by dale
(rock hill sc)

should i ride with the choke pulled out or pushed in i'm a new rider and just dont know

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Nov 03, 2012
Warm Up
by: Gypsy Spirit

Hi Dale ...

You should only use the choke (pulled out on most bikes) when the bike is too cold to start without it. ALWAYS let your bike warm up until you can turn the choke off before you start riding. I am told this is especially important for Harleys.

There are different metals used in the assembly of the engines which heat and expand at different rates. Putting a load on the engine (riding) while some parts have heated and others are still "cold" can cause damage to the seals. This is alot of the reason Harleys have a reputation for "marking their territory" with oil drips and leaks.

Another consideration while letting your bike warm up, which applies more to some engine configurations than others, is to keep your bike upright and level. If the bike leans significantly while on the side stand, gravity pulls the oil to that side, rather than keeping it evenly distributed in the crank case and cylinders. Over time this will cause excess wear and shorten the lifespan of the motor.

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Starter problems

by Dman

My V45 Magna that has a starting problem. My bike once i connect the postive side of the battery my bike starts to crank with out key in or the kill switch in run. What could cause this and everything.

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Nov 09, 2012
More info?
by: Gypsy Spirit

Dman ...

Sounds like either something is not wired correctly, or you have a dead short somewhere. What occured between the last time the bike ran properly and connecting this battery? Somewhere in that stretch is the answer to your problem. Did you remove & replace the tank or seat? Replace or reroute a cable? Make a list of everything you can think of, then double check them all. I usually go with the simplest and least expensive first.

Good Luck! Let us know what you find.

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Riding a Scooter

I am a 54 yr old woman, who is trying to learn to ride a scooter. I have signed up for a MSF course, but failed the riding part twice. I am losing my confidence. My husband has been riding for years and wants me to ride with him. We bought scooters, because I never really rode a motorcycle. Anyone has any tips that can help me get my license?


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Nov 27, 2012
Test tomorrow!
by: Alexandria

I am taking my motorcycle test again tomorrow morning! Thanks for the story and the Good Luck! I intend to pass this time!

Nov 27, 2012
Keep going..
by: Michelle

I think you will do great, I myself feel more secure on a motorcycle than a scooter, I started out this spring by taking a course, then rode my Hond 250. Within a month I traded my 250 for a C50 (805cc) Love the bigger bike you do not feel all the road imperfections, I am now learning to ride my husbands 1600 but the bike is a little heavy on stopping and keeping upright. I had many days where I felt like I would go forward than take 3 steps back. Now I just ride. I almost thought about giving up I was on a hill with my hubby behind me and a car and I kept stalling, I got off my bike and proceded to walk it up the hill cussing all the way and telling my hubby to go get the car but he couldnt just leave me there so I got back on and contnued riding. Good Luck..

Nov 26, 2012
by: Alexandria

Thanks guys, so much! I recently signed up for one on one training. I really appreciate your support! So far, I only have a few scraps and (a few scratches on the bike), but I will hang in there! I know that I might see many more before this over...lol!

Nov 26, 2012
I was so discouraged.......
by: Gee

Just to let you know, I failed the class twice also, I wouldnt give up, I took a private class, and that really helped.....I did get my license and now Im working on getting used to my 250 honda.....Im taking my time, and I will look forward to the spring, for more practice, I will be 58 years old by then! and Im not giving up, my husband has driven a Harley for years.....and he is really helping me....Good Luck, and stay positive.....

Nov 26, 2012
Scooter Riding
by: Michelle

The best tip anyone could give you is practice, practice , and more practice. Practice in a empty parking lot, do the stopping, weaving , everything from the course. When you are more confident try riding on a non busy rode just to get the feel.

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