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May 16, 2012
Riding with Confidence
by: MS

I'm a fly-by poster here. I've been riding on and off since I was fourteen. I've been in multiple accidents...most of them due to my own inattentiveness. The key to regaining confidence is to analyze what you did wrong that caused your accident originally, and try not to do it again. i.e. Be aware of your environment. If you see gravel on the road in front of you, be aware that you may have difficulty turning and definitely do not do so quickly. Coming to a stop, ensure that your tires are straight and that you're using your brakes appropriately.

More than anything else...take it easy until you get the feel of the bike. No one worth their salt is going to judge you for being cautious.

Apr 19, 2012
Practice, Practice
by: Anonymous

The only way you're going to gain your confidence back is to get back on and practice, practice, practice. A good shopping center parking lot is a good place to practice your starts and stops, turns. I ride a Yamaha 950 and have been riding for about 8 years. I have dropped my bike numerous times and yes it did/does make me nervous. One day when turning into a parking space, I cut my speed and came to a stop before I straigten my front tire, wrong thing to do and over I went. I caught myself with my arm and broke my elbow. I managed to ride it home but had trouble throttling and braking. Always remember to have front end straight when stopping. Riding is a tremendous stress release and a lot of fun, so take your time and practice and be safe.

Mar 14, 2012
i understand!
by: Tracie

I feel your pain.. I too am experiencing the same issue. I rode a scooter 2 years ago, last year took the plunge and bought a 250 Suzuki. Took the motorcycle class and got my license and logged almost 1000 miles. On the last ride of the season, I wiped out in some gravel, dinged up my leg a little, jacked up my foot brake, not a big deal, rode it home but hadn’t been on it since. I knew my bike was a little dinged up, but I didn’t realize how emotionally dinged up I WAS till this past Saturday… I got on my bike for the first time and I was TERRIFIED.. rode it to the park, never went over 30 mph…. I wasn’t an overly confident rider last year, but I did have some level of comfort. Now its like Im starting all over again…not only working on getting to know my bike again, but fighting and facing my fear all over again.. I WANT to do this, and I want to be safe but Im struggling….

Mar 14, 2012
lack of confidence
by: Chris

Thanks girls your advice and comments are really helpful, take care and happy riding, regards Chris

Mar 14, 2012
Getting back on
by: Yvonne

A few yrs ago my husband bought me a honda rebel well I thought all you had to do was get on and balance-so I took it around our block in first gear no problem well when I pulled up to our garage in back of our house I hit the throttle when side way threw me over the bike didn't do much to the bike I was lucky of that!! Did some damage to me mentally and physically-ever time I get on now I get real shakey-not sure if I will ever come out of it-I do ride it around our neighborhood-rode it to work had a panic attack that night-that was a nightmare-thought about trying a riding course again-this time going to an Harley Davidson riding course-I want an 883L-but first have to beat this fear-wishing you all the best of everything!!

Mar 12, 2012
by: Katie

Hey there. I just started riding last year. I failed the course the first time by 1 point, then I took a full day refresher. IT was awesome. I only had one mark off the 2nd time. I have fallen and broke the fairing. I just picked myself back up and kept going. This was a harder journey than I thought it would be. It is not a race and you have to do it at your own pace. But I would bet that most people have fallen so dont worry about that!

Good luck

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