2009 Yamaha V Star 650 Custom

by Amy
(Washington State, USA)

I had ridden small bikes like 125's & my Dad's Honda 350 as a kid. Now that my children are all grown and moved out I decided to ride again so I took a motorcycle safety course on a 125 yamaha. It was so dinky!! But good to get my confidence. So after the course i purchased the 650. I've only had it a couple of months and think it is a great little bike to zip around town on. But I can see I'm already outgrowing it due to lack of HWY cruising power and my desire to keep up with the guys and wanting a smoother ride. I'm a woman by the way. So, I now would actualy like to buy a Harley Deluxe classic 96 ci. I've found that riding carefully and handling the power appropriately means more than the size of the bike within reason of course. The Harley is actually easier to balance for me. Anyway... moral of my story is you outgrow bikes very rapidly if you ride a lot!!! If you ride highway verses town or country roads you need smooth cruising power for sure.

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Jun 06, 2012
New 2012 Harley Switchback
by: Amy Peterson

Well, I upgraded from my Yamaha vstar 650 to the new switchback Harley, 103ci & 1650cc's, 6 gear cruise drive. I kept my 650 since the resale value would be like I was just giving it away . It's way to good of a bike to do that. I love town and short distance rides on it. My big Harley is fantastic for longer rides. The power!! I have the stage one upgrade on it. I've had to be careful since the Harley is so much heavier and bigger, but I'm doing fine!! Like I said before, you really outgrow bikes fast!!!!!

May 22, 2012
Demo rides
by: Mslolo

Hi ladies,

I was given a Yamaha VStar 650 Silverado as a Christmas present, Dec 2011 by my boyfriend. This was without consulting me if I even wanted to learn to ride. So....lucky for him I love it!! I am 5'9" so this bike fits me well, but I know I will outgrow it's power within a year or less. I recently rode a Kawasaki 900 at a demo day and really liked it. But my BF said that I should probably step into something a little bigger because I'll soon find out that too will be not enough. I've also sat on the new HD Switchback which is the Dyna with removeable bags and windshield. I would like to try that out as well soon. But for now I am staying with the VStar 650 until I get some more miles under my belt.

Jan 27, 2012
Seattle motorcycle show
by: Amy

I went to the Seattle show. Bikes are definitely getting women friendlier! I am also 5'3". Great to hear all the feedback on bikes as I am in the market for my next step up!

Jan 27, 2012
The new 2012 have been lowered
by: 18 Til I Die

Hey girls anyone looking for the next bigger bike take a try on the new 2012 cruisers. I went to the NYC version of the International Motorcycle Show last week. I sat on every bike. The Yamaha 950 and 1300 have been lowered and handles bars pulled back. So as a 5'3" woman I fit on them perfectly. Harley has also continued to keep fitting women riders with height and help with length issues. They switch out seats and handle bars to help you flat foot the bike.
I ride the 900 Vulcan classic and it is still very manageable to reach ground and bars. I get back on our 650's to keep them warmed up and running before we sell them and it feels very cramped and short for me. So try out lots of bikes and go to the dealers to see new ones. They are really marketing us women now!!!

Jan 26, 2012
New baby - upgrade!
by: Trisha

As I posted earlier, I started on a V-Star 650 Custom and quickly lusted after something bigger. Same deal - lots of highway driving; I wanted to comfortably keep up with my husband and lose some of the back-vibration I was getting at 100K (60mph) and up.

I tried a few different bikes, but kept coming "home" to the comfortable familiarity of the Yamaha V-Stars. I love the sound of the stock 2-into-1 exhaust: not too loud, deep and throaty. I settled on the 950 Tour and I am in love.

So I guess the (male) salesperson who got me started on the Yamaha 650 had me pegged right! He listened to what I wanted an what I was brave enough to tackle starting out, and when I felt confident enough to make the decision on the next bike myself, I stayed close to home. VERY happy.

Dec 28, 2011
Moving up in size quickly
by: 18 Til I Die

I started this April on a yamaha 250 and yes very quickly moved up to a Yamaha Classic 650. Both were bought on Craigs list so for $2500 (and sold it for 2500) and $3800 for a 2008 Classic 650 my initial bike investment has been manageable.

My 650 was black w/ghost flames and the previous owner put very loud Vance and Hind shorty pipes on it. He also took off all Yamaha vstar logos. So when I pulled next to folks on the roads everyone always asked what kind of bike? WHen I told the they were surprised at how big it looked and sounded. Even at bike nights when all the Harleys come out guys were impressed by the size and look of a 650! But at highway speeds I quickly grew out of it.

I wanted another Yamaha but they 900 and 1300 seemed a bit to long and big for me. I couldn't comfortably touch down with flat feet. The first time I sat on the Kawasaki Classic SE (coolbike with white walls and pin stripes) I loved it and it felt really comfortable for me. SO for the price of a new one at the end of the season (6995) I went with Kawasaki 900 Classic SE. Very similar to the 650 but stretched out more. Same low cruiser seat. The fuel injection makes it really peppy going from 55 to 75 miles an hour without much throttle move. Makes you feel safer getting out of the way on the on ramp or others on the big roads. The Yamaha has nicer metal fit and finish but the liquid cooled engine of the Kawasaki will be great in the summer. It is funny how the more you ride the bigger the bike you want.
The future holds a HD Softail Deluxe someday but putting a few years on this bike won't feel too bad.

Sit on every bike you see and test drive as many as you can. I even recommend spending the bucks to rent a bike you think you want for a day to see how you really like it.
Have fun and say hello if you are ever in NJ!!!

Dec 23, 2011
2009 V-Star 650
by: Carol

I love my White 2009 VStar 650. It looks like a girl bike, wiht the low seat, and the pearl white finish, very feminine. It draws the eye and comments of strangers when I pull up to the gas station. I can't tell you how many bikers and non bikers come over to comment on how pretty she is.

Nov 13, 2011
Glad to hear I'm not alone!
by: Trisha

I bought my first bike - a V-Star 650 Custom - only three months ago and have put well over 1500 miles on it already. I love the bike, but I have already started lusting after something bigger. I didn't expect ever to want a bigger bike, much less so soon! I am curious to get input from you ladies on my next bike - I am really happy with my Yamaha, I am looking for a touring bike that is nice and quiet, and I don't mind buying used. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Nov 08, 2011
by: Robin

I'm on that same track, starter was a 650, moved to an 1100. wanting a stratoliner, but loving the 1100 for now. let me know HOW much better you like that Stratoliner. Would apprecite an honest review. And I've rode every model of Harley, Kaw, and Honda in demo. Always go back to V-stars. We all have our favorites, don't matter to me what you ride, JUST RIDE.

By the way, still riding in Central ILL, ride into work this moring at 60 degrees, whooppeee.

Nov 07, 2011
by: Dawn

I completely understand that one! I got a 1999 Yamaha 650, and within a year I moved up to a 2003 Yamaha 1100. With a year from that one, I finally decided on my FINAL bike!... A 2010 Stratoliner Deluxe 1900. I LOVE IT! I agree that you have to understand the difference between around town and that power you need when you're on a long distance ride.

Good luck to you and keep the shiney side up! Hope to run into you on the road.

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