Honda, Shadow ACE 750 1999

by Jeanine
(Long Beach, CA, USA)

Honda Shadow ACE 750

Honda Shadow ACE 750

I'm 50 hadn't ridden really since I was late 20's. Learned as a kid, took to motorcycles immediately. So here I am 50, decide to do this, I sign up with a local community college for motorcycle class. About the same time neighbor girl is selling her bike. It was affordable, looked 'cool' in my eyes. I bought it. After riding it for 5 months I have become 'one' with it. It's comfortable, reliable, has enough power (for now). I love it!

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Jun 07, 2014
Nice ride
by: James

I have one also just like it in black very nice bike not ot big yet not to small enjoy it and ride with pride you dont need no harley to have fun

Apr 21, 2013
We're Twins
by: It's Finally My Time! (Barbara)

I too have a Honda Shadow ACE Deluxe and simply love her! This pic is from the day I purchased her. Didn't have my license yet but knew she was for me. Finally got my license at 57 after wanting my own bike since I rode two up at the age of 12 with my cousin. It's never too late to achieve a dream.
Happy and safe riding this season!

/Users/user/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Masters/2011/05/20/20110520-224441/222202_2038288193831_1143039402_32463088_1345063_n.jpg

Jan 27, 2013
Love our bikes
by: Anonymous

Hello the bike you have is a great one. I have the same bike same color.

Nov 08, 2011
Beautiful Bike
by: Anonymous

Beautiful Bike! Mine looks like yours but it is Pearl and gray and its a 99. Rides great too! Keep on riding and be careful out there!

Nov 07, 2011



Sep 19, 2011
New biker momma
by: 3Dmom

Within the last few years, I divorced and retired from the military. I've always wanted to ride a motorcycle but didn't due to ex husband. I bought my first bike in March 2010, a 2006 Honda VTX 1300. The burnt orange caught my attention and I could see myself riding it. My boyfriend and I put many upgrades on the bike and from March til now (September), we have put about 3,500 miles on it. I don't drive yet but will soon. Thanks for having a site women riders can check out.

Sep 12, 2011
63 and Just started!
by: Anonymous

I decided the last of March, 2011 I wanted to have and ride my own bike. Didnt wanna wait till someone ask me to ride as I could be waiting forever! Always wanted to have my own bike but just never did. Never driven one until I took the classes back in March. I started with the Zazuki 250 and only had it about 3 weeks and went and bought a 1999 Honda American Clasic ! Scared me at first, weight and all, and yep I have dropped it a few times and even ran it into the aluminum bldg I work in! Ha Ha! Bike was o.k. and so was I. A few acratches on me. First thing I did was put crash bars on the bike when I bought it. I knew I would drop it eventually. If you avent, you will. Anyway, I am use to it now and absolutely LOVE riding it! Its a great bike! Keep on riding girls! IIf I can start at 63, then you can too!
Biker chick, Mary!!

Apr 24, 2010
Sissy Bike lol
by: becky

jeanine, thanks for your comment. I really think the Honda Rebel looks like a sissy bike but a lot of people get it to learn on ....BUT...in 2004 I tried a 750, can't remember the name. My son was with me and he is short also but we could both touch the road. I asked him today what the name of the bike was and he said a Shadow but it had great balance. I could push it with my knees and it would come right back up to a full level..he wanted to buy it for me then...dah ..wish I had let him but had no way of getting it home. He lives in SC. Man, my heart raced when I hit that saddle again after being off for so long. I rode into my 40's. All my kids ride, girls and boys 9 all together..lol...Well I'll keep looking. Until then ride safely.

P.S. bet u wonder how I held a nursing job and rode most everyday and had time to have 9 kids???????????

Apr 24, 2010
Reply to Becky
by: Jeanine

Well I tell you, the girl I bought my bike from was very petite, I wouldn't say much taller than you, maybe 5 foot. She rode this thing 30 miles to work and back on the fwy every day. After she sold this to me, she went to an even bigger bike. I'd say what ever your comfortable with. I say wow that your 72 and riding! I think the rebel IS smaller, but couldn't say for sure. Keep riding and be safe!!!

Apr 24, 2010
An Oldey But Goody
by: becky

How much bigger is the shadow then the rebel? I'm only 4'8" but use to ride bigger bikes but couldn't reach the ground, then u didn't have to have lic. Now u do and I can't reach the ground. Oh and by the way, I'm only 72 but love bikes. Used to ride trails and hill climb..but it has been 30 years ago ride easy.

Becky - Ohio

Mar 24, 2010
New Exhaust
by: Anonymous

I'm looking to add new exhaust system. I'm thinking the Cobra low boy shot gun, if anyone has any different ideas, please jump in here. Cobra also has a slash cut classic but I'm thinking the long pipes add to the retro look and i can leave out the baffle if I'm wanting more sound. Comments please!

Mar 23, 2010
Great Bike!
by: Sharon

What a great looking bike! It looks really retro. I just turned 45 & just started riding last year. Wish I had gotten into it sooner, but better late than never! Have fun!

Jan 15, 2010
50 is a Great Time to Start Back!
by: Theresa

I, too, used to ride when I was younger and gave it up. When my 50th was coming up a co-worker was talking about signing up for the class so she could get her own Harley. Her husband had recently bought one and while she loved riding with him, she wanted her own bike. I decided to take the class and see if I could master the fear I had developed over the years. Class was rough and I barely made it through. The instructor told me to either get a bike right away and ride the hell out of it or forget the whole idea.

I bought my used 2007 pearl white 750 Shadow Aero a week later. It had 225 miles and the guy who owned it thought it didn't have enough speed! He just didn't know how to break her in right. I love that bike! It goes plenty fast (just ask the %$^ on the interstate I'm passing to get out of the pack) and she doesn't leave me sitting on the side of the road. I've met some great people and finally starting to find some riders I can get together with who aren't all into typical biker clubs. Its going to be warm this weekend and I can't wait until morning to get out and feel the wind!

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