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We have received a lot of responses around certain types of motorcycle headgear. These could be do-rags, ball caps to helmet liners. It seems there are a quite a few inventive solutions to the issue of headgear. We prefer to use menthogen to deal with scalp itch but how do you keep your hair from flying all over the place when you take your helmet off? Check out what some of our visitors have to say and if you'd like to have your say visit the Helmet Hair main page to join the discussion.

A Buff

by Rosanna Zerafa
(Cincinnati, Ohio)

Use a Buff

I too have found that bandanna of sorts works great to keep hair in place (I have long hair and it drives me crazy when hair blows in under my glasses or shield and into my eyes). I had my Buff recommended by a fellow female rider and they can be found at PlanetBuff.com in a great variety of colors and designs. Can be worn many different ways!


by Amy Crawfor
(York, PA)

I tie my hair back as best I can, and then wear girlie (pink and purple and such) do-rags like the boys do - then I don't have to worry what my hair looks like underneath!

Hair Glove

by Luna

I use a hair glove, since my hair is long I usually use a low pony tail and still tangled a lot, so I decided to use a hair glove and my hair problems where solved!! You can find it in several lenghts and you can also cut it.

helmet Hair

by vicki kay

I tend to wear my bandana ás a scarf, that usually keeps the 'tray bits of hair breaking free and then really annoying me for the rest of the trip.

Cut it short, or wear a doo rag under your helmet...

by Caroline Heller
(Barre, VT)

or do both. I have had long hair, short hair, and everything in between. The doo rag under my helmet is my favorite way to combat helmet head, that and a good bend-upside-down-shake-it-baby-shake-it-flip-it-around and smile at everyone watching you as you stand upright again and walk like you are tipsy.

No Help

by Marla
(Woodbine, GA USA)

Same as you, baseball cap.....there is not cure!!!!!!

Head Wraps or Hat

by Pamela
(Lake Hughes, California)

A pretty knotty wrap or cap for now..I can't wait until someone finds how to fix this problem..LOL

Baby Powder

by Sara
(Austin, TX)

I know it sounds odd, but I keep natural baby powder in my bag at all times. Nothing will cure really terrible helmet hair, but if you run some of it through your hair, you can get back some volume and get rid of some of the moisture and shine that accumulate.

Always wear a buff

I feel lucky because I have a perfect, strong and wavy hair. We way to preserve a good looking hair even after removing the helmet is to use a good hair mask after rinse and to maintain a good haircut. Then I use to hide my hair into the back of my jacket to preserve from wind, this damages hair a lot.
I use my buff as hairband. It is very fancy and makes your hair look well if long.

Helmet Hair tip

by Becky
(Lexington, Ky. USA)

I just put on a really, really cute hat!

Diva-Do Helmet Liner

by Kristi
(WA state)

My hair is almost to my waist and very thick. As another poster wrote...these Raci Babi Do rags are the ticket. I have no affiliation with them but I do love their product. My hair comes out beautifully and I don't braid it or tie it up at all. The soft material and the pouch in the back to hold your hair works great. They are small and packable and cute!

Helmet Hair Tip

by SG
(Reading, PA, USA)

Try wearing or carrying with you a Buff. Like the ones they wear on Survivor. You can buy them online, can wear them 10 different ways or more, cool patterns, comfortable and they come in winter fabric & summer fabric.

Prevent to OHHHHH My Goodness Helmet Hair

(Englewood OH)

I am an avid Biker. I have waist long thick hair. I swear on the hair glove product and a scarf with a helmet...never again have the dreaded look.

Wear a visor to keep the 'flat' hair out of my face

by Betty L. Yoder
(Lititz, Pa, United States)

The visor acts to keep the flat helmet hair out of my face and adds a 'distraction' to the helmet hair.


by S Miles
(Hudson, NH)

I have curly hair with bangs, and have employed the use of headbands to 1) keep the hair out of my eyes while pulling the helmet over my head, then 2) to make it look like I intended that to be the hairstyle of the day. Perhaps luckily, my hair is curly enough the rest of it doesn't get too flat - I can just fluff it up with a bit of water once I'm off the bike.

The Dannaband Will Solve Your Helmet Hair

by Jim Bates
(Arlington, VA)

I know two sisters who just launched a product called the "Dannaband" dannaband.com. It is touted as being better than a Bandanna. They made this product with their older sister in mind, who needed headwear while or after riding her Harley. They also work great for working out, running, biking, skiing, or for bed-head I will return to post a picture. Call if you have any questions.


It's Simple!

by Grace Peretin

Get a skin cap that African american males wear. It's stretchy and squishy enough not to dent your hair, but it keeps it out of your eyes and the wind!

