I found the perfect bike!

by Amy Tindall (24)

1980 Suzuki GS850L - BIG

1980 Suzuki GS850L - BIG

I bought a motorcycle. Well, two motorcycles.

Let me first introduce you to the first motorcycle. A hardly-shiny, barely-running 1980 Suzuki GS850L.

This baby is big. Like nearly 700 lbs big. You're thinking, "well, people ride big motorcycles all the time". OF COURSE THEY DO. But let me detail my past history with two-wheeled motor vehicles: nil. Heck, I've only driven a four-wheeler. But it was 4:00 am and circumstances were a little hazy. I have driven a car, of course.

But because this motorcycle was only $200, I needed it.

This baby needs a tune-up. New air filters, oil filter, a paint job, a sheep-skin seat cover (clearly), it's leaking oil, carbs need to be cleaned and the wiring is a jungle of untamed vine monsters. .

And I need to ride now.

Which brings me to the second motorcycle. A more shiny, running 1981 Honda CM400T. I got it for $750, which is more, but still fairly cheap!

Yea, buddy! This motorcycle is lighter, much lighter. This bike weighs just under 400 lbs. Much more amateur friendly. This bike is ready to roll. All it needs is a smokin' hot red head, fringe chaps, leather jacket, leather boots, and a shiny hand-me-down helmet.

I picked it up this weekend and practiced in a small parking lot. I feel like I've caught on quickly! I rode it home which was about a half mile away and was slow city driving. I am so excited to start riding! It worked out well buying two bikes, now both me and my boyfriend have bikes and I'll have a riding partner!

I am confident that I will catch on to riding quickly. But, I'm nervous and have plans to take things very slowly. I've watched every youtube video on riding motorcycles. EVERY SINGLE ONE. I've read blogs, books, articles and forums (this one!). I have plans to ride as often as possible in the parking lot, so I can practice being a badass. Safely.

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Mar 18, 2013
Love your enthusiasm
by: Dar

Yup, before i took the MSF class i must've watched every video on Youtube, on the MSF site, joined dozens of forums, etc. Passed the class, got my license but haven't bought a bike yet. Only advice to you is take a MSF riding class before you get too serious into riding. Safety is always #1.

Mar 18, 2013
Good Luck
by: Jessica B

Love your enthusiasm...and the bikes are awesome! Ride your own ride! And I had to laugh because I sound just like you. I watch video after video...and read books. I love "Proficient Motorcycling" Best book by far in my mind. Good luck!

Mar 18, 2013
Great vintage bike!
by: Libby in Nova Scotia

Amy, your bike looks fantastic! One of my first bikes was a 1986 Honda 450 rebel, and I loved it. It had 6 speeds and had more pep than the bike I ride now. They really built them in those days! You are a new rider, yet you rode the bike home in city traffic. Wow! When I was starting out, it was the stops and starts that challenged me... long country roads were heaven! Sounds like you are in for a great riding season. Here in Nova Scotia it is still too cold to ride, and we are anxiously waiting for spring. Happy Trails!

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