Ducati Monster 695 2007

by Ms Victoria Clarke
(Suffolk, England)

My Dixie

My Dixie

Versatile, forgiving engine and gearbox. Plenty of poke (I've ridden mine to 126mph and not reached full-throttle) Smart, sexy and mean-looking naked street-fighter. The upright stance, wide bars and very low seat make this easy to maneuver and lovely in corners. Soon builds confidence. This is my first bike for 20 years and I love it to bits, though I am saving for louder cans!

Comments for Ducati Monster 695 2007

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Apr 17, 2010
My Dream Bike
by: shaheryar

I like this bike very much. This is my dream bike but I can't purchased it because I have no money.

Aug 13, 2009
Want a Ducati, but Maintenance Fees?
by: Suzuki Gladius

I've heard that maintaining Ducati is very expensive, $700 for a tune-up? Is it true?

Nov 14, 2007
Nice choice!
by: Judy

I like the naked bikes too! I have an '03 Z1000 Kawasaki which I love...who needs fairing? I've ridden it from Portland, OR., to the MotoGP race at Laguna Seca in Monterey, California, along with several rides all over the states of Washington, Oregon and California. I like the comfort of wide handlebars and an upright riding position.

I considered the Monster when I went looking for new bikes before I bought the Z, but I was worried about the complexity and higher maintenance costs, and have always found inline-4 Kawi engines extremely reliable.

The Z felt more like my vintage bikes in the comfort department, as I have several old 2-stroke Yamaha twins that I'll always love too.

Do you get to the continent to ride much? I lived in Germany for nearly 3 years in the late 70s and LOVED the twisty roads there!

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2011 Ducati Diavel

by Diavel girl
(Salem ohio)

By far the best bike I have ever ridden. Two thousand miles in less than a month and I couldn't be any happier. Seat height at 30.3 with a weight of about 490 lbs it listed as a cruiser but only in name. The bike is truly amazing. It is comfortable to ride and doesn't chafe the bad areas. I give it an eleven out of ten.

Comments for 2011 Ducati Diavel

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Jul 08, 2015
Diavel Weight
by: Monster6964now

I'm 5'5 own a 2012 696. Lovely bike but after a year (and though I love the spunk), I can't quite become one with her nor do I feel 100% safe, so I treat her with a lot of respect because she wants to throw me off like the wild Italian stallioness that she is. The other day I went to a dealer that carries many brands and models. None felt right except for the Ninja 300. But then, at the end of my saddling bonanza I sat on the Diavel, just for giggles and O.M.G...What just happened! I never gave it a second thought before...It felt right, it let me move her to riding position, effortlessly, feet were flat on the ground and the seat hugged my bum, so of course I fell in love! However, it's 121 lbs heavier than my Monster so I want to ask the Ladies out there that went from a lighter bike to the Diavel how they felt when cornering and on the twisties when you started riding it?

Nov 08, 2011
by: Falkor

Hi Suzanne - It's always nice to connect with another Diavel owner. I bought the Standard Red...the red just seems to really say Ducati to me, although I love the look of the Carbon Red too.

I get a kick out of seeing the reaction people have when my husband and I walk out to our bikes. He rides a Triumph Tiger 1050, and everyone seems to assume that either the Tiger must be my bike, or that I'm his passenger and we just parked beside a Diavel that belongs to some other biker. Always fun to see their faces when I get on the Ducati.

I've got a long way to go to catch you in the mileage department but it's not going to happen this year. If we're lucky we may get to ride for another week or two, but then I'll have to park it until at least mid March...sigh...

I've been on the Diavel Forum since I bought my bike and you're right, it's a great resource for information. I've posted on a few of the threads there, and you'll see me under the name of Falkor. I've seen you posting there...not too many of us women so your screen name stood out. Nice to meet you here.

Nov 08, 2011
by: Susanne

So what type did you get? 6,000 miles later and I still smile each time I ride. It is the nicest bike I've ever owned. It's especially funny when guys will watch to see whether it's me or my husband getting on the bike. Are you on the Diavel forum? There are only a few gals on it so that's why I like to get on this site. But for all Ducati Diavel info that's the place to be. Hope to hear from you. I'm OhDiavelgirl...look me up if you join.

