Harley Davidson 2005 Deluxe

by Mary

I love my Deluxe, but wonder if it's too heavy for me? I want something big enough for the open road, but not so heavy. I'm 5'5'' and I'm looking around...

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May 06, 2012
I love my Deluxe
by: Devienne

I just wanted to toss in my two cents. I started out riding a sportster 883 last summer. I was doing alright with it, but I was never completely comfortable in the corners. I drooled over my deluxe at the dealership all summer last year and finally the business manager sat me down and told me that she could make the numbers work for me. I didn't hesitate. I noticed on my ride home that the Deluxe is sooooo easy to steer in curves. She goes where I look. As for moving her around with the engine off: She is fairly heavy, but the center of gravity is low and she is actually easier than the sportster to move.

Mar 28, 2012
love my softail deluxe
by: mammarayray

My husband just bought memy softail about 1 1/2 months ago and absolutely love the ride...I had a 1200 sportster....love it too but my deluxe is the cadilac..that is what I told him the first time I took her out...she handles so well..I crashed on a corner so am leary of them, but on the deluxe she almost drives herself...love her...I havent come up with a name for yet..she her color is cool blue...boy is she pretty....think twice before going to the smaller bikes....I have read alot of womens comments on here and they love their softails..said sportsters are not for women. they are too top heavy..you have to do what is right for you..I wouldnt go back for anything.

Jan 05, 2012
Don't buy smaller, just get rid of the sports bikes
by: Bernice

Lighter Motorcycles does not mean easier to handle, in fact, my first bike was a 883L by Harley Davidson. I had problems from day one. I also have a driveway that is steep and once I get to the top of the driveway, I have to back in the garage. When we ride, I would have to pull out of the garage and back it around to go down the driveway. I researched a lot of bikes and in my research I kept coming back to a Harley Davidson Softail Fatboy. Now keep in mind I have Rheumatoid arthritis. I finally got up the nerve to buy one, I call her cherry coke. The difference in the ride was amazing!!! consider that the Fatboy was much heavier and a larger bike. But due to the low center of gravity and longer frame length, plus lower seat heighth than the sportster, plus the difference riding a sportster and a touring bike,plus the comfort, I could handle cherry coke a lot easier, and the maneuvering in and out of the garage was like childs play. Before you buy a smaller bike, try a dyna series or softtail series from HARLEY DAVIDSON

Dec 28, 2011
My Reasons for growing into my dream bike!
by: 18 TilI Die

The softail deluxe is my dream bike. But at 17-20K I cannot afford it now nor do I feel I can handle it in ALL situations. It is low enough and feels like it fits really good but for ME 700 lbs + is a bit too much. Moving the bike around while its not running is sometimes very difficult and you are not always in the position to friction zone walk it.

I live on a driveway with a hill and usually back it out of my garage. One day I got lazy and didn't move either car and figured I could fit the bike out between them as I turned out of the garage. I ride a 630 lb Vulcan classic 900 and as I leaned the bike to get around the taillights I slipped on some leaves. I didn't have my hand on the brake and the bike went backwards down the driveway and was also leaning way over. Over enough that I was now beyond the point of holding it up. It all happened in slow motion and good thing we just installed engines guards. I had to lay the bike over but was stuck in between the 2 cars. There wasn't any room to now get the bike up without help and also moving a car. I tried but was hurting my back. My husband was home and he helped move the car (while I tilted the handlebars because they were in the wheel well) and then he and I lifted the bike.

My point here is the whether you are on a steep hill in traffic or backing the back around a heavy bike sometimes becomes very unweildy for a 5'3" person like myself. I'm sure with more experience I can manage keeping the throttle on to move a bike in traffic on a hill but again for me that means more experience.

SO if you are not alone alot, don't have to deal with steep hills etc, etc moving a big bike around while driving it is pretty manageable. Pushing it around on it is very stressful and you are easily prone to injury if you get stuck.

I Love the Softail Deluxe so have fun and just think ahead for each situation. You don't want to get hurt or ruin the beautiful bike.

Nov 14, 2011
you decide
by: Lois

Your the only one that can answer the question is my bike to heavy. If you think you would enjoy riding something lighter just take a look around there all kinds of bikes that are lighter, smaller, with plenty of power to go where you want to go. I had a 06 Bonneville and I just got tired of being on tip toe whenever I stopped. Getting on and pulling the bike up off the kickstand became a chore so I traded it in and got a ninja 500 had a great time with that bike, but along came a BMW F800ST I stopped by the dealer just to say Hi to a friend and there it was. I sat on it and right away felt at home it had come from the factory already lowered with the lower seat on it also, just right for me. I also have a moto guzzi cafe I like riding bikes all kinds, so I say try out a few and see what you like!

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