Why do I ride? That's easy. Coffee!

by Irene

(Originally posted on www.primoworks-on2wheels.com)

Yes, coffee. I've been asked that question often and I feel coffee is a perfectly acceptable reason. Hmm... I sense your skepticism oozing unto the intertubes. Before they get clogged with disbelief, let me begin my explanation with some facts.

My brothers' preferences notwithstanding, for true puertorricans, coffee is a necessity. In fact, many of us were literally weaned on coffee. It's true! Ask my mom! And, contrary to Cajun delusions, Puerto Rico grows THE best coffee. Sorry Dennis (hubby), but Louisiana coffee is only a close second. Take it up with mom if you don't believe it.

So I absolutely need my coffee. And, yes, we have coffee at home. Very scary things can happen if we run out. In fact, for everyone else's sake, I drink a cup before I'm even fully awake.

I know it's a lot cheaper to make it at home rather than to buy it at any coffee shop. But my morning cup is not enough and I can't carry a cup on the bike with me. Well, I could, but I can't drink and ride.* Not with a full-face helmet (I'm open to suggestions!).

That's why, when I ride into town, I stop at a coffee shop. Interestingly, there's an excellent coffee shop - Le Petit Paris Cafe - 3 miles from home. There's also a Starbucks 9.6 miles away and my route takes me right past it. However, neither is my preferred coffee shop.

The one I like is 12.9 miles away. This one is special. Why? Because it is 3.3 miles further away and still on my route. That means an extra 6.6 miles, round trip. Which means 26 miles of feeling the wind flowing past me. Of sweeping turns and tight curves. Of glancing down and seeing asphalt rushing past my booted feet just inches above it. Of sharing that biker-wave with oncoming riders and knowing that, even though you've never met, they feel exactly as you do.

That is just on regular days. On special days, I head over to Johnston Street Java. Not only do they have THE best coffee in a 30 mile radius but, round trip, it is a 35 mile run! Not bad for a quick getaway.

We can consider this trip (blogged at www.primoworks-on2wheels.com) as just another way to expand my coffologic horizons. Yeah, that's right. Coffologic. Yes, it is a word. And, no, you can't look it up. It's very, very, very obscure. Only used in groups of me.

So, now you know why I ride. Because of coffee.

*I must make it perfectly clear that I am referring strictly to drinking coffee and riding. We do not promote or condone drinking any type of alcoholic beverage and riding - EVER.

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May 13, 2012
by: Anonymous

I just saw this post and had to laugh, a "coffee" ride for us is an 80 mile round trip to Calcutta Ohio from Pittsburgh Pa. We needed a reason to take route 30 to Ohio and a desitination to get to so we decicided Calcutta Ohio Mcdonald's seemed logical.One time we went and they were selling classic coke glasses and we bought 4 and stuffed in the saddle bags :)

Oct 30, 2011
by: Cathy

Love it! And it's perfectly logical. Like the way I 'have' to ride the 20km route to buy milk from the shop which is just 2 km from home.

Oct 27, 2011
by: Robin

sounds like i'm going to have to get me some puerto rican coffee. ;)

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