Replacing 3rd gear in 1993 Honda Shadow..

by Phillip Ostwalt
(Ellenboro NC )

I have a 1993 Honda Shadow. I have never tore into a motorcycle before.. and really do not have the cash to take it somewhere . My speaclitie is cars.. I can do that.. But I was riding up to Boone NC .. Through the parkway and 3rd gear went out on me.
I just need to know how do I go alone replacing it and if anyone can email any information at all.. on it.. Or suggestion on where to go online to get information.. ? Thank you so much and my email address is phillipostwalt@yahoo.com My name is BUCK .. thanks again ..

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Amy in Germany has a question.

by Her-Motorcycle Webmaster

Hello Ladies,

just spotted this question left on our facebook page by a visitor named Amy. - her-motorcycle.com webmaster


Ok, I have a problem that maybe one of you have had. My 2002 Honda Shadow Spirit has been popping and backfiring since pulling it from storage and I assumed it just needed a tune up. However today after passing the European road safety test by the skin of my teeth I found out my baffles have rusted. Anyone know if they can be replaced on this model without replacing the entire pipe? Germans are very peculiar about loud exhaust.


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May 29, 2013
It doesn't appear so....
by: Judy

The link below is a schematic of the exhaust system of your bike from the "Bike Bandit" website:


It does not show a separate part number for the baffle, unfortunately. It looks as though you'll have to order a new muffler for whatever one has rusted out.

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What to wear on a long ride in the summer?

by Phyllis
(Hoover, AL)

At the age of 62 I just started riding with my boyfriend. He has a Victory Vision Cruiser. We are planning a 23 day/5000+ mile trip from Alabama to the Grand Canyon area in mid-late June. I know it's probably going to be very hot so I want to know what I should wear that will be both safe and comfortable. He told me just jeans and a t-shirt (of course we have jackets and rain suits, too), but the more I read here the more I think I need more protection. I have a full helmet and was planning on wearing hiking boots. Can anyone give me some suggestions?

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Jun 05, 2013
Mesh armor
by: Chandra S

I just wanted to add my wholehearted agreement to all the ladies who recommend good mesh armor. I have a Joe Rocket mesh jacket, after reading some of the below comments I think I am going to go shop for a set of pants to go with it (I usually wear jeans but I think a pair of vented pants over shorts would make me a lot more comfortable PLUS safer.

Here is a link to the jacket that I wear - I have never felt uncomfortabley warm as long as we were going over 20 mph. I have also tried on really nice mesh jackets by Fulmer and Pokerun, and if you like a "girlier" look Icon makes some really pretty gear. Fulmer gear is a little less expensive, but still well made and very functional.


Jackets are easy to remove at stops, since a little speed is necessary for the airflow that keeps them comfy.

I strongly, strongly advise against riding in just a tank top, even though many of my friends do. Even without the ever-present wreck possibility, which we all face no matter how safe/experienced we are, I have seen a lot of girls with blistered sunburns and chapping.

Another thing that a lot of back-seat riders don't think about is gloves. I wear the same gear riding two-up as I do when I am driving, so my "warm weather" gloves also need airflow - I use these:


Jun 03, 2013
Gel Gel
by: Anonymous

I live in west Texas, I have found these wonderful little neck coolers I keep soaked all the time. My husband and I usually start to condition ourselves weeks before by taking on water as much as possible as well as getting as much rest. I do wear the vented equipment like everyone has mentioned, but I am very hot natured so I try to keep the wrap on my neck. And of course stay as hydrated as possible. They also make the cooling vests that are wonderful. Have a wonderful trip be safe.

May 29, 2013
Summer gear
by: Susanne

Some really good advice from previous posters !! I am by no means vain about my looks. I don't really care what I look like to others while riding with gear. My gear is a whole lot prettier than a horrific mangled mess of road rash. A quick Internet search for motorcycle road rash will shock you.
After watching my neighbor years ago slam into a mailbox and slide across the road on her hands and knees I immediately saw the need for gear.
Buy a armored jacket and kevlar jeans then drink plenty of fluids.

May 29, 2013
Protect that skin
by: Stephanie

The main cause of death from a motorcycle accident (if you are not killed at the site) is from infection from road rash. It is very similar to burn victims, and all that gravel and fine sand that gets ground into your skin has to be debrieded like burns do and the risk of infection is high. Not to mention scarring.

Wear a tank top under a mesh riding jacket. I have mesh riding pants and go "commando" when it gets hot.