Get a great wig? Put in on just before going into the restaurant.

Get a great wig!

A Ball Cap

by Mountain Savage Girl

I carry my favorite ball cap in my saddle bag. When I take the helmet off,I immediately put on my ball cap.

Dont have to worry about my hair looking bad then :-)

It gets really hot here in the summer and of course,you not only have helmet hair but sweaty helmet hair.

I feel comfortable and look fine, since I'm not showing my "Helmet Hair"!

Covering Up Helmet Hair

by Sue
(Milford, CT, USA)

Carry a baseball cap and put that on when you take off the helmet.

Cap it!

by Maria

Just pack a cap, bandana or hair band.


A satin or silk scarf. I ride my bicycle and find this the best solution. Plus, I get really sweaty on my bike.

Cotton Liner

I use a cotton cloth like bandana and wear my helmet. This helps hair not to stick to much.

Wrap It

Wrap your hair around your head while securing with bobby pins put a scarf or bandanna around your head
remove any bobby pins if you want.

Now when ever you take of your helmet, remove the scarf and...your hair falls down like magic. If your hair is thick and a little coarse it gives it a lot of volume too :) Hope this helps.

lol I've had helmet hair..ugh.

Just Like Using a Silk Scarf

by Aly
(New York, NY)

Hi all!

So funny that I read this, and was like "tell me about it.. helmet hair SUCKS", and while browsing online for bike gear, I came across this:

Helmet Liners

I mean, I've obviously never tried this particular product, but I figured I'd share it with you lovely ladies..

Wear a cute hat...

by Jenn

When I get off my bike, I just have a cute hat that I slip on right after I take off my helmet. Its not a baseball cap but a cute black hat that looks great with anything. I have short hair and this has been the best solution for me.

Top it off...

by Fancy

Get yourself a really cute, sexy hat to put on when you take the helmet off.

Solution for motorcycle helmet linings that make your head itchy...

by Mo Berry
(Kincardine, ON Canada)

OOOHHH! Don't you hate it when you are riding and the synthetic lining in the helmet pulls your hair and makes your head feel itchy all over? AND what relief when you take the hlemet off and scratch but who can stop to do this all the time!

Well, I simply bought a bandanna ($1.00 at the Dollarama store) and placed it (pattern facing me) in my helmet.

Then I cut off the excess material leaving an extra 2 inches of material all around.

Roll/fold about 1 inch of this "border" area material UNDER to make a nice clean edge.

Press this material liner into your helmet fairly loosely.

Carefully HOT GLUE GUN the edge around the helmet inside but only do a dot or two at a time - and press the material liner into your helmet to stick. Voila! You've lined your helmet and no more "itchy" head! And when you take the helmet off the liner stays put. NO more bandanna ends to fly out of the helmet or slip out from under it!

Also I found it is better to wash and dry your hair the night before and not wash it or use hair products on it the same day you are riding. Take a little spray bottle of water to spritz on your hair once the helmet is off, run your fingers through it. Ladies: wear nice earrings and a pretty colour lipstick. SMILE!

using a scarf/beanie

by Elena
(Minden, NV)

I put a scarf over my head, done in the way of the first layer of a hijab style. Trial and error will teach you which scarf prevents static. I usually go for cotton ones. Works like a charm!

Wear a Helmet Sock

by Danette
(Dayton, OH, USA)

They make several various helmet socks but the outcome is the same. I like the version that is shaped like an open face helmet (no tie and no under the chin). You put the sock on first while tucking in your hoop-earrings and extra hair. Then pull your helmet on over like normal. You won't have the pulling on the hair roots like you normally would have. When it comes time to take your helmet off the sock come off automatically while leaving your hair and earrings still in place. I have short curly hair now but have used this with my long wavy hair style too. The other big key factor would be to have a helmet with vents at the top. This would keep the heat from you head from flattening your hair. Good luck!

Don't use sprays, gels or styling product in your hair.

by Lisa
(Tucson, AZ)

I have found that when I avoid using any styling products in my hair before I ride that it helps later with helmet hair. I have thick hair as well and it's a mess if I don't follow my rule.

However,I use a leather glove to pull my hair back and a cotton do-rag to avoid the flat top, puffy bottom look.

The mighty Buff...

by Heather
(Medford, OR)

I have thick, curly, unruly hair, that gets even more unruly when held down by a helmet. My favorite cure is a "Buff", a versatile headwrap that can be worn in a variety of ways: do-rag, pirate, headband, hairwrap - you name it, it can pretty much be worn that way. It can also be worn under the helmet for extra warmth, or to keep dust and bugs out of your teeth...yep, I love these things, and can't say enough good things about them!