Nov 08, 2011
Love It!
by: Falkor

I bought my Diavel in September/11 after admiring them since they hit the showroom floor. There are very few bikes I can ride since I am only 5' 4" with about a 28" inseam. The Diavel fit me well enough to get both feet on the ground, although not flat foot. I have since had the seat lowered 2 1/2 inches and now it is perfect!

This bike is amazing. Whatever you do, don't test drive one unless you plan to buy it, because you won't be able to turn your back on it once you've ridden it, and they'll never get the smile off your face! It's comfortable like a cruiser, takes corners like a sport bike, and the acceleration is something you can only believe once you feel it. I can ride it for hours at a time and still be ready to keep riding some more.

I've put 2000 km on mine in two months and until the snow flies, will keep riding it. I've added heated grips and the Ducati touring screen for comfort, and I'm particularly amazed at how well the screen works. No buffeting at all, and it seems to completely divert the wind around me. Remarkable for such a small screen.

About the only complaint I would have for this bike is that the tank is smaller than it looks, so fuel stops are needed about every 200 km. However, I choose to be philosophical about this, since I've met a lot of nice people who come to talk to me as I'm filling up the bike...it attracts a lot of attention, particularly with a woman rider.

Sep 21, 2011
Red carbon Diavel
by: Roger

This spring my wife traded in her 1200 Harley Nightster for a red carbon Diavel. She loves this bike. It weighs about one hundred pounds less than her old bike and has about 110 more horse power.
I ride a Harley electraglide standard and I would rather ride her bike every day of the week if she would let me. Right now I only get it on the days she is not scheduled to work. The diavel is far superior in every aspect,handling,power, weight and of course looks. I get so many comments and looks when I am on the Diavel you would think I was a rock star. It would not be a stretch to say for commuting and rides under 200 miles that this is the greatest bike ever invented.

Aug 22, 2011
Step up
by: Diavel girl

I highly recommend a test ride at your area Ducati dealer. Spent a good amount of time on it and knew it was a perfect bike. I have to admit when I'm riding I love the looks I get. I can't begin to tell you the people that have stopped and commented on it. The other day I was riding and had to make a quick stop (wasp in helmet...bad very bad) so I pulled into a parking lot only to be followed by the guy in a truck. As I frantically ripped my helmet off all he could do was comment on the bike. Truthfully sometimes I wish I was still single. Oh ya it handles beautifully.

Aug 22, 2011
Nice Site
by: Liz

I am seriously considering the Diavel. I think it to be a step up from the Yamaha FZ1 I currently ride. There are very few motorcycles available today that are sexy while not making the female rider look like a man or worse. As for this being faster than my current motorcycle, I am basing my decision on its looks and lower seat height.

Aug 21, 2011
by: Diavel girl

I am not really into the whole carbon thing like a lot of people so I picked the black. I'm currently bike less as they are installing the full Termis plus black powder coating all the pipes and handlebars. I should have it back Tuesday/Wednesday (I hope). I got a lot of weird looks when I told the first dealer that I wanted the Diavel. I am quite sensitive to the dumbing down attitude that some men give women. I calmly explained that they lost two sales(hubby) that day. The second dealer has been amazing with no complaints. If you get a chance find a dealer that will let you test ride one. You will be so impressed with it's handling and safety features. I rode it then had to ride my Ninja 650 home. I was devastated the whole way home. I loved my Ninja but the Diavel is in a class all it's own.

Aug 21, 2011
by: Lois

Hey love this bike! Our local dealer had a great party to show off this bike when it arrived. I can flat foot this bike and thats saying something. They tried to get me to take a demo ride on it but sorry I know I would want one at the end of the ride. Did you opt for the Red or Black?

Aug 21, 2011
by: Diavel

Sorry for grumbling about the first poster(which was removed). I own a Ducati and take offense to someone randomly bashing a motorcycle to which they know nothing about. It is a wonderful bike and recommend it for every woman. Didn't mean to bash BK people but the removed post was a jerk......

---- you have nothing to apologise for. I hate using a heavy hand but some anonymous trolls need reminding they don't have free reign here, only I do. My site, my rules.

Anonymous posters carry no weight with me. I leave some up because people forget to use a name or handle and some stay because their feedback (comment) contributes positively to the thread.

