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Hair Accessories For Women Motorcycle Riders

Here is a compilation of hair accessories for women motorcycle riders sent in by our visitors. While we prefer to use M-Gen as our solution to fixing helmet hair some of our readers have told us their tips and tricks they use on their hair when they go for a ride.

If you would like to add a tip please share with us on the main page called Helmet Hair.

Helmet Hair - Water spray bottle

by Linda
(Helena, MT)

Spray it after you take your helmet off and run your fingers through it or a brush:o)

Curly Tangled Hair

by Connie

I have curly hair and have had a hard time with it looking decent after wearing a helmet. I have stuck to this tip for a while and love it. I put mousse in my hair to make it a little more kinky and after having a helmet on I just use a wide tooth head band. It pulls the hair out of my eyes and blends the flat part of my hair with the wavy. My curls don't stay kinky but has a nice wave to it. Also I know a lot of women hate that their hair gets tangled. The easiest solution I have found is to use a lot of conditioner in the shower and brush it while the conditioner is still in. Hope this info comes in handy for someone.

Battery operated curling iron.

(Middletown, PA)

I have a battery operated curling iron. I carry that, a brush and a small hairspray just to do the top. Always braid the long pony tail in the back so It does not get knotted up. Works well.

Hair Wax

by Tabby
(Tybee Island, Ga)

I have short thick hair that lies flattened to my head after riding all day. I find that if I use a little bit of hair wax in the morning, I can run my fingers through my hair after removing my helmet and style it almost any way I want to.

Wear a Pin on Your Vest that Says Hairdo by Honda

by Mary Lyons
(Brooksville, Fl)

I truly believe there is no cure for helmet hair as I have had longhair and I have cut my hair short and I still get helmet hair but some people swear by silkies. My solution is to wear my pin.

Always Carry a Hair Clip

Pull hair back with a hair clip, hoops put in my ears and lip gloss on my lips. Ready for the evening.

I've teased my husband

by donna

I've teased my husband that he is going to have to find a compartment totally dedicated to carrying my wig, and it's holder so that I can go somewhere other than the ball cap attire places that we normally go to. I do not wear wigs, but you have to admit it would be nice if my long hair didn't have to be pulled into a ponytail all the time, and we can't carry curlers, hairdryers, hair straightners, etc every time we want to look nice for our guy. Any other suggestions? We are in our 40;s now, it's not a problem for him, his hair gets less every year, I on the other hand half to work a wee bit more to look as good as I used to.

Hair Net!

by Debbie
(Griffin, Georgia, USA)

I wear a thickly crocheted hair net! It works wonders and keeps it from tangles. I do look like the lunch room lady though! LOL You can usually find these in all colors too...I got mine at a local beauty/wig store in my home town.

Dry shampoo

by Amy
(Crawfordville, GA)

It can be bought @ Walmart. For all hair types, curly and straight. It helps to freshen up the hair. It drys the sweat and smells great. It will make the curls bounce back. And straight hair look fresh. Also another trick is powder. It also drys sweat and takes the dreaded smell away.

fine aerosol containing water

by Diddyfizz

carry a small refillable (pump style aerosol of water. spray hair until damp all over then fluff up. You can add some styling mousse at this stage if you like.


by Lisa
(Harrison, TN)

I carry a pick and scrunchi or ponytail holder in my tank pouch and as soon as I take my helmet off I pick thru it and pull it back into a pony tail.

Fructis Style Surf Head styling paste

by Laura

My hair is so thin and flat I look like I have helmet hair all the time. So when I really do, it's EVEN WORSE. Like you can see scalp through the clumps. This stuff is lighter than gel (not "crunchy") and seems to keep a carefully combed style from getting all f*ed up under the helmet, lessening the embarrassment of it all :(

Don't Use Any Hair Products, Wear a Do Rag

by Darlene
(Saugus, Ma. USA)

Use ashine oil after you remove your du rag and helmet...the other woman will be jealous, how good you look.


A Helmet Hair Solution

by Belinda Clinton
(Hollister, Ca)

I keep my hair short. Keep a bottle of water and when you get off of the bike, wet your hair and fluff. There's nothing to do for medium cut hair, hopeless cause except to wear a hat. Just make the hat cute!!!

Artec Texture Line Material

by Eve
(Saratoga, NY)

I have basically the same cut as in your picture so I hope this helps. I think I have a few more layers than you do and a little choppier in the front. I dry my hair thoroughly upside down and style it with just a brush. Once it is where I want it I then take a small amount of Artec Texture Line Material, which is a pliable mattifying paste (should be able to get it at any styling salon).... I rub it into my hands and then through the upper front section of my hair the area that always tends to go flat an finish the style. It creates a piecey look to the hair, but when the helmet comes back off I just run the fingers through the hair and restyle it where I want it and go. If you want to use a fine bristled brush and smooth it out. Don't use to much or the hair will be very heavy and very tacky feeling. I hope this helps you. I wish I had a picture to send sorry.


by Adalia

Much like baseball caps, I use the sunglasses as a headband to camoflague the helmet hair

Root spray...

Once you take off your helmet spray a little root lift spray and comb in. Also, try to use as little product at the beginning of the day as possible. Your hair will provide the natural oils that the scalp needs to look healthy after you've taken the helmet off after a ride.

Short Hair Helmet liner Stop the squish and flatening

by anna
(st pete fl)

I have created a short haired helmet liner- product tested and hand crafted USA.They work great I am pleased to report. We took 3 yrs of testing before we released the, I will not sell anything that Jim and I don't use ourselves. Because we ride we are able to perfect the Wick-It and the Raci Babi Diva Do. We have them on 2 up touring and you can see some comments on my facebook Raci Babi.com diva do helmet liner..look forward to hearing from you !!

Aveda's Hair Potion

by Kelly
(Prior Lake, MN)

I think I have found it. For women, go buy Aveda's Hair Potion. It works magic on flat hair. That's my solution. I have yet to try it after wearing a helmet but simply for volume it works great. I think it would do the trick.

It is however about $26.00 for a tiny bottle but you'll love it once you buy it.

Good ole H20

by Sandra
(Melbourne, FL)

I'd do anything to keep riding!

I have been riding since the 70's and I hated wearing a helmet just because of how it made my hair look. I had long, thick, curly hair. I finally got tired of combing out the tangles and cut it short. Now when I take the helmet off, i just spritz my hair (with water) and the curl comes right back. No more tangles, no more flat hair.

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