Made for Each Other - My 2008 Limited Edition Harley Davidson Street Glide

by Pam
(Mississippi Gulf Coast)

My 2008 Limited Edition Harley Davidson Street Glide

My 2008 Limited Edition Harley Davidson Street Glide

I was visiting my favorite HD dealership to ask for door prizes when I saw this bike sitting on the showroom floor in January 2009. It was love at first site. It called to me from across the room. And, it didn't help that my 2 friends with me were saying, "That bike is made for you! You have to have it!". I'd never bought a brand new motorcycle, but really was attracted to the idea of a warranty. I had just purchased a used Road King in December of 2008 and wasn't ready to make a change. BUT...the sales person insisted I take the bike for a spin after hearing me make a comment of "I can't ride a bike like this, I"m too short -- a little over 5'2".

After my demo ride, I tried to think rationally so I went home on my Road King and tried to enjoy the fact that I had a small payment on the RK and a clear title to the Soft Tail Deuce sitting in my garage. (This Street Glide had a pretty heft price tag, which, even trading in two bikes for it, would still put a major dent in my monthly budget) The reason for this price tag was the paint. This is one of Harley's limited edition radical paint sets of 2008. This one is called Frost Bite. My paint set is #55 out of a possible 200 that will ever be made.

Unfortunately, that little demo ride did me in. The Street Glide has an amazing ride -- not to mention a stereo :) I do a lot of long -day rides and I knew this bike would be comfortable enough to spend 12 + hours in the saddle. I couldn't think of anything else except a street glide for 2 solid months. Since this particular bike had such a high price tag, I searched around for another Street Glide. But, this was the bike that haunted my dreams.

In March 2009, I finally realized that I couldn't ride two bikes at once and was ready to make the commitment to trade them in on a Street Glide. But still determined not to spend that extra money, I looked for a standard model. I got up early on a Saturday, trailering two bikes, drove to a dealership almost 5 hours away to make a deal on a solid colored Street Glide. Once I got there, I realized I would never be completely happy without this 2008, limited edition. So, I called the dealership where I saw the bike and asked if they still had it. They said it was still sitting there, "waiting on me". I left quickly and headed back south for this bike.

I'm glad I made the decision to buy this one. As most women can do for something we really want, I found a way to work it out in my budget. The dealership was really good to me on my trade-ins. I love this bike! My friends were right...we were made for each other.

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Feb 15, 2017
Reply to Steve NEW
by: Pam

Steve, that bike was priced at over $28,000 when I first saw it, but it was on a special deal and was around $23K if I remember correctly. I traded that bike in 2013 for a 2014 model.

Feb 15, 2017
We have the the same bike NEW
by: Steve

Pam, I don't know if you still come on here, but wondering what that bike cost? I just bought number 32 in ontario. I'm pretty excited to get it, waiting for the snow to go away before it comes home.

Mine is done up nicely with a rinehart exhaust, stage 3 upgrade, and a lot of other chromed out parts.

Just wondering what these cost new in the states at the time.



Aug 04, 2014
Nice Ride
by: Matt

I like the paint, my 08 Road King has the same paint # 24 of 200, I like the ride of the Road King but have heard the street glide was a better ride.

Feb 01, 2010
Way to Go!!
by: Anne Marie

You know when a bike is made for you-- I know that feeling I traded in my paid off 2006 Softail Heritage for a Screaming Eagle Road Glide. Always loved the Road Glide but the SE version called to me, and I too now have a payment! Enjoy your beautiful bike!!!

Jan 31, 2010
Response to bint Kitty
by: Pam

Hi, thanks for your comments. I would think the questions are Ok to ask. I am fairly new here too, but have recently begun keeping up with it through Face Book. I really enjoy the stories about women and bikes. The best way to answer your question about handling, is to say that I am a motorcycle junkie. I started riding in Nov. 2004, and this is the 5th bike I've owned in that time. It will probably be the last for a long time (unless I win the lottery and buy several additions for a collection :)

This bike is by far the best handling bike of the 5. (The Road King comes a close second). I feel like I could turn on a dime. (I can do figure 8s on it far better than the 250s they loan you in a ride class)

I began riding on an Suzuki VS 800. It was fun, peppy and light...but I didn't realize until I moved up that the smaller bikes are harder to maneuver than the larger ones. I was nervous about going to a larger bike, and figured that 800 was enough for my short frame. However, after a 12 hour road trip with it beating the tar out of me, I sold it as soon as I returned and bought a Honda VTX 1300. Thus began my quest for the perfect bike.

For those women who are afraid to go to a larger bike, my advice is to just try it. I don't know about the metric bike dealers, but a lot of Harley dealers do demo days where you can try out a bike of interest. (Fair warning...you're usually hooked at that point)

I recommend to any new rider to start on something less than an 800, but once you feel your confidence rise, don't let size intimidate you.

As far as my riding style...I love to spend a day in the saddle. (I couldn't do that on the intruder). This bike is very comfortable for a long ride. It gets around 50 mpg on the highway. With a 6 gallon tank, I can be on the road for a while between gas stops. But, I can be just as happy to run 5 miles up the road just to run an errand. I ride with a womens riding club here so we spend time doing day trips on a regular basis. I've even taken an overnight trip up the Natchez Trace with my mom on the back. (She did say the passenger seat on this bike is miserable though)

Anyway, I love to write about my riding experiences and am always happy to share the ups, downs, etc.

Thanks for asking and take some time to browse this site. There's a lot of great information here.

Jan 31, 2010
Made for Each Other
by: bint Kitty near Mdn, MS

Hi- What a good story! I'd be personally thrilled with either of your cast-offs--to say nothing of your final choice. Tell us all more; you have a nice writing style. How does this bike differ from the others, etc. What kind of riding do you like best or are these kinds of questions even allowed (I'm new here)? Thanks

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