2009 Yamaha V-Star 250

by Karon
(Lakeland, TN USA)

Hi! I'm Karon ...

I'm re-familiarizing myself with motorcycle riding again after selling mine years ago to liquidate for $$$ to purchase a new home. My husband and I both ... =(

After 16 years, we're financially able to enjoy bikes again (I was pregnant when I sold my first bike and didn't know it yet) after all these years. So ... I had to start all over. I knew I needed something small and forgiving until I could re-learn.

Until I feel completely comfortable on my V-Star 250, I will ride it with pleasure. I'm not even 5' 2" and can completely put my feet on the ground on both sides of the bike AND can also bend my knees a bit. It's got enough power to ride on the Interstate @ 65 - 70 mph but have pretty much throttled it out at 75 - 80 mph. It gets phenomenal gas mileage ... 90 mpg!!!

I'm a girly, girl (transformed from a tom-boy) and people are shocked that I have a motorcycle and frequently hear "you don't seem the type", I just smile.

One morning, leaving for work, my SUV had a flat, no other car to drive, my husband had gone to work ... I was stuck. So ... I ride my bike, dressed for work (which included a beautiful stand of pearls). The looks I got ... hilarious! At one stop, a convertible in front of me with a male driver, female passenger ... the man saw me in his rear-view and the woman turned completely around to look at me. I simply waved and went on my way.

Some day, I plan on graduating ... but until I do, I'm loving my little Yamaha V-Star 250!

Will upload a picture soon ...

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Jun 02, 2012
Lil Gal
by: Anonymous

Hey! I'm only 5 feet.. would you all consider this a good starter bike for me!?

Aug 03, 2011
2700 Miles Later
by: Anonymous

I bought mine new in April and as of July have about 2650 miles on it - I must say it's a great bike I ride it to work daily and take the long way home.

I get about 85 MPG and have changed the oil and filter 3 times ( it's a snap ). I have had to have the chain adjusted a few times but finally learned to do it myself ( piece of cake ).

Great bike to ride, great to learn on. I'm a 5-4" 55 year old guy ( first bike ) and love the look, feel, and roar of this bike.

Jul 27, 2011
I love my V-Star 250 too!
by: Anonymous

Had it about a year now, commuting to work on the freeway, get 70+ mpg (we got mountains and headwinds out here).

If you hate the stock chain (I did) because it needs adjusting every 300 mi try the DID X-ring chain - rated at 20,000 miles.

I put one on and it didn't need adjusting until over 3,000 miles. You could probably just let the dealer do it each 4,000 mi service.

I know a guy with a Triumph Bonneville (it has an X-ring chain), and he never adjusts his chain.

Feb 05, 2011
I Want a V-Star 250
by: Want to buy


I live near you - and am interested in a V-Star 250 for all the reason people love them. If you are interested in selling please let me know. You can reach me at: lmarrt22@yahoo.com

Thanks -
PS: I'm a guy by the way, but find this entire forum very very informative - !!

Sep 05, 2009
Keeping My Smaller Bike
by: Anonymous

I have a Kawasaki Vulcan 500 and I went through a period of thinking I needed a bigger bike. (I think it was from other bikers comments..."Oh that's a nice starter bike"). So I went to a showroom to sit on some to see what felt right. The salesman asked me if I was wanting to upgrade because of lack of power on the interstates...I said, "no, it's got 6 speeds and likes to go fast". He said, "so, it's because of the vibration in the handlebars when you are going at higher speeds?" and I said, "No, I don't feel any vibration change at all"...this went on for a few more questions and I thought, why am I here? I like my smaller bike. I am a small person, so it's easy to handle and it's comfortable for my size. It keeps up with my husbands 1800 no problem.

We recently went on a long bike ride together to Skyline drive and it performed beautifully. The only few complaints I have are things I can easily change. The stock seat is uncomfortable after a half hour or so. I'd rather have floorboards instead of pegs, and I wouldn't mind adding new pipes for a "tougher" sound. In other words...who says you can't enjoy a smaller bike just as much? I'm keeping my "starter" bike.

Aug 24, 2009
Why Want a Bigger Bike?
by: Karon

Multiple reasons I'll consider getting a larger bike 'someday'... first, I think I'll want a bit more power than the 250 has. My husband rides a V-Max and he leaves me eating his dust occasionally ... and, I would like to know that I had the power to 'get out of the way', if necessary. We went to Bike Night in Downtown Memphis a while back. The street was lined with all kinds of bikes ... oldies from the Sears catalog up to your awesome Can-Ams. But not once in my stroll up and down the long street did I see another 250 ... Yamaha, Honda or otherwise. As we approach our bikes parked along the street, there sits my little critter, hiding behind all these BIG BOY bikes. It made me long for something a little more impressive for myself.

Yes, you are right ... you can really handle the little guys when you've gotten the basics down and are looking for a little more challenge to make your ride more interesting. Who knows what my future holds in regard to my two-wheeled adventures!

Aug 19, 2009
by: Gail

It's funny that you suggest graduating from a 250 Vstar. Is there a reason you want to? I find smaller bikes a pleasure and easier to handle for commuting and pleasure riding. Of course if I were going great distances, I'd reconsider. But the majority of my riding is to work and back, groceries and some weekend warrior type trips. My Virago 250 is pimped out with roll bars, sissy bar luggage and saddlebags- and a gel seat! Considering the gas mileage, weight and size, it's perfect for me to handle.

About the only reason I might consider moving up is that the next size up Yamaha is a drive shaft and not a chain. That 'might' persuade me at some point.

Enjoy your small bike!!

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