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Hairstyles for Women Motorcycle Riders

This is our second page of hairstyles for women motorcycle riders as sent into us by our readers. All of these tips have come to us via our Helmet Hair page where you can send in your advice for dealing with the dreaded helmet hair problem. We use M-Gen for scalp itch along with some of the tips on this page.


by Morgan Gerena
(Santa Rita, Guam)

I have tried everything...and to top it off I have curly hair which ends up to be a big ol rat's nest.. The best way for me to do my hair is in a braid with a bandanna.

No spikes during riding season...

I have short, straight hair, and during the winter, I cut it so that it can spike up a bit. But once riding season approaches, I let it grow out a little and use a large diameter curling iron to add a little "poof" to it. I then spray some hair-freezing spray in. When I take my helmet off, I fluff it up with my fingers, and it seems to hold. Everyone stay safe and beautiful! Nancy

"Comb-Over" of a different type . . .

by Carol

Come your hair the opposite way you normally wear it. When you take your helmet off, brush it back the opposite way (normal). It should look pretty close to normal.

Pony Tails

I've just started riding (MY OWN! yay), but have not ridden all day yet. I am a seasoned bit...um, backseat rider and it helps to put my hair in 2 ponytails (sometimes I do 4 along my neck line and it makes it nice and wavy) ... then curl them around curlers along my neckline after I put on my helmet ... or tuck them in a hairnet (I have long hair to my mid-back). I don't have bangs, so when I take the curlers out (doesn't take but a minute) I flip it a few times to air it out and run my fingers in the top to fix the part. Sometimes I just tuck 2 ponytails in my helmet (in winter it helps for warmth). Hope this helps someone!

The Two-Step Process...

by Laura
(Fair Oaks, CA USA)

I carry a very cheap (bad holding) travel size hairspray under my seat and a little brush. I pull all my hair into a pony tail, spraying back all strands. When I get off the bike, I brush it out, then spray the hair upside down. Not you, just your head. Hair will be slightly raised off the head, and have lots of volume. Good luck. PS. Best when hair is just washed.

Ride Safe,
Laura of Fair Oaks, CA

Gel like hell!

by Renee Bishop
(Ludington, MI)

I use an extra hold hair gel on my curly mop. Of course like everyone else, myhair gets plastered to my head from my helmet. I keep a small spray bottle of water in my saddle bags. I don't stop often, but when I do I just give those curly locks a few sprays of water, and it comes back to life! This has worked for me for the last 34 years that I have been riding.

Cut Your Hair

by Wendy

Because I participate in many activities that require helmets (motorcycling, kayaking, Mt Biking), I have taken to having my hair cut short. It is sooo comfortable and with a nice pair of earrings my gender is never confused. I don't get helmet head and it's actually cooler.

there is not a good tip out there that truly matters

by Judy B.
(Woodstock, GA, USA)

Best thing to do is either expect to wear hair in a tight ponytail or wear a do-rag. Do what i did to explain it all.....I just put a sticker on my helmet that says "Hairdo By Helmet".

Upside down....

by V. Adams

I have thick naturally curly hair that loves to lay flat against my head on a hot day of riding...My solution...I flip my head over as if going to blow dry the underside, and put my helmet on in this position. After lowering my hair/head into the helmet, I raise up, buckle up and away we go. Next time the helmet comes off, my hair is full of volume!

Cut It Off

My young boys always shave their heads after school is finished for summer. Last summer they talked me into shaving my head, (with the longest setting) I style it shaggy, so when I take off my helmet give it a bit of a tassle and it looks all pokey out.

For Long Fabulous Volumous Hair

by A. Perry
(San Francisco, CA)

If you hair is long... fold it up on the very top of you head, kinda messy, then stick your helmet on. When you take your helmet off, and the hair falls down, it will look like those Pantene Pro-V commercials. The secret is in the waves that get created when you fold the hair on your head. If you hair falls flat afterwards, just pack a travel size volumizing spray, or hair spray, turn your head upside down and spray into the roots, then flip it backwards and there you go. More fabulous waves and lift. Really easy. This works for bobs too.

The most important thing to do whether you have long or short hair is to PART YOU HAIR TO THE SIDE! The 80's had it right. The extra layers will make a dramatic difference to volume.

No hair product

by Patty
(Butler, PA)

I experimented with every combination out there and ended up using no product/spray on my hair, wearing a cotton headband under my helmet and finger fluffing with a little gel when we got to our destination. I've even ridden to work and looked presentable. My hair is short to medium with lots of layers.

I ride to work and got it cut short...

by Sarah
(Milton Keynes, UK)

I cut my hair short and I put some stuff in it so that when I take my helmet off I can just fluff it out. It's kind of styled as a "messy" look anyway and I put a nice clip in it which makes it look like I haven't just climbed out of bed!

Short Short Short!

by Jessica
(Round Rock, TX)

I have VERY Thick hair that really gets heavy when long... so I cut it off! It's super easy to take care of. No need to fuss with bandannas or scarves. I just wash my helmet liner every so often. Adding a little color to short hair can really spice it up! Super Cute!

