Why I Ride "My Motorcycle"

by Pinkie

That's My Girl

That's My Girl


This is the life I always dreamed of.

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Jun 01, 2017
Been riding for 30 years NEW
by: Airbornemama

Yup, I, too, am a riding grandma now. Army veteran. I have only ridden my own bike through the years. I'm 62 now and wondering if I should keep riding or time to stop and get a convertible so I can still feel the wind in my hair. Your body does start to hurt on some of the long rides (10 hours a day). What do you ladies think? Thanks!

May 09, 2016
I can't believe I'm riding again! NEW
by: Beth

Hi All!
I'm looking at my 68th birthday in a couple of months, and feel so happy and grateful that there is a Honda Rebel in my garage, and a motorcycle license in my wallet. All of this happened just two weeks ago...MSF weekend class with a professional motorcycle racer and incredible teacher...passed and got my license. It has been 45 years since I last rode a bike...a Honda 175 in those days...and it feels wonderful to get back on. I tool around my neighborhood for practice...and stick to roads with 35mph speed limits...not trying to do anything huge out there, just loving the challenge of riding, learning, and enjoying being outside. YooHoo!!!

Jul 13, 2015
So glad I found your messages....
by: anonymous

Hello, I'm 49 years old, 50 very soon and have wanted to ride a motorcycle all my life (really, even in grade school I dreamt about it :-) ) Last week I signed up and paid for the course at a local community college and so I am planning on taking my four day class on 8/5. By the end of the day on 8/9 I'll know if I passed.

I had been so excited about this...I've been reviewing videos, visiting motorcycle shops and talking to folks there. I am a bicyclist and drive a manual 6-speed car so I was thinking that I could do this. I've also had a couple unfortunate accidents and felt that I could be an even better driver, having gone through a tough time.

Here's the problem, and if you would be so kind....please share your thoughts with me.

My significant other, my adult son and my family and friends are all totally against the idea that I would ride a motorcyle. Nobody that I know has ever ridden a motorcycle and on top of that they all think I'm accident proned. This is why:

I am a big bicylist and in 2011 I took a fall and fractured my pelvis in a couple places; titanium and screws made me whole again. I am completely okay now and not limited in any way; relative to my condition pre-accident. In addition to the bicyling accident...I also had a car accident a year ago...I'm fine but the car was totaled. As for the bicycle accident, In retrospect, I shouldn't have been going so fast on that bicycle. I slipped on some gravel which caused me to loose control. When I had the car accident I was in a very unfamiliar area and at the top of a hill making a left turn when a couple of teenagers gunned it up the hill. I didn't see them until it was too late and they ran straight into the front passenger side of my Prius..totaled it..thery're car had little damage in comparison. They were fine ....thank God ....I was okay too short of the air bag hurting me a bit. Although I wasn't charged and given points, I know it was my fault...I should've waited longer before taking that turn. Aside from those two accidents...I am not a bad driver and in fact I'm more cautious now. I haven't had points on my license for 7-8 years..not even a speeding ticket and wasn't held at fault for the car accident last year. .

After all the negative feedback that I'm getting and all the reminders from my family about that bike accident and car accident I'm feeling a bit beaten up and my confidence is dwindling. As much as I've always wanted to do this and as confident and assured as I've always felt before...I'm starting to second guess myself...I find myselft thinking maybe they're right and I should just give it all up....call and get a refund before the class starts.

But then I found this....so many positive thoughts and I'm energized by you but......

Having shared my "history", I would love to know what you think as you seem to be knowledgeable women who can likely give me some sound advice.

May 15, 2015
On the Fence
by: Daring to take the Plunge

I am not yet 60, but closing in. I love where I am at in life and my hubby who will be turning 60 next year got a motorcycle from our son-in-law and daughter for his b-day. An 8cc to start which I heard is a good starting bike. I know by next year he will want to move up to a larger more powerful bike to take me for rides. Now I am tempted to maybe take that bike and learn, but reading this message board -you ladies have given me the courage and encouragement to see if I can do it. Will let you know when I take the plunge!

May 04, 2015
Riding at 60
by: Grandma N

I am 60 years old and took the class for riding. Struggled through it but passed. Bought a Honda 250 and am loving it. Makes you think constantly, keeps your brain sharp! Baby steps is how you do this and each day progresses you more. I'm looking forward to my 60's much more now!

