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Hair Accessories for Women Motorcycle Riders - Page 2

This is the second page of our series on Hair Accessories for Women Motorcycle Riders. There are lots of good tips here and if you have one for us please visit the main page Helmet Hair to let us know what you do.

Always take a brush with good strong teeth/bristles...

by jadie
(virginia, usa)

Well, I have long thick hair that doesn't curl well but sure does tangle real well, especially when riding! I usually take a brush that has good strong bristles to undo the flat helmet hair or to calm down the crazy flyaways when I pull the helmet off. Most of all, it's there to undo the nasty tangles which usually start at the base rear of my head and then throughout the rest of my hair. I found that a good conditioner during the shower and a good smoothing serum or leave in conditioner helps soon before you go riding...

Brush your hair out... I use loreal Texture fresh conditioner (light blue bottle - found in beauty stores or marshalls/tj maxx if you're lucky for half the price) and I keep my hair in a towel until I'm ready to blow dry real quickly until its slightly damp. I then brush my hair out real good, apply leave-in conditioner (garnier smoothing milk for me) and brush my hair out. I have lots of hair so I shake my head or rock out for a second to get all the loose hairs out... brush again. Tie in ponytail. ready to ride!! Hair blows in the wind all sexy-like and by the end of the night only the tips are tangled if any.

But, if you're not that kind of lady... put your long hair in a braid and/or rock a bandana loosely over your head. but the best advice is to get a great pocket size brush with heavy tough bristles (the round shaped brushed with bristles on one side... would be wooden with red bed where the bristles stick out - try Marilyn brushes, BaByliss, Kent or this thing called the Tangle Teezer)

Bobby Pins and Twisty Locks

by Melissa
(Wesley Chapel, FL)

When I had hair long enough to do the following, it worked very well.

On each side of your head, take the hair from the front of your head from the ears to the part and form a thick lock. Twist this lock at the top of your head, twisting backwards and down onto your head, securing the lock at about 11 o'clock and 1 o'clock with a bobby pin or two. You end up with 2 twisty locks, one on each side of your head.

When you remove your helmet, you can either leave in the pins if you like the look, or you can take out the bobby pins and enjoy your fluffy - not squashed - hair!!!

short hair and a bit of gel

by Tove
(Santa Fe, New mexico)

I wear my hair very short but I find that if I put just a bit of gel on it before donning my helmet that I am able to pull some life back into it when the helmet comes off.

Airhead Helmet Cool Spray is NOT the same as Airhead - Please read

by Lee Cunningham
(United Kingdom)

Hello. I'm Lee Cunningham, Director of Ahead Solutions UK Ltd.

I just wanted to make clear to the community of Her-Motorcycle that our 'Airhead Helmet Cool Spray' product has nothing whatsoever to do with the 'Airhead silicone helmet insert' made by TwoWheelCool; despite the similar name these two are unrelated.

TwoWheelCool has been the subject of complaints by people on this site and others, who say they've paid for products yet not received any goods. It is absolutely right to name and shame any company that deceive good people.

But I'd like to reassure readers that my reputable company (Ahead Solutions UK) provides high quality products and delivery which are both guaranteed.

We also pride ourselves on giving outstanding customer service. We've been supplying high value products for helmet wearers since 2009. We're reliable and trustworthy. Ask anyone who has used us.

For complete clarity we provide the following: -

Airhead Helmet Cool Spray
Scalp coolant / helmet-hair restorer for helmet wearers.
From www.airheadcoolspray.co.uk and from www.menthogen.co.uk

Menthogen Anti-Itch Helmet Products
Specialist anti-pruritic range of scalp sprays and shampoos for helmet wearers from www.menthogen.co.uk

Please, please, please... don't confuse us or our products. We've worked really hard to build our reputation. Ask anyone who has purchased our other products (Menthogen, Neutramist helmet sanitizer, Vital ID Helmet, Hairsense etc.) about our levels of customer care and good service and they'll no doubt reassure you.

PS I have included our product photos for further clarity.

Kind regards

Lee Cunningham
Ahead Solutions

Her-Motorcycle.com uses and recommends menthogen and Airhead Cool Spray.

Use Bobby Pins and a Do Rag

by Tami
(Santa Rosa, CA)

This is for long haired ladies. Pin the front part of your hair in the style you want it to stay in. Put a shampa do rag or a tight-ish skull cap on. Make sure you put your helmet on by using the chin straps and pulling straight down. When you get to your location viola, take the pins out and the skull cappy do rag thingie off, fluff your hair and go. Works for me every time!