Fly Away Thin Hair No Help with a Helmet

My friends with really thick curly hair put their hair up on top in a ponytail and then the helmet. When they take the helmet off and ponytail out their hair just falls as if just styled.

I on the other hand have very thin fine static hair and nothing I have tried makes it look any better upon removing my helmet except for putting a hat or scarf on it.

Never use Hairspray

by mary Turner
(Berea Ky 40403.usa.)

I learned to never use hairspray on my hair when I am going for a ride that way you can just run your fingers thru your hair and fluff your hair up so it won't look so bad. It works for me. Or wear your hair short in the summer time.

shave your head

Shave your head and start a new trend :)

Put your hair in braids if its long enough,,,

by D Briggs

then when you take off your helmet you look cute like you just came out for the day :)

Conditioner and french braid

by Julie Zmerzlikar

I do not rinse the conditioner out of my hair on my last shower before a multi-day ride. I swear this makes it easier to rinse the crud out at the end of the trip. a loose french braid helps hold it together to prevent breaking the ends.

Grow Your Hair Long and Braid It, lol

by Kimberly
(Nova Scotia, Canada )

I've had short hair and long hair. Long hair with braids is the easiest!


by Bridgett
(Roseville, CA USA)

Ha Ha. This is a true story, it worked for this gal I knew YEARS ago (in my youth) I was an avid passenger in my teens (much to my parents dismay). This is roughly 1977, helmet laws were not in effect, and most of my "friends" did not wear helmets, but the wind did wreak havoc on our hair. We wanted to look good the whole night. There was this cool chick "Jackie", she would go into the bathroom at whatever place we had stopped (to party) and put her long blond hair into rollers. She would cover it with a cool bandanna/scarf, off we would go, when we arrived at the next stop, she would take them out, fluff and indeed was the hottest chick in the group! A lot of work for sure, but it worked for her!
Ok, I know this trick wont work with helmets, but had to share anyhow.


Whale Spout

by Rosemary
(Seattle, WA USA)

I keep my hair at a length that I can just pull it up on the top of my head with a rubberband and make a little "whale spout." When I take off my helmet and pull off the rubberband (or elastic band) my hair fluffs nicely.

Form Your Own Hair Right Out of the Helmet

by Heather (Raven) Smith
(Diamond Bar, California)

I had just cut my hair super short and had a double dab of Bed Head's "MacDaddy" hair sculpting stuff in it. Long story short...My husband took my car and I had to ride to my destinations that day.

When I pulled off my helmet, I was horrified! my hair looked as if I had just woke from a 500 year nap! ahh, but No worries! I ran my fingers through the mass of flattened, folded and spiked bits and noticed it was malleable. It seemed to move where I wanted it with the bed head stuff in it. I turned around and used the SUV window next to me as a mirror and hand-sculpted my new hairdo right back into the salon style! Each time I stop at a different store, I make a different doo! I even get comments on them sometimes!

Yes, for some...The perfect fix. and your helmet smells nice all the time too. I have pull out lining that is washable, so it is perfect fix for me.

Kudos to lady riders.
Heather (Raven) Smith


by Kimberly

Use hair putty or hair mud (kept in your harley purse, of course), and keep your specs perched on your head!!!! and ALWAYS wear your makeup - nobody will notice your horrific hair style!

Back comb

by tanya keel

i brush it when i take my helmet off and back comb the roots slightly so its not so flat

How to Deal with Helmet Hair

by Amber
(Omaha, NE, USA)

Either toss it back into a low ponytail (when you take the helmet off, if the helmet is really low) or you can just style it to wear it is supposed to look flat where it usually ends up flat anyway. ;)

Don't run from helmet hair--make it look like it's helping your style!


by Meghan

I braid my hair and then to guise the fuzz, I put my sunglass on my head when I'm walking around... much more forgivable on the hair :-)

Keep a Hair Tie Around Your Wrist

by Ashley
(Sydney, Australia)

Keep a hair tie around your wrist and stick your hair up between rides.

I have long hair and live in Australia so the heat and humidity are the killer for staying presentable after riding. I find washing it and drying it the day of or night before the ride is best, using as little product as possible. I then either tie it in a low pony or leave it out and when I have to take the helmet off, I tie it in a high pony or bun and smooth the front back with a little water from my water bottle. I've had it recommended to me to wear a bandanna to help absorb the sweat and minimize hair breakage (which causes friz). I'm going to try that soon and I'll let you know how I go.

Anyway, it really all depends on your hair type, length and specifics of the ride. A chick I know who spends more time on a bike than off it, keeps her long hair in a braid. I'm thinking of adopting the plaited look myself, or keeping a beanie/hat on hand just to cover up....maybe we should all consider going bald and creating a line of wigs we can don between helmet stints.

Helmet Hair Bangs

I have bangs and to avoid helmet hair bangs, I like push my bangs backwards onto the top of my scalp and pull my helmet on so they stay. Then when I take the helmet off my bangs fall back forward and are not flat against my forehead.

