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Is there a motorcycle hairstyle that cures helmet hair? Many of our visitors have told us that how they wear their hair is one way they avoid the dreaded helmet hair. Here is a compilation of advice we have received from our visitors about how they wear their hair while riding. We like to try these tips and tricks and while using menthogen at the same time.

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by Jesse

It wasn't intentional, but I cut my hair so that it looks great after I take off my helmet. I went from long hair (which is super straight and baby fine) to a bob with micro bangs. It looks great laying flat down and was I ever stoked when I took off my helmet for the first time! It was especially exciting since I ride my bike every day!

Depends On What You Have to Work With

by Katie S.
(Barboursville, WV)

I have two options:

1) Keep a travel hair brush/comb in saddle bag, this will help somewhat, especially if you have short hair. It's definitely not going to be perfect, but its better than skull formed hair..haha!

2) This ones mostly for women with long hair and my favorite. Put it in a low pony tail or a braid, then when you get where your going or stop you can redo it as best you can and just go with it.

Hope this helps!!

Put it up like a Pebbles 'do.

by Lauren
(Lakeland, FL)

I turn my head upside down and up the hair into a very high pony before I put my helmet on so that when I take it down, there's still some fullness. It may not look like I just walked out of the salon but it's so much better than it was before!

Helmet Riding for Long Hair

by Vickie

I have long, thick hair ( with some layers) and my friends enjoy seeing me put it all up under my helmet. I simply make a ponytail (like in 'Happy Days' - high and at an angle). I begin by placing the ponytail holder around the base of the ponytail 1-2 times, then roll the 'tail' (down & counterclockwise) on an 'imaginary' curler down to the base (next to the scalp). Then, twist the ponytail holder a third time around the 'big curl' and tail. It will look like you have a tight looped-knot of hair on top of your head. The helmet will flatten the 'bun' a little - but when you take off your helmet after a long ride, pull the holder out of your hair and run your fingers under and upward to fluff the hair out. You will also be surprised to see some slight waves, curls and body. Most people can't believe I was wearing a helmet. With the hair pulled up , it allows the air to flow easier between the helmet and hair(scalp); therefore, removing a majority of the 'sweaty' look. It also keeps the hair from being blown all over the place outside of the helmet and having a mess of knots to remove (not including the fuzzy , wind blown look).

Short and Flat

Embrace the flat hair. A bandanna under the helmet keeps it slicked in the direction I want, and when I get off the bike I use a little water to slick it back. I ride my bike to work and have to be moderately presentable when I get off. It doesn't help that Texas heat will steam my hair under the helmet. I also keep my hair short so when I do wear a helmet with out the bandanna (like for errands where I'm constantly taking it on and off) my hair doesn't get in my eyes.

Helmet Hair Tip

by Jacklyn Rene Maitzen
(Vero Beach, FL )

I part my hair on the opposite side. When I take off helmet, I then bend over at waist and fluff it - and it is not bad. I ride in VERY hot FL. Works most of the time. I have a pic of my self on my facebook page.

Put it in a ponytail, if you can.

by Laura
(Spring tx)

When the helmet comes off....bring a small comb if you can and brush out the tangles you can and run your fingers through it...and 'voila'....hair looks nice and wind blown, but sexy :)

farrah fawcet hair

by Jackie Osborne
(Lakewood, FL)

I sometimes to do pin curls using snap type clips/barrettes. Using very little hair (less is better), wrap big curls 4- 6 total. Take off helmet, shake hair well. I did this using a full face helmet. Works well for under 2 hours in Very Hot FL. I don't bother to re-pin hair when I know I am just going home. If I am around people and not comfortable with doing this before riding, I part my hair on the opposite side, and after removing helmet fluff alot. Sometimes I get lucky and look like Farrah Fawcet, when not lucky use pretty glittered hair band.

Back about 3 years ago when I had chin length straight hair, I would also part opposite side and had pretty good luck.

Some day I should send in a before and after.

Mini Buns

by Mariah
(Minneapolis, MN, USA)

If you have hair that is longer (shoulder length is the shortest you can really do this at) you can part your hair into two sections and wrap them into two little buns at the nape of your neck (I like to call them "anime buns").

If your hair is past your shoulders you can french/dutch braid each section and wrap the braided or unbraided ends into buns. This keeps your hair in place, protects the loose ends, and looks super cute!

If you really want to protect your hair, top with a silk scarf before you put the helmet on.

Tuck Your Hair In

by Yvette M. G.
(El Paso, TX, U.S.A)

The Suzuki Family

If you tuck your hair inside your jacket, your hair wont be flying around. Also carry a rubber band with you so that you can put your hair up and the helmet hair wont show. If you have short hair, wear a head band when wearing your helmet or even before or after.


i gotta say i find french plait the best as it keeps the most hair in place and looks good! your hair doesn't even need to be that long to do this style! if your hair is just about brushing your shoulders.. you can do it!

Put your bangs up or in a twisty and piggy tales! Works great!

by Brianna Nicole
(Portland, OR)

Put your bangs up or in a twisty and piggy tales! Works great! Bobby pins are a must, your hair won't look perfect but it will look sexy cute!

Helmet Hair

I have layered naturally curly hair that regularly defies all attempts to tame! The best trick I've found, is first use a good root booster, style as normal. I've found that putting my helmet on while hanging my head down prevents the "flat" look. When the helmet comes off, instead of running your fingers through your hair, use all 10 fingers and scratch like crazy! I always carry a travel size can of hair spray, use immediately. Gives you that sexy "bed head" look. If all else fails,,do rag to the rescue!

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