Adriana at Full Throttle 2010

by Adriana
(Lubbock, Texas, USA)

Before having my own motorcycle I would get this unexplainable excitement every time I'd hear a motorcycle rumbling by me on the street. I'd look around hoping to see a woman riding but more often than not, it would turn out to be a guy. Lately though, I've noticed more women on motorcycles and I feel a sense of pride for any woman rider because it's a huge accomplishment. Ever since I got my own motorcycle, I like to think that maybe someone feels the same about me when they see me riding by.

I learned how to ride this year on a 250 when I took the basic motorcycle training course before getting my license where I proudly accepted the nickname the instructor bestowed me with: FULL THROTTLE.

I had an 800 Suzuki Intruder locked up in the garage just waiting to be taken out for a ride. That Intruder was my bike for about 2 months before I decided that I wanted a bigger (and louder bike).

That's when I sold the Intruder and got my current bike, a 2007 Honda VTX 1300R. I had been riding it for about 1 month when one day I stopped at the gas station and was about to drop the kick stand when I saw an Expedition backing up towards me. I honked but it was too late. I felt the force of the vehicle shove the entire bike back but somehow I managed to jump off in that same instant and landed on my feet. The bike fell to the ground but unexplainably, the only damage the accident caused was a bent right blinker. No dent on the tank, handle bars weren't bent...nothing. Later, I kept thinking to myself that it was a way of making me realize that I need to be aware of my surroundings everywhere. Not jut while I'm in traffic. I was shaken up but decided that little incident wasn't enough to keep my off my bike. I enjoy riding too much!!

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Dec 17, 2010
Thank You
by: myracle

I read your story and want to Thank you for sharing your story with us..I identified with all you had to say and I agree no matter what feeling you may be experiencing, getting on your bike and riding the open road can heal a lot of emotions. Thank you so very much...Ride Safe and Ride Hard...Bless

Dec 02, 2010
by: Kenia


I know how you feel! I'm so excited every time I see another female rider, and I'm excited to hear stories like yours. So glad you didn't let the SUV incident stop you from riding!

I often wonder: "How can we encourage more women to ride?" By example, one woman at a time, I suppose. Every time I ride, or any other woman rides, I hope that some other woman, somewhere, sees and thinks, "Hey, if she can do it, I can too!" I also hear many women say, "Isn't it hard?" Weird how so many women think it's a difficult thing to do...but hopefully, by example, we can all show that it's not difficult - and is one of the most satisfying, exciting, fun, and fulfilling things a woman can do. :)

Thank you for sharing your story!

Nov 15, 2010
Thanks for commenting, Lynn!!
by: Adriana

My thoughts exactly!! As far as vehicles go, we should be thankful of one that gets us from one place to the next. But I guess everyone may have their own opinion on what the "bare necessities of life" are.

Nov 10, 2010
Gas Station
by: Lynn - Florida

Thanks for sharing your story. I am hoping that the driver of the SUV will also be more aware of others when driving that large vehicle! I joke and call those ultra-large SUVs school buses. I think that most of the owners of such vehicles have no practical need such as a boat or horse trailers, etc. Instead drive them for status purposes only. Sounds like an air horn would have come in handy - I know I sure want one.

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