It's Called a Tubbie

by Bear
(Houston Tx)

My wife has a full mane of hair and this is the only thing that we have found that doesn't damage her hair. We got her one at a rally and after trying it, I got her 4 more in different patterns. It is a doo rag with a tube in the back about 12 inches long that snaps around your hair. I don't know their phone # but there made by stone sewing and can be reached at mouse2much4u@yahoo.com . Hope this will work for you.


by Mark B
(Hanceville, Al)

Keep the doo rag on!!

Fixing Helmet Hair

by Karla
(West Virginia, USA)

I wear one of those helmet silks. They work great!

wear a bandanna all the time!

by michele
(hudson, wi)

I keep my hair very short and wear a bandanna under my helmet. Then, I remove the helmet while carefully holding the front of the bandanna against my forehead with one finger so it stays in place.True, I still have helmet hair, but no one can see it- I'm just a cool biker! On days when it's too warm to wear a bandanna, I just make sure I have one handy that I can quickly apply. I keep a variety of colors (available from www.tansclub.com) so I can color-coordinate as necessary.

Bandanna and Pony Tail

by Nichole
(Fort Knox)

I found that wearing a bandanna under my helmet makes a huge difference and then I put my hair (LONG!) in a pony tail and put pony-tail holders every 3 inches all the way down. That way my hair doesn't blow in the wind and become a (rats nest). Now that I am riding on my own bike and geting ALL THE WIND, I found that is the best way to deal with it!


by AmyO
(Florence, MS)

My hair is very short in back and chin length in front and sides, like a wedge. Anyway, when i take off my helmet and have sweated my hair is sticky to my head on all sides. I throw my head upside down and shake it out really good while running a wide tooth comb or brush through it. Then I slide on a headband, fluff up the back a bit with my hands. It stacked or wedged in the back so the cut itself gives body to it.

wear a headband...

In my experience, very thin plastic headbands will keep the hair out of your eyes while riding and once removed (along w/helmet!) will result in your hair bouncing a bit...so run a brush thru it and your gorgeous! Ride safe! Colleen

Get a Wig!

by Cyndi
(Natick, MA)

Don't laugh... I bought a wig that resembles my cut. I have a mid length bob so it is in-between a pony and being short! My husband thinks it's funny!

A Silk Scarf or Silk Skull Cap

by Trish Cooper
(South Australia)

I wear a silk scarf under my helmet and when I remove it, my hair (which is spiky) is always in place and also hair is not damaged by being pulled by inner liner of helmet.

Long Hair

by Claire
(Ontario, Canada)

Use a doo rag. Also put your hair into a pony tail and use more than one elastic down the length to the bottom. Braids work really well. Put your hair into the back of your jacket and do it up all the way to the neck. This way your hair won't blow around and get tangled at the ends as much. Your hair will still be flat, but at least it won't be a tangled mess when you stop riding.

A Helmet Hair Solution

by Carole
(Paxton, IL)

Wear a hat or bandanna when you take off your helmet. That's my solution.

Cover It Up!

by Patti Denman
(Bainbridge Island, WA)

Carry a squashable, comfy hat to put on when the helmet comes off. Some are downright cool and attractive! Felt in cooler weather: straw in warmer.

Helmet Sponge

Put a sponge inside the helmet, it stops the helmet from rubbing your head and keeps it away from your scalp so that it doesn't lay flat.

Use a "Bump-It"

by Latricia Spelce
(Taylor, AR)

I'm not sure if Bump-It is the correct name of not but that's what I call it. It's that little plastic arch that you put on the top of your head, comb your hair over it and it gives you some fluff. I do that before putting on my helmet and it seems to help some. It does get tangled at times but not too bad.


by Nathan
(Clinton, TN)

I have been wearing them since spring, and finally talked the wife into wearing the one that I bought her. It doesn't cure, but it sure helps! It also reduced the helmet itch problem greatly, and I think that it is actually cooler in hot weather than without (could be the lack of itch). SLIKs are available from several online dealers, and at most rallies.

Nylon skully

by Verne'

I usually wear a skully,it works well for me!!!

Coyboy hat

by Dee
(Niagara Falls)

I have a cylindrical piece of luggage on the back of bike to carry my straw cowboy hat, easiest way I know to look good when the helmet comes off.

Stuff a baseball cap in your Jacket

by Patty

I find that the best thing to do is to carry a baseball cap so that you can hide that Helmet hair! I've found that this is the best solution other than carrying hair products to use anytime you stop.

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