my husband's until I found one that fit me better. To me, leather chaps are a must in colder weather, the price range varies, but mine were around $30. The web has a lot of good sites, if you can, get to a rally, usually the prices are very good. Comes down to good helmet, jacket, chaps and boots are a must. I also have several types of gloves, depending on the weather. Good luck.

Oct 13, 2011
riding gear
by: Anonymous

Check out Aerostich....if you have any questions you can call them and talk with an actual person. As far as Harley brand jacking up the price, the answer is YES, it's a HUGE markup. When my hubby worked for a dealer they were able to buy for 10% over dealer cost, he bought me a really nice denim jacket which retailed for $400 or so, but ended up paying only $150. That's monstrous.
Anyway, Aerostich is top notch stuff, and you should read their descriptions and reviews. Expensive, but not as high as anyHD stuff. And they're built for riders, not the rhinestone crowd. Just my humble opinion..

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too short for my motorbike

by sally mcintosh
(new south wales australia)

I have just bought a suzuki gs 500 naked motorbike,I have just had it lowered because I was tipy toe on it.Since getting it lowered it is great to be able to put my left foot flat on the ground when stopping at lights etc. but it created a new set of problems, if there is a slight dip in the road or some corners the centre stand is scraping on the road which has made me very nervous about riding it, I noticed a website where this lady in america has had a pair of boots heightened by going to her shoemaker, just wondering if anybody in australia has done this.
Sally McIntosh
email; mac-lucy@bigpond.com

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Oct 23, 2011
platform boots
by: Penny

Years ago I wore a pair of platform tennis shoes to try it out and it helped so I bought a pair of good biker boots took them to a local shoe cobbler and added an inch...works great.

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by Rob

throttling on my 04 Honda Shadow Aero does not function properly it appears to be misfiring does that problem sound like the carbs need to be cleaned

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Dec 24, 2011
high banker
by: Anonymous

did you cut out the baffles? if so this makes the engine run lean and backfire and pop alot a cobra jet kit will fix it

Nov 03, 2011
has it been sitting up for extended periods of time?
by: ritantexas

if so, the problem may be that your carbs are gummed up by the ethanol that is in almost all fuel now. Try running some Sea Foam through it, use more than called for, maybe a couple of tanks of fuel, to try to clean it up. If that does not work you probably want to take it to a mechanic.

Oct 27, 2011
Not nearly enough information!
by: Judy


Your question is a bit cryptic and needs far more of an explanation of what you mean. When you say, "Throttling" are you referring to accelerating or decelerating? When you're saying "misfiring" what kind of sound are you hearing? Please give a more complete and concise explanation of exactly what's occurring and perhaps I can provide some ideas based on my own experiences, albeit not with that particular bike.

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my motorcycle makes this dripping sound after every ride ?

by josh

my motorcycle makes this dripping sound after every ride ? and when i turn on my bike the red temp light goes on the goes off as soon as i start driving my bike is a Honda

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Dec 20, 2011
Aiur in cooling system
by: Ace Shadow

You have air in your cooling system. With the engine cold take the radiator cap off add 50, 50 mix of antifreeze to the top. Crank the engine and run till operating temperature. It will probably bubble allot and the fluid will go up and down just make sure you rinse any part of the bike that the antifreeze gets on. Run till the air is gone shut off engine and top off with fluid. This is also why your temp. gauge is comming on. Had the same problem. Good luck
Smooth Riding Ace Shadow

Oct 23, 2011
by: Anonymous

it could be the chrome on the exhaust,with the difference of temperature changing.Mine does this ,VN900.

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about the choke 2003 flstc

by jay
(Burton MI.)

my 2003 hertiage softail choke is really hard to pull out,,is that Right?,,and shouldn't it go back in after the motor is warmed up it's self?

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Oct 08, 2011
Carb clean?
by: Anonymous

See if your carburator needs cleaned. My choke pulls out easily. The choke on my Heritage goes in by itself, but the one on my Sportster didn't.