Conditioner or Hand Lotion

by Pat
(Madison, WI, USA)

Before putting your helmet on, use about the size of a quarter of either conditioner or hand lotion and spread it over the ends of your hair and areas that may frizz. I usually braid my hair and when I remove the braid, I have nice waves. I learned this technique from scuba diving. The wind is terrible as you know on hair and causes split ends. This works for me. As far as the flat head, not sure what to do about that other than turning your head upside down, brushing it downward and flipping it back before styling.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo works for me! Remove the culprit, give a quick spray and wildly massage in. Works every time!

Use an Under Armour Skull Cap

by Andrea
(Regina, SK, CANADA)

I am from canada so we get hot, cold, wind you name it!!
I use an under armour skull cap, the same as the football players use.

It is smooth and silky, it soaks up sweat and keeps hair looking picture, well not perfect but ok!!

You can find them in sporting goods stores or ebay.


I Use Rusk Being Primitive in My Hair

by Sandy
(El Paso, TX)

After I style my short, thin hair, I put in a dab of Rusk Being Primitive (it comes in an orange-ish plastic jar & costs around $12.00). When I remove my helmet, I run my fingers back & forth through my hair & then set it, looking in my bike mirror. It works almost perfectly. The times when it doesn't work as well, is when I shower, style, & ride immediately. If my hair is "day old", it seems to work the best!

Hair Toss Plus Hair CLip

After removing my helmet, I do the toss, and then I clip my hair up with either using my sunglasses as a head band or using a head band as a head band. When it was shorter, I let it do whatever it wanted to do.

Portable Curling Iron/Butane

by Marcia
(Madisonville, Tx)

I carry a butane curling iron. With the flick of a button it lights up and gets warm in a flash. I have a mirror on the inside of my tour pack and I do a quick fix when I feel I need the extra attention!

Keep a Mini Comb With You

by Leticia

Me and my boyfriend go riding a lot; I have long hair and every time I would take off my helmet my hair would be a rats nest. I began keeping a small black comb in my jacket to entangle my mess.

I have also done braids and that seems to work well and I'm becoming a fan of hair spray.

Buy a Clip with Hair Attached

by Diane Sykes
(Milton, PA)

I have short hair but it is below my ears. I keep long hair clips (keep an eye out at the dollar store) in my purse for clipping the sides up and then pull it all back in a rubber band (ok the wrapped ones). After that, I clip on a long fake ponytail. At least it passes.

Mousse, Really

by Bobbi
(North Carolina)

I have to admit, I'm a bit of a diva and my thin hair is easily flatted by my helmet. I found the greatest product though, its called Got 2 B Fat-Tastic hair mousse (although probably any mousse will do). Take your helmet off, flip your hair over, and tossle a bit in... it makes the biggest difference.

Use a Few Bobby Pins or Keep Some Pomade Handy

by Frankie
(San Diego, CA)

If you have long hair, smooth it out and put it up in a high pony tail. Then you can pin the rest against the back of your head in a straight line and put a bandanna over it, "Aunt Jemima" style. Or you can take the pony tail and curl with your hands and put it in a circle and pin it and use the bandanna, which helps against breakage. You can also do pin for or five pin curls depending on the thickness of your hair and then use a bandanna. If you have short hair, just rock some good pomade and make it look messy on purpose.


by Susie
(Nehalem, OR)

I use a great haircare product called "Threads" -- it's a "flexible microfiber cream" made by Sebastian and available through your beauty salon. It's the greatest thing since perforated toilet paper and will help your helmet hair behave, especially around the crown, where the helmet smash is worst.

Helmet Hair Cure

by LeVere
(Cumberland, MD USA)

I carry a tube of tea tree style waxing by Paul Mitchell. It does not get hard or flakey. I have very short hair and I just pull off the helmet and grab the tube squeeze a little into the palm of my hand and style away.

Spongey Curler

by Kate Campbell
(Tucson Arizona)

I have long hair, but can't stand the flat hair on top of my head when the helmet comes off. Finally I tried a spongey curler. They are soft, clip themselves, and when you put your helmet on, can't tell they are there. I usually wear one or two. Then when you get to where you are going.....you pop them out, comb your hair and everyone wants to know WHY YOU don't have helmet hair!!!!

Hair Styling Products

by Gail Barton
(Oshawa, Canada)

I have very dry, but curly hair, and find if I am going on an early ride and my hair won't have time to dry on its own before I have to put on my helmet. The evening before, I style with some hair gel or mousse, and let it totally dry before I go to bed. Then in the morning, maybe damp brush, and put in more spray, or gel, and let it dry before I put on my helmet. When we stop, usually just have to finger fluff, and I find my hair isn't so flat and lifeless.....back up, sunglasses, or scarf to use as a bandanna.....if gone for a couple days, will just water spray to fluff, and let the sun dry it before going onto the open road.

I also braid my hair, which helps keep the curl when I let it out.

Good Luck!

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