Some get through because I am away from my desk so they will be up for awhile until I get back to read all of them - but all comments do get read by a human editor (me) and 99% of the time I don't have to do anything.

But at the end of the day 2 things need to be kept in mind 1) my site my rules 2) if comments degrade this site and it's users they will be gone.

I've kept this thread up as a reminder to those who disrespect others who post here that I will act decisively. And to remind them of "my site , my rules".

"Diavel" you are more than welcome to start a new thread if you prefer not to have all of these comments as part of your original post ---- webmaster

Aug 20, 2011
by: Re:Anonymous

Sad little people make comments that they CAN'T back up. Oh I'll post anonymously and say it's a junker with no proof behind it. Go back to your sorry little life of a want a be. Hey aren't you on your lunch break from Burger King?

Aug 20, 2011
RE: Anonymous
by: Sandra

I really wish the "bashers" would take their frustration out elsewhere...

I don't rale on and on about how overpriced a Harley is...if you want to way over-pay for a machine that is basically built the same way with the same parts, go ahead! It's a great bike and there is no law against over paying...

If I choose to spend less, get a great ride and actually admit I enjoy my ride AND the cash I have left for other things, good for me.

Although I am glad that most of what I buy is "American Made", it is not a stamp of gold. My "American Made" Ford Pinto had an engine stamped with "made in Brazil"...the fact remains that whether it's made in whole or in PART over "here" or over "there", American people made money off my buying it - they were at least working in the store I bought it. In fact, the nice young man I bought my SUZUKI Boulevard from was American and paid for his American wedding reception w/the cash I handed him.

Go rant somewhere else, please. Your ignorance is showing...

(Sorry - I've just had enough...)

--- snip snip snip --- webmaster

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2006 Ducati M620

by kp
(Burnsville, MN)

2006 Ducati M620

2006 Ducati M620

LOVE LOVE LOVE my bike. It's super fun, super fast and super nimble. It's a great fit and after I put a Sargent saddle on it, I can ride it all day with no butt fatigue.

Comments for 2006 Ducati M620

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Oct 13, 2012
may have one soon
by: jim

great bike

Apr 26, 2010
Love the Bike
by: Anonymous

I am sooooo glad to see more women riding sport bikes.

I ride a Yamaha FZ-1, it is so much fun. My husband also has an FZ-1, his is dark grey mine is white and we have them set up so we can add bags if we want to take off for the weekend.

Apr 24, 2010
Nice bike. Where's Your Gear?
by: Anonymous

Love the 620. Beautiful. You need some gear, though.

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BMW R65 1986

by Krysta
(Milwaukee, WI)

Betty with daisys

Betty with daisys

I don't actually own a motorcycle any more, but my fiancee owns 4 that I ride (all BMW: 1986 R65, 1995 R100RT classic, 1982 R100RT w/ sidecar, 2003 R1150R). In fact, he bought the R65 just for my use, and the R100RT classic is mostly mine, too. They each have their own personality, and are better for some types of riding than for others.

Betty, the R65 shown here, is my favorite both for around town (commuting & shopping) and non-highway long-distance travel. She's peppy, responsive, fairly light (handles nicely), and is a comfortable height (I don't feel like I'm scrunched or on tiptoe). She has no problem carrying both of us, and together we weigh about as much as she does.

She likes higher RPM, and is happy running at mumblety MPH (a safe and reasonable speed which usually happens to be slightly above the posted speed limit) for long distances at 5000-5500 RPM (which is nowhere near redline). If I'm not being a knob & doing jackrabbit acceleration, she gets close to 50mpg.

Betty is an airhead (air-cooled), and I'm slowly learning to do maintenance. In fact, Karl says that if she's what I want as a wedding present / dowry, I have to learn to do all the maintenance... or get a great-paying job so I can pay the shop to do it!

The only thing that really throws me is crosswinds. She's light enough that sometimes I need the whole lane. For long-distance highway stints, I prefer the R100 or R1150. Travelling together, we often take the sidecar so one of us can drive while the other rests or sleeps.

Comments for BMW R65 1986

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Oct 06, 2010
by: Woberi

Is that the original seat or is that retrofitted one?