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bogging out around corneres

by liam

why does my bike bog out just after coming out of a corner? (kx85)

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Oct 27, 2011
Bogging out on KX85
by: Judy

Either of those two comment could be possibilities, and so can this: if you maneuver the handlebars when cornering, it may be that your throttle cable is not routed quite correctly, and binds a bit up against part of the bike. When you're stopped, peer into the cable routing and while doing so, turn the bars as bit to either side. If you see the cable look like it can't move as freely that will prevent the carb slide from moving, causing the resultant lack of power.

Oct 27, 2011
by: Wanda

Are you rolling off the throttle during the turn? Enter the turn slow enough, that you can maintain or increase throttle thru the turn. Hope this helps.

Oct 27, 2011
Bogging out
by: Kelly

Could be be in a lower gear than necessary?

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Tapping and white smoke

by Doug

I have a 1998 cbr 600 it started shooting clouds of white smoke out the tail pipe and tapping after I changed the oil it only does it when I get over 9000 rpm

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Oct 05, 2011
Wow, how ignorant!!
by: Judy

Hey, Anonymous poster: the only stupid person here is YOU. There are plenty of women who know some things about engines, and do their own wrenching, me included. We don't need comments like yours telling everyone that the rest of us are as stupid as you are!

Doug, first of all, white smoke can often mean there is a coolant leak, such as a failed head gasket, allowing coolant to get into your engine.
The fact you first noticed it after an oil change might be purely coincidence, and not even likely related to the oil change.

As to it happening over 9000rpm, that's a pretty high engine speed. Many modern bikes have rev limiters which will not allow your engine to run above certain number of revolutions per second. I don't know if one that old has one, it may not, but you really shouldn't be running your motor that hard, especially being fairly old. You should shift at engine speeds around 6 to 7000 rpm max., take it easier on your engine and give it a chance to last longer if it isn't already fatally compromised.

Check the oil after it's ran for awhile, if you can keep it running with the white smoke. If it looks "milky," which will look kind of like coffee with a lot of creamer in it, that means it's almost certain coolant has leaked into it, either from a head gasket gone bad as mentioned above, or another failure in part of the cooling system; perhaps a crack in a portion of the water jacket (coolant structures).

If you decide to try and tackle this yourself, get a genuine FACTORY manual, not an aftermarket one like Clymers, they aren't as good.

Chances are a mechanic might cost more than the bike is worth overall, so it might be time to just get that manual and try to fix it yourself.
Get two boxes of plastic sandwich and freezer bags, and bag & fully label all parts.

Good luck with your bike. Hopefully it's only a head gasket failure. If that's what it turns out to be, you need to make sure the mating surfactes it mounts to are totally flat and not warped. Also, don't keep abusing your motor by running such high engine speeds!

Oct 05, 2011
Oh for heaven's sake...
by: Sandra

Doug, I am female, and I don't know much about motors (those 2 statements are not necessarily attached to each other)...but I know rude and stupid!

Anon there does not speak for this forum. As women we tend to flock together and ask our "silly" questions that men don't always understand; but I do not want to be looked down on by guys because I want to ride my own and I CERTAINLY don't feel I should look down on guys for any reason.

I'd check w/a mechanic on that smokin' issue - I always thought smokey exhaust was a sign of the engine burning oil, but don't know why it would happen. Good luck!

Oct 05, 2011
by: Marsha

Doug...sorry some people are rude. I am a lady and I do know motors, some. You may need to use a different thickness of oil or you may need a different filter.

I wish rude people would use their name instead of hiding behind a computer.

Oct 05, 2011
Deleted - webmaster
by: Anonymous

-- I'm inclined to allow men to post in the "Bike Questions" forum but much less so elsewhere in the other forums. The reason: Guys you don't know the answer to your motorcycle question - But SHE does!, and thats why your here. You have to ask HER! And I like that because it portrays the women motorcycle riders in a very positive way.

