2014 Triumph America LT

by Lisa Jackson
(New Jersey)

My American Dream

My American Dream

I thought I did everything right reaching for the quintessential American dream. I married in my mid-twenties, we saved, learned, bought a big beautiful home and tried to start a family. Things did not always go according to plan. We faced huge obstacles, disappointments, and soon tons of debt.

After everything fell apart...my marriage, my hopes for children, my credit rating...I was forced to re-examine everything. Whose dream was that anyway? Who said being married with children was the only suitable lifestyle for woman? Who was I and what did I want?

For the first time in my life...in my mid-thirties...I realized I, AND ONLY I, WAS IN CHARGE OF MY LIFE. I let go of my fear of getting hurt, taking risks, and caring what others thought of me. Instead of asking myself "why," I started asking "why not?" That question is game changer. I want to ride a motorcycle...Why not? I want to buy a motorcycle...Why not? I want to travel by motorcycle...why not? I want to buy a bigger motorcycle...why not? Why not cash in my 401k and enjoy life NOW...WHY NOT!

And that is when I discovered my true American Dream. A motorcycle small enough for my 5' frame, but powerful enough to take me across the country or wherever I want to go! I shopped for months at dealerships, craigslist and even the International Motorcycle Show. Everyone told me they had the perfect bike for me...but I wasn't comfortable on any. Plus, few salesMEN listened when I explained I was upgrading from 750ccs and kept trying to offer me smaller bikes with smaller engines. And many people pushed Harley Davidson on me...but I just wasn't comfortable on any of them. I tried to keep an open mind.

I fell in love with the Triumph America LT the minute I sat in the saddle. It was incredibly light and looks beautiful. It is as comfortable as my Honda Shadow, but loaded with all the amenities I need to go the distance in style and comfort. I shopped for months before making my final decision and am so glad I did. I love this bike!

More importantly, I love this lifestyle! I love the challenges of riding my own. I love the inspired looks of surprise and awe when people realize I am a lady rider. I love the ability to decide last minute or plan far ahead to go where ever and when ever I want to go.

Don't let anyone tell you who or what you are supposed to be or dream. Decide for yourself what you dream of! When you dream it, don't resist it. Go for it! Do you!

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May 13, 2015
Way to Go!
by: Gypsy Spirit

Far out, Lisa!
What an inspiring story. Instead of crying in your milk about losing a dream, you created a new one and are living it!
Thank you for sharing your story.

May 07, 2015
Triumph America
by: Barb

I think it's so awesome how you are taking charge of your life and traveling on motorcycle, what a great way to do it. I ride a BMW F800ST, what an awesome bike to travel on, very comfortable. Been riding for 3 years. How I would love to take a trip by myself, just go. Haven't gotten that far yet but that's my goal. Enjoy your ride and enjoy life!!

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