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Helmet Hair Accessories

Balaclava and a Brush

I wear a balaclava and ALWAYS keep a brush under my pillion seat 2 mins and hair is as good as it can be!

Use Good Quality Hair Products

I have short fine straight hair and for me, I have found I can improve my hair's resistance to helmet head by using good quality hair products. I've had very good results with L'Oréal Serie Expert Volume Extreme "Nutritex" Shampoo(volumizing and strengthening shampoo for fine hair). I also use a good quality volumizing mousse and hair spray (nothing that weighs down my hair) no conditioner. I find after I remove my helmet there is still some pretty good body there and I just need to run my fingers through my hair to restore some of the lift.

leave in hair conditioner after showering

by Wendy Campbell
(NewBrunswick, Canada)

Im in Atlantic Canada where there is a helmet law, but not far from the USA, Maine border where there is not a helmet law. I ride with and without one.
I have long hair and i dont have any problem. I were no products at all during riding season and have a few managble tangles, but not nothing serious. I only wear a 3/4 helmet, not a full face. before i got a crusier i had a CBR and did not like the feeling of a full face. I like the added feeling of freedom and the wind blowing through my hair!

I dont care if it gets messed up anyway,,,,,,,its part of the experience :)


Light Socket Hair

by Muffet

I cut off my long locks!! So now it always looks like I stuck my finger in a light socket, which works out great for the "Helmet Hair" fight we women fight. I simply apply lots of gel/product, dry it like normal then when I pull off my helmet, tease or just rub it until it sticks out again.... or I have feeling back in my head, whichever comes first! LOL!

Good Luck!

Promote the Airflow and Manage the Control!

by Lisa
(McHenry County, IL US)

I don't know if this is a cure BUT it is what has worked best for me. I have huge amounts of hair that must be cut and styled into countless layers if I want to look civilized. Instead of flattening and battening-down my hair with a bandanna, I bought a hair net, a la historical re-enactment costume sources (mine was on Ebay) in a color that went with my outfit. It allows for air and movement of the hair.

The other thing I use is spray-on conditioner. It stops/reduces tangling and the hair falls into place better once I brush it out after removing the helmet and hair net.

Tip for Helmet Hair

by Lorie

I have thick, short hair and is also wavy. I pull it straight with a straightener. So when I wear the helmet, most of the time I get a wave on the top of my head. John Frieda Frizz-Ease Secret Weapon Flawless Finishing Cream. You can use it on dry hair and it conditions it every time you use it. Your hair isn't perfect but it does help and it's only $6.99. It says on the container that its for Frizzy hair but it actually helps with helmet hair.

Good luck!

Non-Alcohol Gel

by Breanna
(From NY; Currently in Orlando, FL)

I have really, I mean REALLY curly hair. It's not the coarse, thick kind, but the part where the helmet connects to my head becomes noticeably straighter/flatter than the rest of my hair. My cure: non-alcohol gel. If you know you're going to be riding in advance, try using non alcohol on your scalp (won't cause dandruff/flaking because there's no drying agent in the gel, aka alcohol). Place the gel in your hands and rub them together. Tease your scalp by taking your fingertips from the bottom of your hairline and then running them in upwards strokes while making sure you don't run your fingers down the length of your hair. Just stop when you reach the top of your head on your scalp and then repeat. The non-alcohol gel allows your hair to be tangible even AFTER it dries and does not leave any sticky residues. I will post a pic up later of my non-so-helmet hair after I go for a ride :)

Sea Salt spray for your hair.

by Poppy
(Bedfordhisre, UK)

Gives impressive oomf without making hair sticky or looking as though you have product in it

Helmet Hair Solution

by Michelle
(Covington, GA)

I have very short hair in the back and long in the front. About 1/2" in the back. I use a product called "Rewind 06" by Redken or "Dry Wax spray" by shortsexyhair. After you take off the helmet you can put your hair back into place. Both products are great for short hair, especially if you have the kind of hair that will look good tossled and messy.

Keep gel in the saddle bags....

by Val

Slather a little gel on...for the taming affect...not that remember to do it very often..I am more of a "You people can't deal with helmet hair?? TOUGH..it's my hair."

A Simple Powder to Help with Helmet Hair!

by Kelli
(Lakeland, FL)

There is a hair product made by Oasis called Dust It. It's a little bottle of powder you sprinkle on your hair and rough it up and you get instant volume!! Brush your hair first then just pull up the top section where you want volume sprinkle a little bit under the section you pulled up around your head just tossle your hair and go! The more you work it in the bigger it gets! If you get it too big just use your brush again and smooth it down a little. You can get the product from your hair stylist. If she's nice and you tell her you'd really like it she can help you get it if they don't sell it at the salon.

Dryer sheet or Static guard

by Myndi
(SLC, Utah, USA)

I do get helmet hair but it is the static that drives me crazy. I keep a dryer sheet in my bag and just kinda rub it on the ends of my hair. Plus it keeps your bags smelling good. I have also used static guard in my hair which works really good. I am just not sure if it is good on the hair. Very few stores stock the little travel cans of Static Gaurd so when I see them I usually grab a few.