If anyone has an opinion about my views on the "Bike Questions" forum or any other forum please contact me through the contact page at the top of this page. --- webmaster

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Weird sound coming from front end

by Thomas
(Ewa Beach, HI )

I have a 2009 kawasaki ninja zx6r (5,600 mi) and I rode home from work the other night and after about 20 miles on the road, there was this weird rotary sound coming from the front end. I thought something was tangled onto my front wheel and dragging itself on the road, but nothing visible that was broken or damaged. Does anyone have this same problem?

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Dec 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

u probably need to replace your rotors mine was doing the same thing the y wear out unevenly making that noise you heard

Oct 30, 2011
weird sound
by: robin_uganda

check your bearings.

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will not start

Bike was running fine turn it off for about 8 hours went to start it pushed start buton lights came on but would not crank, pushed star button a few times now lights out 1100 honda shadow ace

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Oct 11, 2011
How old is your Battery?
by: Judy

Motorcycle batteries generally don't have a really long lifespan, especially compared to cars.
It sounds like it's drained the power. This can be due to several things, among them:

1) If it's a wet cell battery, have you checked the electrolyte (fluid) level in all the cells? Do you see any white sulfite material inside the cells? One bad cell out any = bad battery.

2) Have you tried taking it out and charging it up, and if so will it hold a charge? If not, it needs replacing.
If the battery is okay and will hold a charge, you may also need to check the bike's charging system to see if it is putting out the proper voltage.
In general, a 12v system should show a bit >12v @ idle, and at higher engine speeds it should put out between about 14v.

Checks those out first, to eliminate the most obvious problems. Good luck!

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Small Saddlebags for small motorcycles

by Mollie Gadsden
(Walterboro SC)

This is Mollie Gadsden and I'm looking for a pair of small saddlebags that want break the bank. Any suggestions???? They need to be 10" x 12" x 4 1/2". or less in measurements.

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Nov 04, 2011
small bags
by: lois

check out the bags from nelson rigg they may class them as sport bags but thats because they are smaller. They will give dimensions on each you can find them at motorcyclegear.com

Oct 30, 2011
good luck
by: Yvonne - NC

I, too, have been looking for small ones, very hard to find. I have a Honda Shadow 1100, the ones I have are coming apart and also are burned from the pipe. Hard to find something to fit, don't want to spend lots if they're going to rest on the pipe. Checked into extensions, but they don't seem to help. If you do find any, please post and I'll do the same. I've even checked some of the leather sites, but, most are way too big. Good luck.

Oct 30, 2011
by: Weezee

I have a small pair that came of my Sportster. I'll have to measure them. You can have them for $50.

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ride height

by Pauline
(Townsville Australia)

I have a 2010 suzuki boulevard c50t. I've set the suspension to the softest setting but find it still a little too high as I can only touch the ground with my toes. I'm hoping not to cut down the seat as has been suggested. Are there any safe alternatives I can do to the bike it only needs to go down 1 or 2 inches.

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Feb 02, 2012
Try a different seat
by: Westy

The Suzuki brand gel seat for the C50 will lower your riding position by an inch or two, but it also pushes you back from the bars a bit, so you might need to combine the seat with a set of pullback risers or something.

Gel seats are available on ebay pretty frequently, so it shouldn't cost much to at least give it a try.

Nov 15, 2011
lowering bike
by: Anonymous

I lowered my Yamaha 950 an inch and it really helped. Since you're only touching with your toes, you might have to lower a couple of inches. My lowering kit is a Baron's.

Oct 09, 2011
Suzuki Boulevard
by: Pauline

Thanks Susanne

I have looked online for the lowering kit and this is the way I will go. So thank you for the suggestion. I went for my first ride last week and just need that extra inch or so to feel fully comfortable.


Oct 04, 2011
Lowering kits
by: Susanne

West End Motorsports(I think that was their name) has a lowering kit for your bike. Will drop it 1-2 inches. Just use lowering kit with the name of your bike in the search and several pop up. Spent 75.00 on one when I had a Ninja and it made a huge difference to me.

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MV Agusta 1078 RR

I have an MV Agusta 1078RR. When i ride it for more than 15 minutes the clutch stops working until it cools down. It was stored in my garage for over a year without being riden. Why is this ???