May 29, 2013
summer gear
by: jp

I've been riding for several years and mostly in summer heat and here's what works for me. I gave up leathers and use vented Joe Rocket armored jacket and pants. In the humid East I just wear shorts and tank top under this protective wear. I can feel the breeze going through to keep me cool enough and I drink enough water to make sure I need a good potty break at every gas stop. You can dehydrate with all that 'breeze' and that will ruin your trip. Once I get out West, where the air is dry I put on heavy jeans and a heavy cotton knit long sleeve shirt and soak it all down before putting on the vented gear over the wet clothing. I become a moving 'swamp cooler' and can actually feel a bit chilled when first heading out. The vented gear keeps the clothing underneath wet to damp and it only starts to dry about the time for the next fill up. People look at me like I'm nuts because I look so 'bundled up' but I stay cool and comfortable. I've done this for years. The occasional summer rain storm helps keep me good and damp too. However, a friend and I sat through stopped traffic from a big storm down in Lake Charles in 90+ summer weather and by the time the traffic got rolling and everything had cooled we had to put on our rain gear to cut the wind that had us freezing. We sat soaking wet in a nearby restaurant gripping cups of hot coffee and shivering before we cut our losses and just got a motel to 'warm up' in. So, now I think twice before not stopping to put on rain gear, even if it is toasty out. Hope you have a good trip.

May 29, 2013
Long Distance Clothing
by: Gypsy Spirit

Hi Phyllis ...

Many people do not realize that long sleeves help reduce dehydration and fatigue from wind and sun, not to mention helping to protect you from sunburn, on a long ride!

My suggestion is to go with a light weight denim jacket (or heavy weight denim shirt) over a tank top so you can shed the long sleeves quickly and easily at stops. Denim is surprizingly durable against road rash also!

You will be surprized how easily you burn going from the humidity of Alabama to the dry of Arizona as well! Consider wearing a bandana around your neck to cover that little patch that gets sun between your helmet and collar!

Drink LOTS of fluids and carry water! Keep in mind that alcohol dehydrates you and doesn't count! Coming from a humid area where sweat clings to you, it is easy to not realize how dehydrated you become in an area where sweat evaporates almost before you realize you're sweating! If it is really hot, I'll wet down my shirt/jacket to increase the cooling from the wind.

Regarding wind dry skin/sunburn ... get food grade coconut oil (available for about $5/quart at Walmart). When you stop for the night, shower, and WHILE YOU ARE STILL WET rub a little coconut oil into your skin WITH THE WATER (a spot in your hand the size of a quarter should be enough for your whole body ... otherwise it feels greasy). Do it at night so your skin has time to absorb the water. I'm really light skinned, and it will turn sunburn to tan overnight. It also helps condition your skin so you won't burn as easily, just DO NOT put oil on then go into the sun right away, or you'll fry like a chicken!

I also find that a small bit of coconut oil in the private areas helps reduce chaffing as well.

It sounds like a GREAT RIDE! ENJOY!!!

May 29, 2013
Riding in the heat
by: Joan

I agree with wearing the most protection that you can when riding, but I'm guilty of not always doing it. One thing that you might consider getting to help keep you cooler is a hydration vest. You soak it in water and put it on over your shirt. You do need to wear a jacket over it, preferably a mesh jacket as this allows the air to come through and will give you a cooling effect. I would not ride with just a short sleeved shirt or tank top. Besides it not giving you any protection, you will honestly get hotter as you have more skin exposed for the sun to hit. My husband and I rode in 115 degree weather in the desert and wore textile type jackets with the vents opened and our hydration vests underneath. We also bought something called a 'Chilly Pad' made by FroggTogg that was very helpful. You soak it in water and wrap it around your neck keeping it underneath your jacket as much as possible. Keeping your neck cool also helps to keep your body temp down some. Another important thing to do is stop often and drink lots of water and or Gatorade. You have got to keep yourself hydrated or you can get sick. Listen to your body and you will be just fine. Have a good trip!

May 29, 2013
Sweat vs. blood-what's your preference?
by: Judy

Ladies, I made the mistake one time when I was young and stupid back in '81, the only time I ever rode on the back (because I'd been drinking which I don't do anymore). It was a 101F day in Seattle on SeaFair Sunday--very, very rare for a normally moderate climate.

I car pulled out in front of us & we went down @ 40mph. I was wearing shorts, sandles, and a tank top, no helmet (also the only time in my life w/o one).

I regained conciousness on the side of the road to hear a bystander tell a cop "I saw her head bounce off the curb." I shouldn't be here today. I was amazingly fortunate to get by with only a bad concussion, 12 stitches in my head and a permanent numb spot, broken clavacle, and road rash on my leg which kept me from being able to walk only for about 3 weeks. The road rash I received put some permanent scars on my shoulder, arms and hands but they've faded a bit. I was very lucky to not require skin grafts!

I rode in '06 to Laguna Seca in temps up to 116F with a armored Mesh Jacket, Kevlar pants (only because I can't find leathers off the shelf to fit), motorcycle-specific boots, full gauntlet gloves and FF helmet. You have to decide if you want the risk of being torn to shreds by the road surface, or being hot and sweaty while you're riding and shower it off later.

It's an easy decision for me.

You can buy vented leather jackets and vented pants, or an armor Mesh jacket like I have.

Anything less and your asking for big trouble.

May 28, 2013
Summer gear
by: Milly

I used to make sure I had a long sleeved shirt or jacket all the time, but summer heat makes them unbearable. If you feel you need something more than just a t-shirt; you could purchase a leather vest. Hope you have a wonderful trip!

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