I LOVE your site. You rock!!

Tuck into your jacket or stimulate your scap

by Kate Fetterly
(Saint Charles, MO, USA)

When I had long hair a few years ago, I remember that I put the helmet on first, then the jacket, and I could do this without the use of a Scunci. With my short hair, It's easy to get away with just running my fingers through it, and sort of scratching my head at the same time, revitalizing my follicles. I found that a little bit of root- lifter or max-hold hair gel will allow my hair to "pop" up, if I haven't been sweating.

Anything to stimulate your scalp will help.

Finally, wear helmet hair with a badge of honor: You're a biker chick, be proud!

- Kate

Helmet Hair Solution

by Calf
(Austin, Texas)


1. Before you put on your helmet, comb your hair in EXACTLY the opposite direction from your normal style. Upon arriving at your destination (or any other time you want to remove your helmet), comb it back into the normal style. This "should" eliminate helmet hair.

2. You also can hit a Sephora and get their brand of dry shampoo and comb that through after taking off your helmet. That will help.

Tiny spray bottle with water.

by Jan
(San Antonio, Fl)

Of course this would not work in very cold weather conditions, but I live in Florida. I fill a tiny spay bottle with water. I spritz the top of my hair and scrunch it up. It usually dries very quickly. When available, I've even used a one of those automatic hand drying machines. Spritz it and then lean over and fluff it dry. Nothing I have found truly solves the helmet hair issue, but this makes mine look a tad better.

Super sticky gel!

by shannon
(los angeles)

My hair is long so I usually comb it back, put super sticky gel and put it in a bun. But I notice that if I use a headband, twist the tail and use a hair net (one of those that chefs use), then I have a decent look when I take my helmet off. It always takes a few minutes when I arrive at my destination to get all jazzed up but it's worth every minute of riding my bike.



Carry the tools to fix it

by Meghan
(Sarnia, ON, Canada)

I have short hair, so it's a bit easier sometimes to manage. If you can, carry a spray bottle of water to wet your hair, then apply gel or hairspray to get it to behave. That's what I'd do....but if that doesn't work, I find really cute hats and match them to my outfit for the day. When the helmet comes off, the hat goes on. No one has to know about the disaster under my "bonnet."

Spray bottle with leave in conditioner

As others have said, a little water in a spray bottle does wonders at the end of a ride, however, if you add a little leave in conditioner to the water it helps with the frizz too.

dry wax

by Mary Lu Duffy
(Fairhope, AL)

start with clean hair under the helmet. If you're going in somewhere for a meal and spend some time, it's worth a trip to the ladies room with a jar of dry wax. Wax the roots and fluff with your fingers to pick it up off your scalp and give it some body. Hair should be dry before you wax, so if you're sweaty, give it some time to dry before trying to "fix" it.

My Helmet Hair Tip for Those with Long, Straight Hair

by Ellen

This is what works for me, and won't work for everyone but here goes:

I have long, straight, fine, flyaway hair. When I take the helmet off, the static electricity causes the hair to wrap around my face and it drives me nuts! Of course, it's also flat against my head. To combat that situation, I bring along a small tube of sunblock, believe it or not. As soon as I arrive at my destination, I put a small, pea-sized blob of sunblock in my palm and rub my hands together, as though I'm putting hand cream on my hands. I then flip my hair upside down by bending forward and I run my fingers through my hair. This gets rid of the static flyaways instantly and it gives my hair a bit of lift. Sounds like it would cause it to look greasy but no, it does not. By distributing it evenly on my hands, there is no greasy effect--it's sort of like putting leave-in hair conditioner on. For those who are really, really bothered by their appearance (OK, yes, sometimes I can be vain), you can bring a little zip pouch with a travel size bottle of hair spray, a mini mirror and a mini brush.

Bang Fix

by Lori

Carry a big round brush and a small can of Quick Dry Hairspray. (I keep Redken in my salon, it's great!) As soon as the bucket is off, wrap your bangs around the brush and give a good spray. You can fluff them out if you want. Fixes flat bangs or the ones the wind turns into Cameron Diaz's bangs in "Something About Mary"! Can be done in 60 seconds with your mirror before you even get off the bike. Safe ride!


by Carla Sappington
(Canyon, Texas)

I carry clips with me so I can just pin it up for "Messy Look."

Gel and Banana Clip

On just a day ride poker run, this worked for me. I washed my hair that morning and put lots of styling gel in it while wet, scrunching it thoroughly. Then I pulled it up, still wet, into a banana clip high on my head. At each stop, the helmet would come off and I would just finger fluff my bangs; between the light sweat and the gel it worked for me. At some stops I would remove the clip (as it tends to slip as the day goes on) and just fluff and flip my hair (very long - halfway down my back); back in the clip before slipping back into the helmet.

At the end of the ride I was amazed that my "helmet hair" wasn't bad at all! I feel I look really bad in a bandanna, so I'm glad this works for me. And with the gel, if the hair were to look really smashed all I would have to do is dampen with fresh water and re-scrunch...hardly a glamour look, but I didn't feel disheveled either. Hubby liked it, and since the hair is long because he likes it that way, it's all good in my world!

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