My New Bike

by Tracy
(New Jersey)

2009 Yamaha XV250YR

2009 Yamaha XV250YR

I am 40 years old, expecting my first grandbaby in August. I don't know if I am going through a midlife crisis, but I got my first bike a 2009 Yamaha XV250YR. My hubby had been bugging me for some time to get on his bike and ride it but it was way to heavy for me, and one day we went to look at some more bikes cause he wanted a different one. We walk into the dealer and looked around and there sat this little Blackcherry bike. It caught my eye as well as his. He told me to sit on it. So I sat on it and smiled 'cause I could touch the ground and it was comfy to sit on. His next statement caught me off guard. He goes, "We're not getting mine today we are getting yours." I was like OMG, am I ready for this!?? So I sat on it a few minutes more. The more I sat, the more I was like "yeah". (Now mind you, I haven't ridden anything in about 20 years so I was hesitant about even getting on one. I rode quads when I was younger and an occasional mini bike. Well the day came when we brought it home. I passed the test and got my permit then I started biting my nails. He took me to a parking lot to ride it. I was so scared, I was having flashbacks of my younger self wrecking some quads. I was like what if i goof up on my shifting, what if I forget to hit the brakes? I put my new helmet on and took a deep breath, walked up to it and paused. I knew I had to gain my bearings before I even got on it. I relaxed myself and got on. He gave me some quick pointers and let me get to it. I stalled it about 30 times or more. Kicking myself in the rear end cause I used to be able to ride like nothing in my younger days. I knew i could do it. Finally I did it, I got it moving. I was so happy.

I practiced my braking, my turns, my start offs for a good 4 hours. And later that day, feeling more brave we went for our first ride together. Just me and my hubby. He was so happy. Now we can ride together. I love my little bike, it matches my car.^^

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Jul 07, 2009
Mid Life
by: Jodi

That's too funny about the midlife crisis...that's what my license plate reads..MDLFCRS...it's amazing the amount of people that will comment on that. I'll be at a light and the person behind me will pull up and say I love your plate. If I'm able my response is always the same..it was a bike or a boyfriend and my husband wouldn't let me have the boyfriend.

Enjoy the ride!

Apr 27, 2009
Good for You!
by: Lynn

Good for your Tracy! Enjoy your new motorcycle! I got back into riding about 1 year ago and I'm so glad I summoned the courage to do it. I knew I could, but was scared of street riding. Have a great summer!

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