Always Wanted to Ride My Own

by Sue
(Mesa, AZ)

Me and Raven

Me and Raven

I have been riding on the back of one guys bike or another since I was 14 and I had always dreamed of riding on my own. Took the MSF classes and they weren't for me, don't know how to use the clutch and for now, really don't want to learn either. I was lucky enough to find a really nice old Hondamatic last summer and at age 50 I got it, got on it and took off and have barely gotten off of it since. Now that I have the basics of riding, turning, balancing, etc, down like a pro it's time to move into a larger bike and learn the shift and clutch deal. I need to learn on my own and at my own pace and not with a couple of men at an MSF class barking at me for two days. I currently live in one of the best places for riding year round - Arizona - and in the last six months I have made some of the best friends I could hope for and all because of riding. I now ride with the American Legion and the Patriot Guards. I am soon making a possible job move to Alaska and I am really excited at not only a new adventure there but also in how many new people I can meet in the riding community in a new city and location.

Besides loving to ride flat out simple I love the feeling of freedom from knowing that I no longer have to wait to meet a man to be able to enjoy the riding. Plus I am never in short supply of men to date now that I do ride, after all what man can resist a chick in leather on her own bike ? lol My shining moment was the day my then boyfriend made a backhanded joke that I no longer "needed him" now that I rode on my own and bought my own bike and I laughed and reminded him that I never really "needed him" but come to think of it now that I have a new 400 pound boyfriend, yeppers, he was right I didn't need him at all. And I said goodbye and rode off !!!

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Jan 23, 2009
by: Sue A

Since I don't WANT to learn to shift and clutch at this time I won't try the MSF three day class again - so I am taking my own bike tomorrow for the Intermediate for 4 hours and will be sure to pass it that way. When and if I decide I want to learn to shift and clutch I will get a bike and jump on it like I did this one and teach myself slowly or with friends' help. But it will be on my time frame and not anyone else's. I plan to get at least an 1100 eventually, Shadow, Virago, Vstar or Vulcan and will slowly learn that way. Since the Basic class is with their bikes and they are shift and clutch driven I won't waste 300 bucks for it again. In Illinois the classes were a 20 dollar donation and anyone got that back if they asked for it but here in AZ I feel they are ridiculously high especially if one walks out after an hour like I did. I had been riding my bike for 2 months and within an hour almost dropped that tiny bike several times and said to heck with it. There are no female instructors here either and I wont take the class at the HD dealership - have a problem with the ones here when they turn their nose up at someone that doesn't ride a HD - my friends never do and they mostly all ride HD but the dealerships out here are like that

Well been on the bike solid almost since 11 am and now beat and headed to sleep then a full day of riding tomorrow and Sunday both.

Have a good nite all.

Jan 23, 2009
Always Wanted to Ride My Own
by: anonymous

I took the MSF class a few years ago, and while the instructors were men, they were very respectful. I learned a great deal from that class, not to mention the confidence I got from it. I think you just had a bad experience in your class, and for that I am sorry. But I would encourage you to give it another try. If we women riders don't go to these classes then we won't forge ahead to create better classes for women in the future.

Jan 23, 2009
MSF Women
by: Lauren

I learned to ride this past year at 48. My comment is in reference to the "couple of men" barking orders at an MSF class. I took mine through the local Harley dealership and there isn't a class offered where at least one of the instructors isn't female. You may want to check them out. I ride a Suzuki Boulevard C50 and LOVE it!

Jan 23, 2009
Alright You Go ;)
by: gina

Hey Sue great story! It's great to see you got the basics down. I hear you about the MSF course it was a very trying 2 days trying to "learn" about operating a clutch when you have NO idea what they are talking about made to feel like your stupid or something. I took the course didn't pass it, (go figure) but I have since then passed the DMV course last October. I love riding my Honda Rebel, I met wonderful people and I have had some good times, and will have a few more before I upgrade to a bigger bike. Hope your move goes well and I'm sure we will hear more about your adventures in Alaska. Take care & happy trails.

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