2003 Yamaha FZ1000

by Nicole
(BC Canada)

I have had a few bikes, but this is the only bike that has matched my personality. I have always liked riding, but the past two years on this bike has created a love for riding. It has incredible power and is always 'ready to go'. It corners like a dream and it never seems to run out of "giddy-up" (as my husband calls it). It looks great, is super comfortable to ride has tons of power and can go for miles without refueling. Honestly, its sexy, strong and classy all at the same time. I am fortunate to be married to a guy who loves to customize, so much has been done to make it more my own... its been lowered a bit, has flatter bars, bar end mirrors, the shiny bits have been powder coated black and the windshield has been trimmed. Black on black on black. Really beautiful. Pictures to come.

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Jan 01, 2012
Great idea!
by: Nicole

Thanks for your comments and feedback Barbara & Susanne. My husband rides a 2009 Triumph Speed Tiple. He loves it, and I have to say it really does turn alot of heads.
Great idea about the ceramic coating. I have a tri-oval yoshi pipe on my bike and have often thought it would look fabulous black. Good idea. Perhaps 2012 is the year for this change.
Thanks ladies!

Dec 27, 2011
by: Susanne

Ah I see the Harley troll hit again. I missed the post before it was taken down. Glad to see the moderator keeps things civil. Personally I'll never own a HD as I just don't like the look/sound etc.
I really like the FZ1000 looks. Have you ever thought of ceramic coating the pipes on your bike? I had my Ducati pipes coated and it looks sweet. The bike is black and with black exhaust pipes it just looks stunning. With your FZ being all black it might be something to look into. Not to mention the heat reduction from the pipes in the summer. Can't wait for some pictures. Nice pick on a bike.

Dec 27, 2011
HD crap
by: Barbara

I normaly don't comment but couldn't have said it better myself.
My husband & I both have FZ1 and love love love them.
We also have an 03 Honda gold wing wigh 110,000 miles on and all three bike give us zero problems, maintance consit of oil change, & tires.
What the HD customers can't admit or simply don't know,,,,,all parts and accessories and a lot of the bike its self is made in China
Thanks Judy...well said

Dec 26, 2011
I see you're too lame to leave your name..
by: Judy

..but still feel the need to pretend that outdated bikes consisting primarily of 1960s technology are magically "better" because they are assembled in Wisconsin. Sorry to break it to you, "Anonymous" but the "big four" Japanese-based Motorcycle companies have assembly plants providing tens of thousands of jobs all over the U.S. The Kawasaki plant in Lincoln, Nebraska has been in production since 1974! Honda's Marysville, Ohio plant has been in continuous production since 1982.

If you want to ride overpriced, outdated, poorly performing, poorly handling bikes, that's your problem. Just don't try to tell me that such contraptions are somehow better, although they have less than half the horsepower, weighs 200 to 300 pounds more, have weak, outdated suspension, and are priced way out of proportion to their "value" (if one can even say that with a straight face)! It's so pathetically wacky that there's really no rational way to explain such bizarre thinking by folks such as you, who gulp down the weirdly spiked kool-aid the Milwaukee advertising executives turn out each "new" model year.

But keep on believing the silly drivel the Milwaukee "Motor Company" ad executives keep putting out...it provides a fair bit of humor for the riders who know what a well performing, excellent handling motorcycle really can be.

Oh BTW don't bother with the silly old cliches in which you fantasize that I somehow must "want an HD but can't afford it" and/or that my "jap crap" is a "throwaway" good for at best a few thousand miles...it won't fly with me. I own a dozen motorcycles, and my '03 Z1000 Kawasaki has nearly 70,000 miles and still runs flawlessly. All of my cars and motorcycles are paid for, my home is almost paid for, and I have enough in the bank to pay cash for any Harley out there. I just don't believe in wasting my $$$ on junk.

Dec 26, 2011
play nice!
by: Anonymous

I don't care that the first person to reply doesn't like metric bikes, but come on.....be nice! There's no need for cutting down anyones choice in bikes. As long as you ride, it doesn't matter. Come on people....really, learn a little respect!

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