May 16, 2013
Looking for advice
by: Bobbie

Keep working at it. I got my indorsement years ago but never rode, when I turned 63 last fall I figured if I was going to ride I better start before it's to late so I purchased a 200 cc honda and started practicing but winter came. I did buy myself a Honda 750 for my birthday but didn't take it out until this year. Took the MSF course last month as a refresher before taking the bigger bike out, rode it the first time on National Womens Ride day, only took it to a lot but wanted to get the feel for it. I'm still nervous but I take my bigger bike out after work if the weather permits. Only have taken it around the block a few times (my blocks are around 20 miles the rest are dirt roads). Last night was the first time I had to get gas for some reason that made me nervous why I don't know but got gas and when for a ride in another direction. What fun. I'm still nervious and still learning but I refuse to give up, it's what I want to do and I just love it. You can do it.

May 13, 2013
Looking for advice ..
by: RainbowRider

Hello ladies! I read your posts.. You are all amazing! I am 62 never rode a bike before and just learning to ride.. Had my first weekend lesson.. 2 hours of bookwork and about 5 or 6 hours of actual bike instruction. I failed the practical motorcycle endorsement portion of the test and got discouraged.. I loved learning, loved being on the bike and actually riding it.. I know I'm not ready to get out on the road.. until I get that endorsement.. My question is.. How easy.. Or hard was it for any of you to learn, get your license and feel comfortable enough to ride on your own..

My first experience was good.. I must admit i was afraid of the bike.. but slowly warmed up and was doing better, but not enough to pass the endorsement test which discouraged me further.. The.. The I lost confidence..the more fearful I became.. Yet I can't give up.. I want to ride my own bike some day and ride safety.. Just wondering how did you feel about your lessons.. Your fears and how did you build up your confidence..

Any good insights and advice would be much appreciated.. Thanks, hope to hear from any one of you about your beginnings..

Oct 08, 2012
Nanny ride, becasue i can

thank you for the why i ride because i can, i'm 62 just stared i'm a grandmother which i'm call Nanny i have three granddauthers the oldies one say i need to learn how to sew but no it's my time so pink go head and ride and all the other grandmother let's get out there and show those young lady we can do what we like and when we like and say want we what, we earn that right, so let the wind be in your hair and a smile on the face, take the Lord with you, oh yes i have a 2006 honda shadown 600vlx. i'm Nanny3

Jun 17, 2012
Motorcycle Grandma
by: Sheila

I started riding five years ago. I'll be 67 years old on July 1st, 2012. I love my my Kawasaki Vulcan 500. I got many more miles to go. Want to say "Hi" to all the motorcycle grandma's out there.

Dec 13, 2011
Keep riding!
by: Anonymous

Great to see all the ladies riding. I brought my first bike when I was 46, I'm on my 2nd bike now and I am 56. I will ride as long as I can get my leg over the seat. I'm in sales and riding my bike after work is a great way to relax. My husband rides as well, so it's great, we always have someone to ride with. Would love to see some more bike groups for over 50. I'm not a grandmother and probably never will be, but my daughter has always though it is crazy, me being a biker. Oh Well, we never agree. Enjoy and ride safe.

Dec 10, 2011
grannie bikers
by: Leonie

Love reading posts from all the grandmother bikers. I'm one too, aged 65 and riding for 6 years now.
Two months back I sold my loved Kawasaki Vulcan 900 which was the wrong decision made for the right reasons. Now back in the market for a bike and this time I won't be selling her. I can only be myself . . . and I am a biker.
So ride on ladies - we are worth it.

Jul 13, 2011
Why I Ride
by: Anonymous

It's because I can. Do a lot of RVing and got to thinking that I would have to drive hubby's bike back to Rv if something happened to him. Took the MSF, bought my 10 Softtail Deluxe and ride with him wherever he goes. He's always got a smile on his face cause we're not 2 up anymore. Gotten pretty good at it, still a lot to learn, but he's patient and a pretty good teacher. Made me ride Sturgis last year, first time for all the mountains, curves, traffic. Now he just says, get your bike and let's ride. Lucky we are retired, cause we ride 3-4 days a week. Nothing big, lunch rides and sometimes an all dayer.