Tease the Hell Out of it and Use Strong Hairspray

by Suzrider
(Chicago, IL)

I find this method works well on my very fine shoulder-length hair: back comb your hair like it's prom night in 1987, spray it with some seriously hard-core hairspray, let it dry thoroughly (use a blow dryer if necessary). While letting it dry, start parting it into two sections, one on each side. Once the spray has set up, comb it down a little bit so it's smooth, then secure the two sections into braids or ponytails. It should still be pretty big, but once you get your helmet on and ride around, it will smoosh down into something that resembles normal volume when you take your helmet off.

Keep it short to begin with, solves the helmet hair problem.

by Penny
(Queensbury, NY)

Keep it short to begin with! Solves the helmet hair dilema.

Shake it Like Crazy

by Mimi
(St Louis, MO)

I just ride with my hubby now and I have long hair, but I put it on top of my head then shake it out when we get where we're going. Not the best, but okay.

Long Layered Hair

There is truly no SOLUTION to helmet hair or tangles etc..... But my hair has to many layers for braids... even two braids. I have found that low pig tails is what works best. I still get tangles but they aren't as bad as just a low pony. Try it a time or two...

Always Have a Brush Handy

Always have a brush handy!

Long hair!!

by Deana
(Shingle Springs CA)

My hair was already long, so I just grew out the bangs. Just grab a scrunchy and put it up. No worries for riding either. I just tuck it in my jacket and I'm good to go. Forget short hair. It's too much work and I like to be girlie.

Helmet Hair Idea


I work in the beauty industry so my hair needs to look great.

So when I style my hair I curl it more than normal so when my helmet comes off...not so bad.

I also triple barrel my hair and it has that kind of fun and sexy tousled look and after the helmet comes off it looks naturally curly.

I hope this helps.

One last tip is to sport the Sharon Stone haircut from the early 90's that always looks hot and sexy, even on long rides and sweat wrecks everything - this style holds true. Short hair is sexy when you have someone who knows how to keep the edges soft.

french braids

by Andrea

french braid (s) b/c what ever hair is hanging out of your helmet will get tangled.

Flip your hair over the the opposite side of your part.

by Linda

Flip your hair over the the opposite side of your part, put on your helmet and when you take the helmet off, you actually have more volume when you flip your hair back to it's original part! works for sleek shoulder length or longer hair.

Wash and Wear

by Annie
(Northern California)

I have a lot of hair. I keep it damp when riding, then when I pull my helmet off, I fluff it and...viola! Beautiful hair!

Then again, my hair is quite short. I suspect I'll have more issues with it as it gets longer.

Gel, Braid, Silk Scarf

by LM Hoffman
(Layton, UT)

I have mid back curly hair. I will gel my hair a bit, make a low braid,use 4 to 5 elastic bands spaced apart, and use a silk scarf over my head before the hemet goes on. Find a cap that you like and when you take the helmet and scarf off you put the cap on. Also, I always put my braid in my jacket so my hair stays protected. At the end of the day I take the braid out, flip my head forward and finger comb my hair, use a bit of hair spray and let it dry, gently flip my head back up and I have a beautiful wave and fullness to my hair.

Spray Bottle and a Comb

by Daria
(New Jersey)

I have short thick hair that is permed. It is a total fright when I take the helmet off. I like to ride it to work and social stuff. I came up with this simple solution and it works. All you need is a comb and a little spray bottle of water:

Take the helmet off -

Bend over at the waist and run your fingers through your hair starting at your hairline at your neck and pushing your hair down toward your scalp. Stand up straight again, shake your head to fluff, spray on a lite coating of water and run a comb through to style...good as new. It only takes a few seconds and you are as good as new.

The pads in the helmet suck out all the moisture in your hair so this helps ...really. :)

Pile On Top

by Susie
(Hemet, CA)

I pile my shoulder length hair on top of my head loosely with a ponytail band. Then put helmet on and go. When you take it off your hair is full. Just run fingers thru and you have that wonder bedhead look. Sexy!

Have my fiance french braid it for me : )

by Shelley

If your hair is long like mine, and very thick I simply french braid it. When I had a different helmet the HJC was a lil too big for me and at the time I could fit the whole bun in there. Now with my Shoei X-11 it fits me perfectly but with no room for my hair. French braiding by yourself is friggin' hard much easier if you just have someone else do it. (My fiance has become very good at it.) As for the aftermath if its not braided. Good luck with the rats nest. : P


by Lori "Sassy" Baumgart
(Hortonville, WI, USA)

Let it out, mess it up, and top it with sunglasses! Works every time.

I have curley hair.

by Laura
(Gainesville Florida)

I have curley hair so first I straighten then either wear a robo cap or run my fingers through it and do a flip and clip.

2 Low Pony Tails Instead of One

by Nancy
(Mill Valley, CA)

My hair looks a little better now that I put it into 2 pony tails instead of the one while wearing the helmet (suggested by my hairdresser). But it's still helmet hair!

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