Closest Thing to a Stallion!

by Jane

I love the feeling of freedom, the power underneath you, the wind in your face... I never knew I wanted to ride, until the day I did it!

I've been in love with horses all my life. They are beautiful majestic animals and as a small child I wanted one of my own. I used to ride at a local stable any chance I got. Unfortunately I developed severe allergies and now can't even get close to one. I always said I'd give ANYTHING to be able to ride again, to get rid of the allergies so I could, and to commune again with those beautiful creatures.

Then one day, I got on the back of a Harley. Eventually I took it for a spin around a parking lot. I was in love! It's truly the sense of freedom I felt when I rode that horse as a young girl! When I'm in the need for some alone time, I hop on and she takes me away from it all! And I even feel like it knows me, just like the horses did. ;)

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Jan 01, 2015
From Horse to Motorcycle
by: Anonymous

As I sit here on the first day of this new year, reading articles by many women writers , II noticed that from horses to motorcycles is a topic of conversation tat many of us women seem to share ..I spent at least half of my life riding horses on the beaches and down the trails. At one point the the two seemed to merge and I was doing both..Then...I married , went to college expanded my intellect and broadened my buttt..I didn't have the time nor the finances to continue with all of the activities. The horses were getting old and I gave them the retirement they so richly deserves, food, shelter and green pastures for the rest of their lives.Riding moiorcyles do give you a lot of the same things you love when you ride a horse... That feeling of not being in a steel cage and the feel of that wonderful sun on your skin. Now, instead of riding on the beach, I was riding on a road next to the beach and the many happy trails became quiet country. Roads Not so big of a transition to make. I would like to hear from others who have shared this experience and gone from the flesh and blood horse to the iron horse.

May 14, 2011
From Horse to Motorcycle
by: Nancy

I Love horses. My beautiful American Saddlebred made me so happy..Had him until he passed at the age of 33. Riding on the beach, thru wooded trails, was the best.

Never even thought of learning to ride a bike, use to being a passenger. January 2010, something hit me, I was tired of being left behind,or having to drive my truck, when everyone else was on a bike, it makes you not want to even bother. My hubby's bike is set up for one rider, not comfy for a passenger at all.

I did it,took the class, and have my own bike now. Although I would still love to ride a horse once in awhile (not a rental at the ocean), I have my own bike and don't have to feed it or scoop poop.

May 12, 2011
On a Steel-Horse We Ride
by: Ashley - Sydney, Australia

I also think that I love riding a motorbike cos it reminds me of when I used to ride horses.

It's funny, I wasn't very coordinated at riding when I first did my learners course (mandatory training and a test to get your license in my part if Australia)so I had to do extra lessons then repeat the course. It wasn't until I did my extra lessons that the instructor asked what my prior biking experience was (which btw was not much, I'd barely ridden a pushbike, never rode dirt/trail bikes and hadn't even been a motorcycle passenger that long) then she asked if I'd ridden horses. It was then it clicked. It's very much like riding a horse and I love it! It's freedom, power and connection to the world. I even named my bike Black Beauty and speak about her like she's my "steed!"

I guess it's like the Bon Jovi song, "I'm a cowboy and on a steel horse I ride."

Mar 17, 2011
by: Anonymous

I'm with you! I owned horses for 30 years, but due to a life change (divorce and moving off the farm), I no longer have any. But - I got my motorcycle license last summer! I totally know what you mean!

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