From which machine is that seat? I don´t think it´s the original one...

Nov 06, 2007
Great bike!
by: christine

We have a 1984 black R100R, very similar! I love to ride it on the highway!

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2006 Ducati Monster Dark

by Heather (Raven) Smith
(Diamond Bar ,California)



My name is (Raven)aka Heather Smith and my "Baby Duc" aka "Dark Thing" is a 2006 Ducati Monster Dark i.e. special edition matte silver with matte black triple racing stripes and classic decals.

I haven't put any carbon fiber pipes on it like everyone does because it makes it even louder. I really don't want to be obnoxious to my neighbors. A Ducati has already a gutteral rumble that carries far.

I love to ride it, but I am still nervous about other drivers carelessness around my part of town and my dark attire and paint combo on my Duc makes me limited to local riding in daylight. I also am not as comfortable on it when it is full of gas because of the classic cafe style's high center of gravity. I feel as if I have a bit less balance control over the tighter turns and less control when the freeway rain grooves take your tires for a squirrely ride.

The ride on a monster is comfortable at a moderately short distance, 30-miles or so at once, but any further (without plenty of breaking-in of the back muscles) will leave you tired with back and trapezium tension or simply in pain. I also tend to shift in the seat after about 15 minutes of riding because of the way the seat is designed -leaning forward on soft lady parts. (how do GUYS do it?)

I think that if my husband gets into riding too, then I'll keep the baby duc a garage trophy toy for fun and show and purchase a pair of low center of gravity cruisers and pull some lounge rides on the weekends up the Cali coast with my love.

Kudos to all lady riders. Thanks for being cool.

Comments for 2006 Ducati Monster Dark

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Feb 07, 2014
Monster road tripping
by: Natalie, Nor Cal

I realize my comment here is a year past this post, but I have to add a bit. I have 2 long road trips on my '13 Monster each over 1000mi per trip and numerous weekend jaunts of 5-700 Miles each. What I have found is handle bar position, tank grips, padded bike shorts under my tour pants is the key for me. Along with a maximum of 7 hours in the saddle per day. Goofy as it sounds I do yoga before bed on road trips and I can avoid the Aleve :) I'm a fifty year old gal just not willing to stop because of my aches and pains...not yet.

Ride on ladies!
Happy trails

Feb 19, 2013
It's just a matter of developing a stronger back
by: Clarissa

Men don't naturally have stronger backs than women. It's just a matter of exercising those muscles more so they're capable of handling that riding position.

One reason I like the forward riding position is because there is a lot less pressure on my chest from wind-speed. I'm much more aerodynamic. It also keeps me warmer and conserves my body-heat to lay on the engine on cold nights.

Mar 08, 2010
by: Lynn - SW FL

Lovely bike. Very sexy. I hear you about trap. fatigue and seat shifting. A few months ago I decided to sell my Triumph Bonneville for a Yamaha 100 VStar cruiser. I wish I could have kept the Triumph because it was fun around town, but would kill me on long rides. I couldn't afford to keep both, but if you can, do it. The best of both worlds.

Mar 07, 2010
Forward vs Upright
by: Alystar McKenneh

I grew up on sport bikes and I love them but as I got older and rode hundreds of miles a day instead of tens, I graduated into an upright positioned cruiser. They are so much more comfortable. Men don't seem to be as bothered, perhaps because they have stronger backs. But good luck with your Ducati!

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2001 Ducati Monster 600

by Wen
(Virginia, USA)

My Ducati

My Ducati

Great power and looks good!

Comments for 2001 Ducati Monster 600

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Mar 13, 2014
by: Anonymous

I ride a 2005, 620 ie Ducati Monster,I love the bike.
Wish I could touch the ground a bit better.Looking at lowering it.
I have only had my licence for a couple of years,and have no prevues experience.
Lots of thing to learn.
We live on a dirt rd and a shitty one at that.
The things I have trouble with is leaving the sealed road and turning on to the gravel,especially turning left.Not going wide enough and slowing down enough before entering the gravel.More time needed on the bike.
I ride with a couple of girlfriends,and also my husband who is a z 900 fan.
Well thats about it.Love the Duke.SO COOOOOL
O yes And I am an old girl as well.

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