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Oct 24, 2011
What type of clutch?
by: Judy

Does it have a wet or dry clutch? If it's a wet clutch perhaps your engine oil is low. On wet clutch bikes the same oil that lubricates the bottom end (transmission gears and Crankshaft) also bathes the clutch. If it stops working because it's too hot, it's likely the metal plates are expanding from excessive heat until it locks up.

I suggest you look for a Factory Manual to learn more about the specifics of your bike. There is not enough information here to make a judgement.

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Starting old bikes

by peter rogers

My Tiger 110 has always behaved perfectly.1954 vintage
Until I was unable to ride or start it for a year. When I
tried the tickler it was dry,so I stripped the carburetter
of all the gunge, thoroughly washed it all in petrol.put it back together and now it starts easily but then dies within three seconds. I took the carburettor apart again in case I`d missed anything but still the same. What have I done ?
Please help.


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Oct 24, 2011
Get a manual...
by: Judy

When you clean the carb did you thoroughly clean or replace the pilot jet? Is it a bleed-type (holes in the body) or regular? The pilot jet controls idle and just off idle acceleration before the needle jet & jet needle takes over. Does that carb have a choke, and so you're able to start it with the choke on, but with it off it dies?

The most likely culprit is the pilot jet. I don't know about mid-50s British carbs, but I do have experience with vintage '70s Mikuni Roundslide carbs...I can't imagine they'd be too much different.

Good luck!

Oct 24, 2011
by: Anonymous

Thanks for helping, but the float is not adjustable, and moves freely


Oct 24, 2011
by: Anonymous

You did not set the float. You need to set the float to specifications. If it's not set to its specifications it will either flood or not get enough gas.

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V-Star 250 compatible

by Irene
(St Martinville, LA, USA)

I was wondering if there are any other 250 engines that are compatible with a 2010 Yamaha V-Star 250. I want to fix it for my daughter. I killed it after 8,000 miles - bonehead mistake - but hubby got me a 650 replacement, so I'm cool with it :). I have not gotten into the engine yet but I'm pretty sure it will need replacing. There are no Clymer/Haynes books for it yet and I know the frame/engine was changed from the Virago (V-star 250's previous incarnation). I would appreciate any input. Thanks!

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Oct 17, 2011
Rookie Mistakes
by: Anonymous

Ran it out of oil. Like I said, bonehead mistake. I was so caught up on the trip (Louisiana to Grand Canyon) that I didn't do my daily T-CLOCK checks (Tires, Controls, Lights, OIL, Chassis, Kickstand). *sigh* Now I have to take the engine apart and hope it has some salvageable parts, then start ordering what I need. Good thing I got the 650 to keep me happy. =D

Lesson learned: ALWAYS inspect your bike before EVERY ride.

Oct 14, 2011
V star engine
by: Anonymous

Sorry about your engine. I have the same one, go for my licence in a week. May I ask what your mistake was? I need all the help I can get. Thank you and good luck.

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leg from getting burnt from the exhaust pipe

by charity rainey
(royal palm beach florida usa)

what to use to protect your leg from getting burnt on the exhaust pipe on a honda cbr 600 f4i

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Nov 27, 2011
Hot pipes
by: Susanne

Get your pipes ceramic coated.. Keeps your engine cooler plus significantly reduces the heat from the pipes. Not to mention it looks sweet....

Nov 16, 2011
exhaust wrap
by: Jason S.

Another option u could look into is, buying some exhaust wrap at your local auto supply shop. The wrap comes in many colors and gives a bike a cool look while protecting your skin and clothing.

Oct 27, 2011
burning leg
by: Lynn - Florida

You can buy or make a leg gator to slide over the pant. I made one because I burned a hole in my Frog Toggs rain pants. I took an old pair of jeans and cut a leg off at the knee - made a pocket and inserted elastic. I sprayed it with water repellent. I slide it over the frog toggs on my right leg. I like Frog Toggs rain gear because they are cooler for use in Florida but unfortunately they don't make them with a heat resistant panel.

You can buy gators or half chaps, just google it.

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