Jul 06, 2011
by: Lynn - Florida

I love your pink bike with the custom back fender & seat. My second bike is pink with purple flames that I bought used. Lil Pink (250 Ninja) is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness and gets lots of positive attention. Thanks for posting!

Jul 02, 2011
Never To Old To Ride
by: Barbara

I forgot to add that I am a Grandmother!!!

Jul 01, 2011
Wind Therapy
by: Sassy2731

I'm 50 but not a grandma yet! I like the answer "because I can" that's exactly how I feel. I raised my kids, took care of my husband (still do), and took care of my mother. I often say its " me time now" and because I can. I love to ride both of my purple bikes. A roadking and a fatboy. I consider it my wind therapy! I say to all women and especially my sisters over 50 just go for it, you will love it! So you go girl. Ride and have fun.

Jul 01, 2011
Because I love the wind thru my hair...
by: Janet

I would definitely ride if I had a trike...

Jul 01, 2011
Never to Old to Learn to Ride
by: Barbara

I'm 60 years old and had NEVER ridden a motorcycle by myself until a year ago. It wasn't my idea, it was my husbands. He had a bike when we started dating back in the early 70's and has had others over the years but not in the last 28 years (He sold his last one to buy ponies for our children).

We have been married 38 years and he said it was time we got a bike again. I was thinking TOURING BIKE for both of us. He had a different idea. So I ended up with my own. I rode in the horses pasture for the first 2 weeks and would never get outta 1st gear. Late one afternoon he said lets go for a ride on your bike together. We did and he headed into town to the high school parking lot He said I'm gonna show you the gears and your gonna ride in this parking lot until you get out of 1st gear and I don't care if we are here all night. Needless to say, I did get up to 3rd gear before we left. that was months ago. Now I go everywhere, but I do not like riding by myself at night. I have a 2007 VT1100cc Honda Shadow Sabre and I LOVE IT...

Jul 01, 2011
by: vdandy


Jul 01, 2011
Welcome to the Pink Club.
by: Wendy - Sydney

Brilliant. You are now the 3rd Pink motorcycle that this website has shown. I have a pink BMW called BARBE cause the bitch has everything.

I am very impressed... Grannie or not - its fabulous to have wind in your hair but watch out for the bugs on your sunglasses..

Hope you are able to join the Pink Ribbon Ride for womens cancer - as we have here in Australia.

Just remember this... it will never be stolen as no real man would be seen on a pink bike - according to my sales rep. LOL Good riding and keep the rubber to the road.


Jul 01, 2011
Why I Ride My Motorcycle
by: Chacha

I'm in my late 50's and I say when I can't kick start my sled anymore, then I'll put an electric start on it...lol

Jul 01, 2011
by: Linda

Love connecting with so many other like-minded ladies!!! Your bike is a beauty! I got my FIRST bike, a Yamaha 650 custom in March and LOVE it!!!! Due to some family issues and the weather, haven't been out on the road much so far but it looks like the weather and family are both starting to cooperate. I'm a GRAND-mother too, and all my kids were a wee bit shocked...at first. My husband & I have some pretty long rides all ready planned out for this year that we are going to get in before winter comes back around. I'll keep my eyes out for your beautiful Pinkie out on the road somewhere, who knows, we just might pass by each other one of these days...BTW, mine's purple! :)

Jul 01, 2011
Why I Ride My Motorcycle
by: Anonymous

You go...I'm also a grandmother and just turned 50.. Its stress relief and relaxing!!!

Jul 01, 2011
You Go Girl!!!
by: AngelWings

I'm next :D

Jul 01, 2011
Go Girl!
by: nanapeach

You go girl!!!!! I am a grandmother and I am 50 and I love my 750 Honda shadow pearlised white! Will also ride till I can no longer get on it. I always had a husband that told me I could not ride, now with no husband now, I ride all the time!!! Go to all the independent nana's out there!

Jul 01, 2011
by: Yvonne

My sentiments exactly. I'm 61, started riding last year, what fun we're having. Retired in Sept and have put about 4000 miles on our bikes. Why? Because we can. Keep the rubber on the road:)

Jul 01, 2011
by: Sue


Jul 01, 2011
by: Lisa

I love the pink bike. I love your answer as well "BECAUSE I CAN"!!! You GO girl!! Love it.

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