My husband was lazy...

by Brenda

and didn't want to go on a ride as often as I liked. It was "too hot" or "too cold" almost every time I asked "Can we take the bike honey?" so jokingly he said I should get my own. I said ABSOLUTELY NOT. I am 34, a mother, a church girl....the idea of riding my own seemed too wild and dangerous. My aunt died in a motorcycle wreck a couple years ago (her and her boyfriend got T-boned by another car at an intersection) so I knew my family would be extremely worried about me riding on the back, let alone driving my own.

Hubby took the MSF class one weekend just to brush up on his basic riding skills and came home with stories of newbies who had never even touched a bike before and how they learned to ride so quickly. He finished his class on a Sunday, and Monday morning on my way to work I had an epiphany. I wanted to take the class just to see how hard it was. I signed up right away and within 2 weeks completed my MSF course (easier than I thought! And both my instructors were women!) and bought my own bike, a Kawasaki Vulcan 800.

Wouldn't you know it, myy husband all of the sudden wants to ride every day!? We ride together a lot. We ride with friends too. Just yesterday I picked my 9 year old up from school on the bike. You should have seen the other parents as I shook my hair out and geared up my kiddo in his leather and helmet. I caught men gawking and women gossiping. Oh, and my son's friends thinks he has the coolest mom on the planet.

I feel accomplished, sexy, and completely FREE to go where I want, when I want. Now I know why my husband got a bike in the first place, and I have not been on the back of his since.

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Oct 24, 2013
good on you
by: shovelhead jan

happy to hear of all you mature ladies getting over your fears and not caring what other idiots think! is it not funny how now your hubby wants to ride all the time? maybe he was just not sure of his ability to safely ride with a passenger, because he loves you and probably didnt want to risk hurting you.

Oct 15, 2013
Love it!
by: Karen

Heard a great phrase the other day, "Divinity loves Diversity."

And it doesn't have to be from person to person. I am Made with a multi-passionate nature. Some days I may wear a pretty dress. Other days I'm in jeans with a kevlar seat. Other days I'm in sweats holding my son's head through a fever. If God can love all of me, so can I!

And as for the "cool mom" designation... what I've found is that the more I can authentically just be me, the more my sons' friends (high school now) hang around and let me see them real. They confide in me in ways that let me keep a pulse their birth parents can't, so I get to Serve as part of the village support network behind the scenes.

Moto ministry ROCKS!

Oct 12, 2013
had to laugh...
by: Jeanne

while the reason I started riding wasn't quite the same, I laugh because my husband had the same excuses when I always wanted to ride on the back of his bike. The weather had to be just right! Now that I have my own bike at times just tell him I'm heading out and if he wants to ride too come on!

I really had to laugh about you being 34, a mom and a church girl. I am 50...after I learned to ride I taught my 25 year old son to ride and not only am I a church girl, but now I am the chaplain of the motorcycle ministry that is based in our area! Funny how God can even use us girls who like the thrill of riding!

Thanks for sharing your story!

Oct 12, 2013
by: Kit

Your story similar to mine, so congrats! I still love the double takes as I walk into my building with gear on. Ride with pride!

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